Is Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver The Answer to Stubborn Viruses?

Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver 3000 - 18000 PPM
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Topics Discussed: The most potent colloidal silver 3000 to 18000 PPM
Without a doubt we have the world'™s most perfect and unsurpassed noble metal dietary supplements. 

Since no chemicals are used in the production process, it means that there is no toxic residues present.

Our high PPM concentrations means a faster kill rate of free radicals that destroy health.

Having a high PPM of colloidal silver concentration acts something like a machine gun that fires atomic particles at pathogens and free radicals.

Atomic sized particles are undoubtedly the best size of particle for penetrating into viruses and other pathogens at a sub-cellular

Live Longer! Be Stronger! STAY YOUNG!
It'™s a known fact that the smaller the particle size, the better the chances are of penetration and destruction of the pathogens. 

For colloidal silver and other antioxidants to assist in the recovery of weakened metabolic and immune systems, they must conform to four basic standards:

1. Have the smallest particle size for perfect bio-availability, and effective penetration into pathogens.

2. Have the highest PPM (Parts Per Million) to have more dispersion or particles that can penetrate more pathogens.

3. The production process must not use any chemicals, from start to finish, the only two elements used should be pure distilled water and the metal element, in this case silver.

4. Last but not least, independent verification from a well known environmental testing company.

These prove the products purity, particle size and a chemical free assurance (that virtually reduces the risks of all reported side effects). Having a well known environmental testing facility validate the conclusions carries more weight than a company no one has ever heard of.

Learn why atomic particles make sense:

  • Check Our Large Product Line: In addition to our superior quality, 3000 to 18000 PPM Colloidal Silver, we also offer several other Metallic Elements with Atomic Size Particles in various concentrations.
Thanks to forward-looking scientists that are not attached to the "Horse and Buggy days" scientific progress always advances. Current naturopathic doctors or websites that dismiss our products as "not possible." are either in denial, or they have special interests to protect.

​Times change, in the last five years scientific research into particle physics has confirmed the existence of the God Particle the Higgs Bosson, Kaons, Gluons, Quarks, Petraquarks, Tetraquarks and even hidden Dark Matter, and the more they look, the more mysterious things become.

This is why we are different:

  • The most Potent Colloidal Silver

  • Atomic Size Particles: The smallest size achievable that can be Hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles or Ionic Silver Molecules! 

  • Chemical Free Production : Means there are no Salts, Nitrates, Cyanides, Hydroxides, Fluorides, or even *Embalming Fluid, thereby, eliminating the risk of dangerous chemical toxicity. 

  • PPM from 500 to 18000 PPM of ATOMIC Particles.

*There are published Patents that do use this horrific chemical to produce colloidal silver products.

Our Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM and pure antioxidants meet all the four requirements mentioned above. In addition, they actually exceed all the standards set for low PPM nano-particle colloids that have many restrictions.

If their restrictions are not followedtheir low PPM products will spoil.

Our products are noticeably different:

1. They'™re made with the smallest particle size in the world.

2. We offer the highest PPM concentrations of Colloidal Silver available anywhere, ranging in potency from 500 PPM to 18,000 PPM. 

3. When producing our products, WE DON'T use any chemicals. This means YOU GET AN EXCEPTIONALLY PURE PRODUCT

4. Our products have been verified and tested by the world'™s largest independent testing
facility that supports our claims of offering high quality products.
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The answer to mutating viruses and bacteria is Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver 

Atomic particles are far more effective than Ionic or nanoparticles.

We've made a remarkable development in the discovery of Rapid Free Radical penetration and annihilation.

What this means is superior immune support is available that has never been accessible before.

To check the facts visit:

Included are supporting references from:

Stanford Engineering, Standford University and  Florida State Univerisity
Doctor Approved

The Benefits Noble Metal Nutriments:

We are born with virtually every element on earth which includes all the noble metals. The lack of any element can lead to a host of health problems. It'™s important that the body is well balanced having all the antioxidants that it'™s naturally born with.

A balanced system enables the human metabolism to slow down the aging process, eliminate free radicals and effectively enhance the immune system to perfect working order.

Using pure, Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium and Ruthenium(some of which effectively fights viruses and bacteria), one can slow down or prevent decay that can cause premature aging and death. As an added benefit, youthful vigor and vitality may be restored.

