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Topics Discussed: The most potent colloidal silver 3000 to 18000 PPM
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The fact is that modern medicine has been restricted by particle size distribution and application for a few hundred years. The smallest size they may have ever achieved for medicinal purposes are nanoparticles.

Not All Colloidal Silver is the same: 

Now there are three basic particle types of colloidal products, with the third one (Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver) being the newest arrival. 
  • Ionic
  • Nanoparticle
  • Atomic Particle
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Greater Health With Premium Quality High PPM Colloidal Silver &  Antioxidants
Immune Perfection Solutions With Colloidal Silver 3000 to 18000 PPM
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​Chemical Free Production
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Atomic Particles of Colloidal Silver May Be The Answer to Antibiotic Resistant Viruses
If you’re looking for high-quality, non-toxic, immune system support solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

With Over 10 Years offering reliable and remarkable products such as High PPM Colloidal Silver (and other similar products)  that have helped thousands upon thousands of people, with Immune System and Metabolic Issues! Pure Health Optimization is what we promote!
There are many Poor Quality Colloidal Silver Products in the marketplace, choosing the wrong product will cause you to waste valuable recovery time by extending the duration of the disease.

It will cause you to lose money as well as having the risk of unwanted side effects that ALL Chemical solutions can cause.

Understanding Particle Sizes, the benefits of High PPM Concentrations and the Chemical Composition of poor quality colloids is an absolute must to avoid unwanted side effects, some of which are premature hair loss and or premature gray hair.

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  • Colloidal Silver 3000 to 18000 PPM Dietary Supplements to Optimize your Immune System 
  • Why the Atomic Particle Size and Not Large Surface Areas are Important (The smaller, the better)
  • High PPM Concentrations of Our Atomic Particles Colloids are not Toxic
  • Dosage Facts: Why it's almost impossible to overdose with our Atomic Particle colloids

Years ago Scientists presented the world with a problem:

Viruses and Bacteria were building resistance to modern antibiotics. Eventually, doctors stopped prescribing the Antibiotics leaving consumers with virtually nothing to treat common ailments.

Due to Laboratory studies done in the 1970's that indicated that Silver KILLS well over 650 Different Viruses and Bacteria, we made it our mission to introduce Atomic Size Particles (Trace Minerals) of Colloidal Silver, Gold, Iridium, Platinum and Ruthenium in 2006 to bring a solution to a growing concern. Since many metals exhibit Anti-Virals and Anti-Bacterial qualities and are excellent for Immune System Optimization.
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We offer 100% Natural Colloidal Silver and Pure Noble Metal Antioxidants in Atomic Size Particles attached to Clusters of Water Molecules

They are:

Because Atomic Particles are smaller than nanoparticles, the products have very safe concentrations from 50 to 18000 PPM of Atomic Silver Saturated Water Molecule Clusters that can then be detected with a TDS Meter and exhibit the Tyndall effect. While individual atoms, could never be detected with these basic instruments.

We offer the world's most Perfected and Effective Dietary Supplements 
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  • The most Potent Colloidal Silver and Pure Antioxidants with 3,000 to 18,000 PPM

  • They have the smallest particle size achievable in the History of Colloidal Solutions; that can be Hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles, which means they can seamlessly slide right through any cellular structure of any pathogen or free radicals. 

  • Chemical Free Production: Meaning there are no Salts, Nitrates, Cyanide's, Hydroxides, Fluorides, Herbal Catalysts or even *Embalming Fluid (As some patent filings dictate), thereby, eliminating the risk of dangerous chemical toxicity. 
See What Doctors Are Saying About these Magnificent Products.