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​Particle Size Really Matters:

Viruses size can start from 18nm exceed 400 Nanometers in size, traditional nanoparticle and ionic silver particle have been reported to be 8 nanometer up to 200 nm in size, depending on the chemical and the process used, will determine the size of the nano meter. 

Nano meters compared to Silver Atoms can exceed 250 Million times (or more) in mass than a single atom.

This means that silver, gold, iridium, palladium, platinum, rhodium, and other atom particle trace mineral elements penetrate a viruses, bacteria and cancer causing free radicals much easier than bulky nano particles that may get clogged in the kidneys or other organs.

Obviously the nano particle can never penetrate the virus or parasite, it can only bump them, bruise and irritate them, causing the virus or bacteria to release toxins in self defense, in an attempt to kill the silver nano particle which triggers the famous Herxheimer Reaction in which you feel worse before you feel better,  because of the toxins, the immune system gets worse. 

The Herxheimer Reaction destabilizes the metabolic system causing the viruses to consume more trace minerals to build their immunity to the silver nanoparticles, and to replicate at a faster rate, which explains why Low PPM Colloids with Ionic or nano particles take much longer to work, (if they work at all) aside from the notorious toxic chemical side effects that have been reported.

Colloidal Silver 10,000 PPM will have a faster kill rate than the typical nano particle due to the high PPM concentration that causes a faster kill rate, because you have more dispersion silver particles per million parts of water molecules,  the virus may not have enough time to release toxins, minimizing if not eliminating the Herxheimer Reaction.
Why do our Antioxidants Products work? It is really Simple:
Atom Particles The Best Non Chemically Made Option
Aside from having the worlds Powerful High PPM Natural Antibiotics, we also promote:  

Trace Minerals of Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Platinum, Palladium, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron  

The worlds most perfect and Unsurpassed silver supplements, No Chemicals Means No toxicity, High PPM equals a faster Kill Rate think of a machine gun annihilating a target, that is what a high PPM concentration does, the Atom particles means a fast penetration into viruses at the cellular level due to their tiny size, literally trillions of times smaller than micro-gram particles.

We produce High PPM products of almost any basic metal, making us a Leader in the Industry.  Many noble metals and basic metal elements are are responsible for producing enzymes that allow other enzymes to do their job in keeping you young, fit and in perfect health. Not having the right balance of noble metals and essential enzyme producing elements, will speed up the aging process and cause the deterioration of the human metabolism. 
Japanese Research:   Research conducted by Japanese Scientists have shown that antioxidants that are in common fruits, vegetables and plants, that are often promoted in many expensive Juices, Drinks or Dietary Supplements are actually noble metal antioxidant elements such as silver, Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. We provide the most Pure Antioxidants and Most Concentrated antiviral antibacterial products in the world, no one can touch our Standards of Purity, High PPM and Particle size, that renders 100% bio-availability due to the tiny.....TINY atomic particle size.  
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Why Aging? 

Science has conveniently forsaken the studies of Colloidal Silver and the application of trace minerals that pertain to the health industry. Recently there have been many articles questioning why if the human body has the ability to regenerate 30 Billions cells every day, others every month, and bone matter every 7 years, why do people still age, and develop weak immune systems that leads to decay premature horrific illness's and even death?

Why are people that have followed strict health and wellness plans, some becoming vegans eating organic foods and vegetables since the 50's still getting sick with cancers, getting older faster and dying?

Answer: Noble Metal and Basic Metal Deficiency

Recent studies reveal that the human body has the ability to live past 140 Years. It is the lack of noble metal trace minerals, including colloidal silver, that prohibit that from happening, what if we could increase the metabolism with atomic size trace minerals and optimize the human body so that it could age more slowly with trace minerals sustaining us young mentally, physically and productive? We believe it is possible.

Why the Atomic Particle antioxidants Are Needed

Viruses and bacteria actually feed off the human bodies trace minerals and essential noble metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, Iridium and other trace minerals that we are born with, plus many GMO's deplete the noble and basic metal minerals from our bodies.

The Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Gold noble metals deficiency:

Just like a building or a home have a foundation so does the body, copper is that element,copper enzymes support the production of other enzymes made by other metals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, gold and many others. Due to modern prefab foods and other preservatives having copper, and Iron depleting elements our society is copper and iron deficient. 

Viruses and Bacteria feast off of the noble metal in body, while injecting toxins in the body.

Since human body is composed out of almost every element on earth, the depletion of these minerals can cause an imbalance that can affect and weaken and alter our DNA and metabolism for most of our lives, and can actually lead to premature aging and even a premature death.

Discoveries: In the mid 1980’s A pharmaceutical company reported that Iridium and Ruthenium trace minerals were cancer fighting agents and helped balance the immune system, ruthenium has also been reported to correct defective DNA. February 2012 the United Kingdom reported that their studies and found that Colloidal "Silver Stops Cancer better than Chemotherapy". Recent reports starting in the beginning of 2013 stated that silver combined with antibiotics helps the antibiotics work better. This explains two things 1. Silver does not kill good bacteria or enzymes (otherwise they would not be using it) 2. Silver has been acknowledged by the Medical Community after 74 years.  

Pure colloidal silver 10000 PPM with atoms particles is very is SAFE.​
Our Bodies are practically Made out of Every Element on Earth!
And....Contain 2 mg of silver  !
The Lack of any element can cause a detrimental metabolic imbalance. 
Live Longer! Be Stronger! STAY YOUNG!
silver atom size
Perfected Antioxidants elements start with atom particles. Silver is an element that has worked well for more than 3000 years, it has been used to eradicate viruses and bacteria to treat water taken from rivers and lakes that were saturated with bacteria. 

Silver Colloids were commonly prescribed by *Physicians prior to the 1940's, and is now rejected by them due mainly to the strong influence from mega pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, that only deal with drugs that can be patented.

*Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York. 1935

Pure Colloid Products must conform to three basic verifiable standards that prove purity, chemical content, and particle size:

1. They must have the smallest particle size (atom particles)

2. Highest Parts Per Million (PPM) Verified by The World Largest Testing Facility
and not by a small home lab or an outfit no one has ever heard of.

3. Verifiable Non Chemical Content

We provide verified Colloidal Silver products: 

1. The smallest particle size in the world:  Atom size particles
2. The Highest PPM Available on the planet: Starting at 500 PPM, 
3. Chemical Free Content that you can be verified at your home.
4. Confirmed by The worlds Largest Testing Facility

• Popular PPM we make are Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM up to 18000 PPM
• Mid Range PPM Colloids starting at 1100 and 2000 PPM.
• The Highest PPM Colloidal Silver 3000 to 18000 PPM 

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