There was a time when Low PPM Colloidal Silver was so over priced that it made sense to make your own.

There is NO need to buy expensive Do It Yourself Kits Anymore!

  • Avoid Making 10-20 PPM Solutions
  • Avoid making chemical compounds
  • Avoid making nanoparticles that cannot penetrate pathogens
  • Avoid Drinking solutions that hardly help with health problems

Atomic Size Particle Colloidal Silver Outperforms any
 Nanoparticle Ionic or Colloidal Silver Solution 

Dayspring Cancer Clinic (Scottsdale Arizona):
 5 Star Review of Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM
Posted by Andrew Dickens on 16th Apr 2015
"We use this product and have great results."

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Office (480) 699-7400     Email: 

Dr. Gary Forester "I use these products all the time to fight anomalous growths and more"

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Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM 5 Star Review
Posted by Dr. Juantorena (Spain) on 17th Feb 2015

‹Translated: I have been using these products for several years now and always I have had good results, both bacterial, viral and fungal diseases.

Fighting Viruses and Bacteria with Colloidal Silver 10,000 PPM
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18000 PPM of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver
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 Atomic Particles May Be The Answer to Antibiotic Resistant Viruses
Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver: Superior To All The Others.
Silver is a known antiviral antibacterial element that has been Reported to Kill over 650 Pathogens. 
Ionic Products -   Are made with chemicals, you can tell by the color of the solutionif it is cloudy or has any color, it HAS Chemicals. The restrictions described on the products and bottles that that you cannot see through are clear indicators of chemical composition. Another pointer that demonstrates chemical composition are the instructions on how to store you Ionic Solution. 

They usually come with "Does not need to be refrigerated"Do not expose to Sun, or High heat conditions" or Do not expose to UV/UA rays."

Ions start out as Atoms, by removing electrons (Positive or Negative) they turn the atoms into Ions. The Ions then become unstable and attract to each other like magnets creating LARGE Clusters of Molecules that can be larger than nanoparticles, and are too massive to penetrate the pathogens.  
Our High PPM colloidal products are the most potent and efficient plus, they are not created with any Chemicals or Salts of any kind, nor are they produced with herbal compounds, or mild silver proteins that could generate  other dangerous chemical mixtures and unwanted side effects.

The Rice University has confirmed that Low PPM Products do not work efficiently and that they cause pathogens to build immunity instead of killing them, there is just not enough PPM to kill off the pathogens.

The Atomic particle sizes are consistant and so much smaller than any other nanoparticle or ionic product that they can penetrate at the cellular level. Because of the super tiny size of the silver, they perform as micro bullets, almost instantly attacking invading "Free Radicals."

Chemicals (or other catalysts) that are utilized by other companies are Non-Existant in our Solutions. 100% Natural Colloids render Risk Free Immune Support and powerful anti-aging effects.

The High PPM concentrations can safely be utilized

You can be confident that the products we offer are the safest in the industry. Unlike Ionic and Nanoparticle products that because of their large particle sizes and chemical composition are toxic, even with their LOW PPM Concentrations as reported by the Mayo Clinic.

Understanding Why You Need Colloidal Silver NOW.
Stanford Engineering Analysis of 2 nm and 5 nm silver nanoparticles with visible silver atoms - proof that nanoparticles contain hundreds of thousands (or more) atomic silver particles. Please note: Only major research institutions like Stanford have multimillion dollar equipment to make and view such particle sizes. 
Nanoparticle Analysis show atomic particle content, note: Only Major Research Institutions such as Stanford, that have Multi-Million Dollar equipment can produce 2nm particles
The FACT is that there are three basic types of colloid products, which one is BEST for you?  They are:
                         1.   Ionic
                         2.  Nanoparticle
                         3.  Atomic Particle
If you are considering buying colloidal silver for effective immune support, then you must understand the differences between the products so that you can purchase the safest and most effective product.  

Choosing the wrong product will cause you to waste valuable recovery time by extending the duration of the diseaseIt will cause you to lose money as well as having the risk of unwanted side effects that ALL Chemicals can cause.
Nanoparticle Products - Are made with Chemicals or some "Organic" plant or vegetable-based compounds that form other chemical byproducts in the solution that may be toxic. These solutions have also been proven to contain IONS.

