Colloidal Silver Atoms can penetrate viruses at the cellular level

Colloidal Silver Atoms Powerful Pathogen Penetrators
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Pure​ Colloids vs Chemical Colloid Products
Colloidal Silver Atoms can penetrate viruses at the cellular level:
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1. Ionic Colloids that are knowingly being made with Chemicals. 

2. Nano Particle Colloids that use Hydrogen Peroxide have been scientifically proven to cause premature gray hair.

3. The common Nano particle or Ionic Generator can produce a reported range from 8 PPM to 500 PPM of chemical saturated colloids.

4. Most ionic and nanoparticles consist of at least 250,000,000 Atoms per particle in total content - Depending on the size of the nano or ionic particle - the nanoparticles have been reported to actually be about the same size of most viruses and bacteria.

That means that the nano particle is huge, bulky and cumbersome when compared to a single atom.

5. Solutions that is made with hydrochloric acid aka HCL can cause hair to fall out and cause premature baldness. 

Many medications have HCL one of the side effects explained on their label is Hair Loss,  this is a common chemical side effect produced by many colloidal products.

6. A Solution that is made with salt makes a Chloride solution,   after the electrolysis process is done.  Chloride solutions can cause almost instant cell and nerve damage as well as photo-sensitivity, argyria, blue skin.

7. Some formulas use nitrate chemicals that also cause skin photo sensitivity also known as:  Argyria or the Blue Man Effect. See Link Above. ​        
The typical generator can use both chlorides and nitrates both produce solutions that are responsible for Argyria the well known and well reported side effect.  See the link in item 6.

8. The cyanide chemicals can produce long term damage to major organs, the nano-particle silver generator uses this cyanide silver solution as reported by the FDA in 1999.

Why Atoms Meet and Exceed All Expectations:

1. Atom size particles are Multi-Millions of times smaller than the typical ionic or nanoparticle. Without a doubt, the smallest particle size achievable for a colloidal product.d

2.  Atoms cannot be analyzed and do not conform to the conventional methods that apply to nanoparticles.  They are too small to be seen even with an electron microscope, this is why the solution is clear as water.

Which makes a statement of purity BTW, the fact that no chemicals are present making it the worlds safest natural antibiotic, that is easy on the body, easy on the organs, easy on the mind, since you do not have to worry about toxic side effects.

3. Unlike ionic and nano silver, Atoms can be, heated, exposed to the sun, UV Rays, X Rays, refrigerated, and frozen, when it is thawed out nothing will precipitate or drop to the bottom of the container, that cannot be said of Ionic or nano particle colloids. They can even be evaporated in heated past 180 degrees, to half of the bottle and the PPM may actually Double.

Depending on the product,  you can even cook with them such as Gold 3000 to 18000 Parts Per Million. 

That also cannot be done with Low Quality Chemically saturated Ionic and Nanoparticle Colloids.

Atoms Perfected Size Near Perfect Effectiveness

The atom particle colloids are by far more efficient, much more potent, and most lethal to viruses, bacteria and free radicals that invade the body from the inside out and cause quick premature aging and a possibly a quick death. 

Contrary, silver nanoparticles bounce off the intended target because the particles are just too large, too bulky and too cumbersome, since most are the same size as the virus, sellers of nano-particle colloids call it a Large Surface Area. 

Imagine someone throwing a basketball at high speed at someone while hoping to do some damage. The basket ball will do very little damage and may cause a little pain due to the Large Surface Area ; a bullet on the other hand will kill or severely injure the intended target because of its tiny size, in this case, the atom would be the Bullet to any virus, bacteria and parasite.

Now imagine 3000 to 18000 concentration of bullets hitting the same target at one time, the result would be rapid annihilation of the target. 

That is the type of effect you can expect from the atoms, lethal atoms that penetrate into those invading germs, viruses, bacteria and free radicals quickly, especially when you have high such high concentrations in pure distilled water.  

 Silver Trace Minerals are a clear solution of pure, clean, unadulterated, undefiled, silver and water.

NO CHEMICALS Are Ever Used or Added To Make these Awesome Products
"If the nanoparticles worked ok, for decades, then it is safe to conclude that the atom particles will outperform anything prior to 2008 due to their extremely small size, and evenly distributed 3000 to 18000 PPM in every million water molecules, and all done with no chemicals.​"
Perfect Colloid solutions are clear as water but its not just water here is why:    Atoms do not reflect light.

​The conduction electrons in will start to vibrate longitudinally as a response to the incident EM-radiation i.e. the electrons will move and agitate back and forth, as a reaction to the incident oscillating electrical field in the solution. It is this oscillation of conduction electrons in the silver solution that gives rise to the phase shifted reflected light of a conductor. 

The plasma frequency is that frequency above which the electrons can no longer follow the oscillating incident E-field in the silver solution. This somewhat means that the E field is vibrating much too fast and the electrons will not respond anymore to that motion. If this happens, the E field and the light as well will no longer be reflected but it will pass through the medium in the solution.

We know the wavelength of visible light is about 10-6 m. The size of a typical atom is about 10-10 m, which is 10,000 times smaller than the wavelength of light. Since an atom is so much smaller than the wavelength of visible light, it’s much too small to change the way light is reflected in the silver solution, so the atoms cannot be observed an optical microscope, you would need a destructive test such as the EPA 200 to bind up the atoms into larger particles that can then be identified.

