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What is the Safe PPM for Colloids

by AS on 03/22/11

When it comes down to Colloidal Silver and what is the safe PPM, you have to consider many factors such as: 

1.      What type of Particle Size

2.      What is the PPM Concentration

3.      How do the Colloidal Chemicals Affect the Safeness of the product.

Particle size:

There are now 3 types of particle size for you to take into account:

  1. Nanoparticle size which can range form 750 atoms up to 250,000 atoms or more.
  2. Ionic particle which has at least two atoms per particle
  3. And the Single Atom size Particle

Ionic particles are made with chemicals, they call it silver protein and its is nothing more than some bromide that causes a foamy reaction when tested.

Make no mistake about it, silver proteins are better than silver chlorides, hydroxides, nitrates, or cyanides, because of the proven unwanted side effects that those chemicals.

  • Most would agree that they want to keep their hair as long as possible
  • And most would agree that they do not want premature gray hair
  • Then why continue consuming chemical colloids? That cause those effects let alone other problems that can rise up such as nerve damage over continued use chemical colloids.

A particles is a portion of matter, the Atomic Silver Particle size is considered one single ATOM per Particle

Without a doubt the Atomic Size Particle are the smallest particle size in the industry.

The next thing to take into consideration is the PPM Concentration:

While most traditional LOW PPM producers will argue that you do not need such high PPM, and or that you would be crazy to take such High PPM, the truth is that their Low PPM, Low Grade products take a lot longer to work if they work at all.

Nanoparticles are huge when compared to atomic size particles, you will find that nanoparticles will take anywhere from 3 months to 24 months to achieve some kind of effect against the virus or germ that is invading your body.

There is NOTHING like at atom size silver or gold, or any other noble metal particle because they are actually True Trace Noble Metal Minerals in which a metabolism would welcome as a food nutrient.

Atomic Size colloidal silver is too small to detect with the naked eye, yet it produces a powerful dagger like effect on viruses, bacteria, parasites and even free radicals.

So what you have to figure out is how long do you want to Waltz with your viral infirmities.

Producers of LOW PPM products, have had their hay day and now a new product has entered the market that rivals the most established producers of Colloidal Silver and noble metal supplements.

They may ask you: Why Would you want to take such high PPM, you do not need such high ppm or 3000 PPM is overkill.

The fact is An ATOM size particle is 3000 times or more smaller than a nanoparticles and cannot be compared to, because you cannot compare apples with mustard seeds. They have apples and we have mustard seeds.

The truth is because the particles are so small you would have to consume less colloidal silver., while with thier products they encourage you to drink the chemical goulash every day for the rest of your life to stay immune.

Do silver nanoparticles work? Sometimes depending on how long you have had your illness.

Are they the best product?  NO

Are they chemical free? NO

Are they easy to assimlate without turning blue? NO

So….. not only will the atomic size particles exceed expectations, but you have the most chemical free product in the market, worldwide guaranteed!

Do Atomic Silver particles work? Yes! Without a doubt! Quickly Efficiently and Expediently!

Remember, when the nanoparticles producers state that you do not need such high PPM or any other negative comment, understand that they are only protecting their Market Share, and they will do anything to make you believe contrary.

You as a buyer have to consider:

Which is the most chemical free product?

Which has the Highest PPM for the money spend?

Which is the smallest particle size?

And most of all which is the safest to ingest?

Without a doubt: that would be Colloidal Silver Atoms.


Research conducted by Japanese Scientists have shown that antioxidants that are in common fruits, vegetables and plants, that are often promoted in many Expensive JUICE’s Drinks or Dietary Supplements are actually trace minerals of Nobel Metals such as Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium.  

These are the common core elements in antioxidants. What people must realize is that the body regenerates its self completely every 7 years after birth. 

While it slows down in your early 20’s and eventually levels off, then it completely slows down and starts producing cells that are “Like for Like”. If you consume the proper amount of pure antioxidants that kill free radicals you actually slow down the aging process, and the cells produced will be like for like at the time you started consuming the right antioxidants at the right time.  

Health is everyone’s concern, how to stay healthy, how to stay young, how to deal with disease and recover rapidly from injuries and disease. 

Here we discuss health care, how to address it with anti-aging products and effective colloidal silver supplements with atom size particles. 

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