The particle sizes produced in all nanoparticle products vary from very small (6nm) to very massive (300 nm) as shown in their electron microscopy images. Many producers "Claim" to have 2 nm particles but offer no verification from well-known and well-established Laboratories. They admit that Electron Microcopy and ICP Spectrometer Testing equipment does not prove particle size. However, the Rice University has conducted studies that are more reliable than their claims.

MOST Low PPM nanoparticle products have chemical content that have an obvious color in the solution; they also have restrictions on how to store your product. Many of the containers you cannot see through and are dark or amber colored. They are packaged this way so that the chemicals and nanoparticles do not consolidate and drop to the bottom of the container, once exposed to "their" extreme conditions. ​

Read about Colloidal Silver and Gold Patents and how chemicals can change the color of the solution.

Atomic Particle Colloidal Products - Are the newest of the three and are made with new innovative technology and concepts that supersede the old outdated electrolysis process that produces dangerous massive nanoparticles as well as the TOXIC chemicals

The Low PPM Nanoparticle Process is over 60 years old, and an OLD 
"CopyCat" Technology, which anyone with a car battery could make.  

We are not your "Average Joe" we can make Atomic Particle Colloidal 
Solutions out of almost  ANY METAL  and in High PPM Concentrations!

In fact, our Atomic Particle Production Process has the most ORGANIC characteristics in the history of Colloidal Silver. 

Most Doctors (Including Naturopathic Doctors) and Alternative Health Industry Experts are not aware of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, so, they tend to classify ALL Colloidal Silver products as Ionic or Nanoparticle.

The reason for this is that NO one else has been able to come up with an Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver Generator until we introduced our products in 2006.   When asked about our Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, they will immediately state that such particle sizes are impossible to make, while other scientists have said that Atomic Particles "Are theoretically possible." 

Because they have NOT familiarized themselves with our unique products; they will have the inclination to confuse methods of use and applications as if they were the same standards for Nanoparticles colloids applied to Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver. But they do not.

They attempt to dismiss our High PPM products as being "Overkill(Ignoring the Rice University reports that state that Low PPM Nanoparticles do not work efficiently).  

Another reason for such callous statements could be because they may be selling their brands or are affiliated with other companies, they will attempt to mislead the average consumer by instilling fear and doubt by saying that High PPM Products are dangerous.   

They do NOT have ANY scientific information or Studies that prove 
High PPM of Atomic Particle Dietary Supplements are not effective or dangerous. 

THE TRUTH PROVES THE CONTRARYIT'S THE LOW PPM Nanoparticles are Toxic and Dangerous

Since the 1960's there have been more negative reports on LOW PPM Colloidal Products and NONE for Atomic Particle Colloidal products

If you carefully study the information we offer you will discern for yourself, which product is best for you. We believe you will agree that Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver or Antioxidants are the best choice that will bring the fastest, safest results without the risk of Chemical Toxicity caused by chemical consumption.

Man Hold High PPM Product
Only Pure Atom Size particles of elements that are antiviral and antibacterial can work best; nanoparticles are too massive to enter INTO pathogens.
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When Others Say...... "It Cannot Be Made," 
It Just Means, that... They Do Not Know How to Do It!
Imagine:  TRILLIONS of individual Silver atoms, attached to water molecules, and when in the blood stream are separated from the water molecules and produce a "Cluster Bomb Effect." 
Not All Colloidal Silver 
Products Are the Same...
Such a product could be the answer to Viruses and Bacteria that are ever-morphing and developing resistance to Antibiotics.
Atomic Particles May Redefine How Health Practicioners Fight Disease

We have said this since 2007, the answer to many sickness's and diseases and even brain disease may be the Atomic Particle Size of antiviral, antibacterial elements.

There are many diseases that attack the brain and have been difficult to deal with because of the Blood Brain Barrier. 
Atomic Particles are smaller than the endothelial cells that protect the brain from intruding pathogens (even though sometimes they still get through) they may work better to deliver the antiviral, antibacterial, antifluoride and natural atomic particle minerals and elements that the brain may need to stay healthy!
Think on this:  SILVER atoms can be tens to hundreds of thousands of times smaller than any nanoparticle product ever created: