Is Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver The Answer to Stubborn Viruses?

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Topics Discussed: The most potent colloidal silver 3000 to 18000 PPM
Without a doubt we have the world'™s most perfect and unsurpassed noble metal dietary supplements. 

Since no chemicals are used in the production process, it means that there is no toxic residues present.

Our high PPM concentrations means a faster kill rate of free radicals that destroy health.

Having a high PPM of colloidal silver concentration acts something like a machine gun that fires atomic particles at pathogens and free radicals.

Atomic sized particles are undoubtedly the best size of particle for penetrating into viruses and other pathogens at a sub-cellular level.
Live Longer! Be Stronger! STAY YOUNG!
It'™s a known fact that the smaller the particle size, the better the chances are of penetration and destruction of the pathogens. A deteriorated immune system that's been attacked by pathogens is in a weakened state.

For colloidal silver and other antioxidants to assist in the recovery of weakened systems,they must conform to four basic standards.

1. Have the smallest particle size for perfect bio-availability.
2. Have the highest PPM (Parts Per Million) to have more dispersion or particles that can penetrate more pathogens.
3. The production process must not use any chemicals, from start to finish, the only two elements used should be pure distilled water and the metal element, in this case silver.
4. Last but not least, independent verification from a well known  environmental testing company.

These prove the products purity, particle size and a chemical free assurance (that virtually reduces the risks of all reported side effects). Having a well known environmental testing facility validate the conclusions carries more weight than a company no one has ever heard of.

Learn why atomic particles make sense:

  • Check Our Large Product Line: In addition to our superior quality, 3000 to 18000 PPM Colloidal Silver, we also offer several other Metallic Elements with Atomic Size Particles in various concentrations.
This is what separates us from the rest of the Low PPM crowd:

  • The most Potent Colloidal Silver
  • Atomic Size Particles: The smallest size achievable  known to the Dietary Supplement Industry.
  • Chemical Free Production (Which means no nitrates or dangerous chemical toxicity)
  • High PPM from 500 to 18000 PPM.
  • Dilutable Colloidal Solutions:  At your option, you can dilute Our High PPM and Make your own Custom Colloidal Silver Solution.
  • Can Be Ozonized - You can add them full strength or dilute them and give the pathogens a "Double Whammy!"

We began to research and development in 2001 and in 2006 we were the first to introduce and produce Atomic Particles of Colloidal Silver, Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium and many other elements. 

We are proud to introduce to you the absolute most chemical free, high PPM solutions with the smallest particle size ever achieved in the history of colloidal silver and dietary supplement industry.
Our Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM and pure antioxidants meet all the four requirements mentioned above. In addition, they actually exceed all the standards set for low PPM nano-particle colloids that have many restrictions.

If their restrictions are not followedtheir low PPM products will spoil.

Our products are noticeably different:

1. They'™re made with the smallest particle size in the world.

2. We offer the highest PPM concentrations of Colloidal Silver available anywhere, ranging in potency from 500 PPM to 18,000 PPM. 

3. When producing our products, WE DON'T use any chemicals. This means YOU GET AN EXCEPTIONALLY PURE PRODUCT

4. Our products have been verified and tested by the world'™s largest independent testing
facility that supports our claims of offering high quality products.

Email: Phone:  619-752-6777
The answer to mutating viruses and bacteria is the Highest PPM Colloidal Silver 
Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM

Atomic particles are far more effective than Ionic or nanoparticles.

We've made a remarkable development in the discovery of Rapid Free Radical penetration and annihilation.

What this means is superior immune support is available that has never been so before.

To check the facts visit:

Included are supporting references from:

Stanford Engineering, Standford University and  Florida State Univerisity
Antioxidant Atom Particle
Doctor Approved

The Benefits Noble Metal Nutriments:

We are born with virtually every element on earth which includes all the noble metals. The lack of any element can lead to a host of health problems. It'™s important that the body is well balanced having all the antioxidants that it'™s naturally born with.

A balanced system enables the human metabolism to slow down the aging process, eliminate free radicals and effectively enhance the immune system to perfect working order.

Using pure, Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium and Ruthenium(some of which effectively fights viruses and bacteria), one can slow down or prevent decay that can cause premature aging and death. As an added benefit, youthful vigor and vitality may be restored.

There was a time when Low PPM Colloidal Silver was so over priced that it made sense to make your own.

There is NO need to buy expensive Do It Yourself Kits Anymore!

  • Avoid Making 10-20 PPM Solutions
  • Avoid making chemical compounds
  • Avoid making nanoparticles that cannot penetrate pathogens
  • Avoid Drinking solutions that hardly help with health problems

Atomic Size Particle Colloidal Silver Outperforms any
 Nanoparticle Ionic or Colloidal Silver Solution 

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Making Your Own Colloidal Silver With Our High PPM Colloidal Products
Atomic Particles Redefine How Health Practicioners Fight Disease
Dayspring Cancer Clinic (Scottsdale Arizona): 5 Star Review of Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM
Posted by Andrew Dickens on 16th Apr 2015
"We use this product and have great results."

Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM 5 Star Review
Posted by Dr. Juantorena (Spain) on 17th Feb 2015

‹Translated: I have been using these products for several years now and always I have had good results, both bacterial, viral and fungal diseases.

Fighting Viruses and Bacteria with Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM
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 Colloidal Silver Atomic Particles The Answer to Antibiotic Resistant Viruses
Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver: Superior To All The Others.