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Colloidal Silver Atoms Powerful Pathogen Penetrators
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Understanding Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles Compared to the Silver Atom Particle Size
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1. Most Ionic silver and nanoparticles colloids are being made with Chemicals. 

2. Nanoparticle Colloids that use Hydrogen Peroxide have been scientifically proven to cause premature gray hair.

3. The common nanoparticle or ionic generator can produce a reported range from 8 PPM to 500 PPM of chemical saturated colloids.

4. Most silver nanoparticles consist of at least 250,000,000 Atoms per particle in total content.  These nanoparticles have been reported to be about the same size of most viruses and bacteria.

That means that the nanoparticle is huge, bulky and cumbersome when compared to a single atom.

5. Solutions that are made with hydrochloric acid (HCL), can cause hair to fall out and cause premature baldness. 

Medication labels that list HCL as an ingredient frequently mention Hair Loss as an unwanted side effect. You do not want to experience this with a colloidal silver nanoparticles solution.

6. Producers that use salt (sodium chloride), create a byproduct in their process that's called a chloride solution.  This occurs after the electrolysis process is done. Chloride solutions are known to cause almost instant cell and nerve damage as well as photo-sensitivity, argyria or blue skin.

7. Some producers utilize formulas containing nitrate chemicals. These chemicals are also known cause to skin photo-sensitivity which is referred to  Argyria or the Blue Man Effect. 

8. Cyanide chemicals are used by some colloidal silver nanoparticle producers. The residues of this toxic chemical can cause major damage to the organs. The FDA has even reported that some colloidal silver solutions contain cyanide. Be sure to avoid these.​

Colloidal Silver Atoms can
 Penetrate Viruses at the Cellular Level​

1. Atomic size particles are millions of times smaller than the typical ionic or nanoparticle and billions of times smaller than a single micron. 

Without a doubt, Silver Atoms are the smallest particle size achievable when it comes down to Colloidal Silver products.

2. Atomic particles in distilled water cannot be analyzed using the conventional analytical processes. The testing methods utilized to test colloidal silver nanoparticles do not work when applied to atomic-sized particles. The reason for this is because atomic size particles are too small to be seen even with an electron microscope. A destructive test needs to be done to verify metal content, with ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometer.

​3. The Colloidal Silver Atoms (and other metals) can be heated, exposed to the sun, UV Rays, X-Rays, refrigerated, and even frozen. Allowing the frozen product to thaw out, will also demonstrate that nothing will precipitate to the bottom of the container.  

4. Our atom particle colloids can be slowly evaporated to half of the solution, and the PPM will double. Boiling the product will not cause anything to precipitate, That cannot done with an Ionic or nanoparticle colloidal solution as they would spoil under those conditions.  
Atoms Perfected Size for Pathogen Penetration

Colloidal silver atoms are by far the most powerful and lethal to viruses, bacteria and free radicals. These bugs invade the body from the inside out, and can cause severe sickness, premature aging and a possibly a quick death. 

Contrary to popular belief, silver nanoparticles bounce off viruses because the particles are just too large, bulky and cumbersome since most nanoparticles are the same size as the virus.

Imagine someone throwing a basketball at high speed at someone while hoping to do some damage. The basketball will not penetrate the person but it will cause sever bruising and pain due to the large surface area.  Now consider a bullet, it will kill or severely injure the intended target because of its tiny size. 

In this case, the atom would be comparable to a bullet penetrating into viruses, bacteria, or parasites.

Now imagine 3000 to 18000 concentration of micro bullets hitting the same target, the result would be the rapid annihilation of the target. 

That is the type of effect you can expect from the atomic size particles. Lethal atoms effectively penetrate into all invading germs, viruses, bacteria and free radicals quickly and efficiently.  

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If Silver Nanoparticles that are millions of times larger than Silver Atoms have a history of limited effectiveness that brings temporary relief. Then it is safe to conclude that Colloidal Silver Atoms can outperform any other product due to their high PPM concentrations and perfect particle size, that also enables maximum absorbency, moreover all done with no chemicals.
Atomic Particle solutions are clear as water but it's not just water here's why: Atoms do not reflect light.

The wavelength of visible light is about 10-6 microns. The size of a typical atom is about 10-10 m, which is 10,000 times smaller than the wavelength of light. 

Since atoms are extremely smaller than the wavelength of visible light, and it’s significantly too small to change the way light is reflected in the silver solution, the atoms cannot be observed an optical microscope. 

You would need a destructive test such as the EPA 200, using a Plasma Arc ICP Spectrometer to bind up the atoms into larger particles that can then be measured and identified.  

Because no chemicals are present in our solutions, there is no color and therefore No Large Particles are present to reflect light.

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9. Nanoparticles have caused kidney damage because the huge nanoparticles get stuck in the kidneys. Read the Mayo Clinic Report here.

​10. Some producers use oxygen as the catalyst to make their colloidal solutions. They inject oxygen into the solution and use a magnetic stirrer to create conductivity while the generator is in operation. This produces high levels of nitrogen with nanoparticles in their solution.

When you freeze the silver water solutions that use air as the catalyst, the chemicals drop to the bottom along with the silver nanoparticles. This can be seen when the silver water is thawed out.  

Colloidal silver producers who use air as a catalyst may not start out with chemicals but their product ends up with chemicals when it is completed.

11. Nanoparticle colloidal solutions are too heavy to stay suspended in the solutions by themselves. They depend on the chemicals to help the heavy nanoparticles float. This explains why colloidal solutions when frozen and then are thawed out you can see the nanoparticles drop to the bottom along with chemicals.

12. Many producers of low Parts Per Million products do not list the exact chemical contents in their product label.

For example:  When the label states Colloidal Silver.......10 PPM this does not list all of the ingredients. The label facts are wrong.  Such labeling is done to avoid disclosure of chemical contents. (A simple freezer test will prove that they have chemicals).  An accurate label would read: Silver: 10 PPM, Hydrochloric Acid 20% of solution.  

13. The FDA has repeatedly warned the consumer about the use of harmful chemicals contained in many silver nanoparticle solutions. For further information read their 1999 Report. 

14.  One of the most important considerations when buying colloidal silver products is the credibility of the company producing it.  Most producers of colloidal silver solutions do not use credible testing facilities. To do so would mean they would have to disclose the chemical contents in their products.  

Atoms Vs Nanoparticles   
Scientists in agree
ATOMIC PARTICLES in our colloidal solutions have the highest PPM content available anywhere
If  colloidal silver atoms 3000 PPM  were visible to the naked eye this is what they would like in water​. In reality, the atoms are still much smaller than this. Because they're smaller, they are virtually guaranteed to work much faster than the oversized colloidal silver nanoparticles to the left.
colloidal silver atoms
Many producers of silver nanoparticle products claim that they have a large surface area. THAT'S QUITE TRUE.​ But, the large surface area of these nanoparticles are completely ineffective for penetrating into pathogens. 
Avoid Ingesting Harmful Ingredients, Purchase Pure Colloidal Solutions Only
Huge Nanoparticles
There is an attempt to confuse the average person with colloidal silver nanoparticle solutions.  Many claims are made that taking high PPM colloidal solutions as being unnecessary and overkill is not accurate.

Consider this: 

Atomic Size particles cannot be considered to be in the same class as the common Low PPM colloidal silver nanoparticles. On the other hand, attempts are often made to infer and imply that atomic size colloidal solutions are the same as silver nanoparticle solutions.  Again this is incorrect.  

With Atomic Sized Silver Particles, the particles penetrate into the pathogens instead of bouncing off of them.  We offer products with concentrations ranging from 3000 to 18000 PPM to one million parts of water molecules.  
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Our colloidal solutions offer powerful antibiotic like properties that excels in every way.  Dependent on on the product we offer, you can even cook with our colloidal solutions such as with Gold from 3000, to 18000, Parts Per Million. 

That cannot be done with Low-Quality Chemically saturated Colloidal Silver Nanoparticles.
14 Reasons to Avoid Low PPM Silver Nanoparticle Colloids
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