Because No Chemical are in the solution there is NO Color, and No Large Particles to reflect light.
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*Parts Per Million Measured with TDS Meter, + / - 15%  | 

Topics Discussed:  The Colloidal Silver Atoms size vs the typical nanoparticle colloids - suspended in solutions with silver water,  the chemicals in the solutions, the dangers of chemicals caused by certain colloidal silver generators, how to test your colloid for chemicals. silver atoms, can colloidal silver atoms stop viruses?, can colloidal silver atoms stop bacteria? Can Colloidal Silver Atoms can penetrate viruses at the cellular level?
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9. The Nanoparticles cause kidney damage due to the fact that the bulky nanoparticles get stuck in the kidneys as per the Mayo Clinic Report.

​10. The Colloid generator that does not use chemicals but uses air as the catalyst is done by a magnetic stirrer or some other device that injects air into the solution while the generator is in operation, this produces  high levels of nitrogen with nanoparticles. 

This would explains why when you freeze the silver water solution that uses Air as the catalyst, the chemicals drop to the bottom along with the nanoparticles as seen when the silver water is thawed out. 

This is a perfect example of not starting with chemicals but ending up with chemicals. 

11. The nanoparticles in the solution are too heavy to stay suspended in the solution by themselves and depend on the chemicals to help the heavy nanoparticles float, which also explains why when frozen and thawed out the nanoparticles drop to the bottom along with the chemicals.

12. Most producers of low Parts Per Million products do not list the exact chemical contents in their products for example: 

Colloidal Silver.......10  claiming to only use purified water, a simple freezer test will prove that they end up with chemicals,  Colloidal silver is not a single element, the correct label should read: Silver............ 10 PPM, Hydrochloric Acid 20% etc.  to classify Colloidal Silver as a single element is deceptive.

13. The FDA has warned the consumer: That most producers of nanoparticle colloids use harmful chemicals to make their silver water as noted in their report that was published in 1999.

14. Most producers do not use credible testing facilities to prove that they do not have chemicals.
chemical colloids

Atoms Vs Nanoparticles   
Scientists in agree
If silver atoms were visible to the naked eye this is what they would like in water​, in reality the atoms are still much  more smaller than this, and are by far virtually guaranteed to work much faster than the bulky nano particles to the left.
colloidal silver atoms
This is what 20 Parts Per Million of Nano particles look like in a chemical solution. Large Surface Area Scam:  in reality a "Large Surface Area" means that they have LARGE Particles, that can never penetrate into the pathogen.

Traditional nano particle products may work due to the possibility having  unconverted silver atoms in their solutions.

It is now a known fact that nano-particles are not as effective as they are promoted:

Studies reported by the Rice University prove that Ions, not nano particles, make silver toxic to bacteria. While we are not marketing IONS, we believe that ionic silver and even nano particle silver colloids have "UNCONVERTED ATOMS" in their solutions which explains why they have "Limited Success", however, no studies have been done to detect atoms in ionic or nano particle solutions, if they are ever implemented, we are sure our suspicions will be confirmed.

IONS are made from ATOMS by removing or adding proton or electrons, it takes chemicals to make ion colloids, they are usually bromides, phosphates or some other chemical used to break down the silver.

The FDA has reported that chemicals from Nitrogen, Acids and even Cyanide's, are used by many colloidal silver producers,  yet their Supplemental Facts labels on the back of their products describe incorrect and vague descriptions to avoid disclosure of what chemicals they use.    

Saturating your body with chemicals is counterproductive, since you are already getting tons of chemicals from other sources such as prescription drugs, Genetically Modified foods, chemically saturated beauty products along with copper, iron and other noble metal depleting vitamin supplements.  Such accumulation of chemicals will produce long term toxic side effects. 

Looking at the prescription drug facts on most medical drug labels, you will notice many contain HCL - also known as Hydrochloric Acid, the fact is that one of the side effects HCL is that it causes Hair Loss! Yet there are colloidal silver products on the market than contain Hydrochloric acid, or Hydrogen Peroxide that causes premature gray hair....... yet they claim not to use chemicals!  

Chemical Colloids, The Side Effects and the Potential Dangers:

Huge Nanoparticles
Other companies attempt to confuse the average person into thinking that if you are taking High PPM atom particle products that you are consuming too much silver and that it is "over kill" 

Consider This:  Atoms cannot be considered to be the same as the common Low PPM Colloidal Silver nano particles, because if they are are millions, if not billions of times smaller than than the competitors. One 200 nm particle could contain billions of atoms, and if it is actually broken down into single atoms, you actually consume much less silver. 

Because you may have trillions of individual silver atoms attached to the water molecules, you would have fast and rapid pathogen killing power, and due to the saturation of atoms on water molecules. 

You may actually have constant bombardment of atoms on pathogens, which is quite the opposite of what happens with chemically derived nano particles colloids. 

While you are getting LESS bulky nano particles Surface Area, your are getting more saturation per million parts of water molecules to the tune of 3000 to 18000 PPM of atom size particles.

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