GoldenGevity Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM with atom sized particles​

Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM Anti Viral Pure Antioxidants
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Antioxidant Atom Particle
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Topics Discussed : Pure Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM How effective is it? What are Pure Antioxidants,  why atom particle antioxidants work very well.

 Pure Antioxidants With The Highest Concentrations on the Planet
Atom Size Particles Are The Easiest on the Body and Quite Absorbable
GoldenGevity Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM with atom sized particles.

The key to highest particle absorption rate in any type of supplement or medication is in the size of the particles that are to be absorbed, it makes no sense that a large nano particle which is the same size of a virus, that it could ever penetrate a virus. So our unique Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM is different than other brands since we are the first to introduce super safe atom particles to the market. 

The worlds most perfect and Unsurpassed noble metal supplements, No Chemicals Means No toxicity, High PPM equals a faster Kill Rate similar to a  machine gun effect on a target, which is what a  high PPM concentration does, the Atom particles means a fast penetration into viruses at the cellular level due to their tiny size, literally trillions of times smaller than micro-gram particles.

Not a One Trick Ponywe are the first to introduce atom sized particles of:

Trace Minerals of Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Ruthenium, Platinum, Palladium, Magnesium, Zinc and Boron, unlike other companies that only sell low PPM Silver that is just a waste of your money - Remember its not the pretty bottles or labels that give the results it is what is inside the bottle that really matters.

We produce High Concentration Monatomic products of almost any metal with atom particle size, this fact makes us the Leader in the Industry.  Many noble metals and basic metal elements are are responsible for producing enzymes that allow other enzymes to do their job in keeping you young, fit and in perfect health. Not having the right balance of noble metals and essential enzyme producing elements, will speed up the aging process and cause the deterioration of the human metabolism. 
Why Aging? 

Science has conveniently forsaken the studies of Colloidal Silver and the application of trace minerals that pertain to the health industry. Recently there have been many articles questioning why if the human body has the ability to regenerate 30 Billions cells every day, others every month, and bone matter every 7 years, why do people still age, and develop weak immune systems that leads to decay premature horrific illness's and even death?

Why are people that have followed strict health and wellness plans, some becoming vegans, eating organic foods and vegetables since the 50's still getting sick with cancers, getting older faster and dying?

Answer: Noble Metal and Basic Metal Deficiency

Recent studies reveal that the human body has the ability to live past 140 Years. It is the lack of noble metal trace minerals, that prohibit that from happening. What if we could increase the metabolism with atomic size trace minerals and optimize the human body so that aging could be slowed down, and maybe even sightly reversed, while sustaining us young mentally, physically and productive? We believe it is possible.

Why the Atomic Particle Are Needed

Many Viruses and bacteria actually feed off the human bodies trace minerals and essential noble metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, Iridium and others that we are born with, plus many GMO foods deplete or neutralize the noble and basic metal minerals from our bodies.

The Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Gold noble metals deficiency:

Just like a building or a home have a foundation so does the body, copper is that element, copper enzymes support the production of other enzymes made by other metals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, gold and many others. Due to modern prefab foods and other preservatives having copper, and Iron depleting elements our society is copper and iron deficient. 

Since human body is composed out of almost every element on earth, the depletion of these minerals can cause an imbalance that can affect and weaken and alter our DNA and metabolism for most of our lives, and can actually lead to premature aging a broken down immune system and even a premature death.


In the mid 1980’s A pharmaceutical company reported that Iridium and Ruthenium trace minerals were cancer fighting agents and helped balance the immune system, ruthenium has also been reported to correct defective DNA. 

February 2012 the United Kingdom reported that their studies and found that Silver Stops Cancer better than Chemotherapy. Recent reports starting in the beginning of 2013 stated that silver combined with antibiotics helps the antibiotics work better. 

Our Bodies are practically Made out of Every Element on Earth!

And....Contain 2 mg of silver  !

The Lack of any element can cause a metabolic imbalance. 
Live Longer! Be Stronger! STAY YOUNG!

Pure Colloid Products must conform to three basic verifiable standards that prove purity, particle size, and chemical free assurance:

1. They must have the smallest particle size that can be achieved. Atoms are now the standard.

2. High Parts Per Million Verified by The World Largest Testing Facility and not by a small home lab or an outfit no one has ever heard of.

3. Verifiable Non Chemical Content.

Metals in the body

Atom Particles Can Effectively Deal Mutating Viruses, Bacteria and even Parasites.
Perfect antioxidants elements start with atom particles. 

Its a fact, silver is an element that has worked well for more than 3000 years, and it is the only element that certain viruses and bacteria can not build immunity against.

It was used by the ancients to to treat water taken from rivers and lakes that were saturated with all kinds of dangerous bacteria. 

Colloidal Silver was commonly prescribed by *Physicians prior to the 1940's, but are now rejected by them due mainly because they only promote patent-able products.

 So if they cannot patent it, they will not deal with it.

*Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Co. in New York. 1935
Research conducted by Scientists in Japan, the USA and other countries have shown that certain noble metals exhibit antioxidant attributes, many of these noble metals such as Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium may be found in many fruits, berries and certain vegetables and plants. 

Many modern day health products that are often promoted in many expensive Juices, Drinks or Dietary Supplements may actually contain noble metal elements such as silver, Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium. 

Here you can buy the most chemically pure and effective products that are the most concentrated antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial products. No one can touch our Standards of Purity, High Parts Per Million and Particle size, that renders 100% bio-availability due to the tiny atomic particles that are attached to the water molecules, that actually renders stable and effective products with very little competitors if any.  

We promote monatomic colloid products that are pure antioxidants and natural antiviral antibacterial products : 

1.  With the smallest particle size in the world:  Atom size particles

2. With the highest Parts Per Million available any where, Starting at 500 parts per million.

3. Chemical Free Production that you can be verified at your home with a simple freeze test.

4. Confirmed by The worlds Largest Testing Facility

Low Parts Per Million Values that  start from:

  • 100 to 2000 PPM 

The High  Parts Per Million are  3000 to 18000 PPM. 

Pure Colloidal Silver 10000 PPM
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Email:  Phone:  619-752-6777
Atom Particle Antioxidants