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Low PPM Colloid Cause "Feeling Worse before feeling better" Side Effects

by Al on 06/02/11

Herxheimer Reaction: Feeling worse before feeling better.... Really?

While many promoters of chemical colloids claim that their products will make you feel worse before you feel better is an absolute truth that cannot be taken lightly, their products WILL make you worse before better and that ought not be so.

REAL colloidal silver will NEVER make you feel worse before you feel better.

When a supplement is taken, it is ingested to relieve symptoms and not make them worse.

Well known colloidal silver producers make LOW GRADE colloidal silver that makes you feel WORSE before feeling better should make you run for the hills.

The reason for that is plain and as simple.

The Particles are too heavy (Heavy Metals)

  1. The Particles are too LARGE
  2. They are produced with chemicals
  3. The PPM concentration is extremely LOW

The reason LOW GRADE colloidal silver makes you feel worse is because its is slowly attacking viruses, and in the process the viruses in a "protective" counter measure release toxins into the human body and consequently you feel worse. 

Why is the Low Grade CS slowly attacking viruses?  Answer:  The nanoparticles range from 3900 atoms to 250,000 atoms per particle.  They are HUGE and because they do not actually enter a virus, but bruise it from the outside, they take a very long time to work, meanwhile the virus is releasing other toxins in the body in an attempt to destroy the silver.

Not so for Colloidal Silver atoms: They are quick to attack a viruses and bacteria and have a machine gun effect on those parasites, viruses and bacteria because they are about the size of a single atom which exceeds all known standards of production.

 Plus he PPM is much higher which means quick annihilation of unwanted critters.

When you compare the cost of LOW GRADE Colloidal Silver products

A producer of Low Grade Colloidal Silver sells 16 Oz for 49.00 when divide the cost by the PPM you are actually paying $2.45 per particle.

The colloidal silver Atoms are far less expensive in the long run, and the cost per particle at today’s current price is .016 Cents per particle. That is a fraction of the cost when compared to    LOW GRADE Colloidal Silver.  

The Qualities of High Grade Colloidal Silver are:

· 3000 PPM or higher

· Clear as water in appearance

· The Smallest Particle size achievable

· Made with NO chemicals before, during or after the production process, you have to remember, it’s the chemicals that give the colloids their color. There are some Low Grade Colloidal Silver products that are clear in color but the PPM is extremely low, and still have some kind of chemical that causes the nanoparticles to float.

Colloidal Silver Atoms have a 100% bio-availability, making them easy for the body to assimilate and dispose of when they are no longer needed.

While others claim that 3000 PPM of silver atoms is just too much silver, they are in fact misinforming the public:

The usual rules that apply to nanoparticles do not apply to atomic size particles; because atomic size particles do not exhibit the Tyndall Effect, which is proof of chemical composition.

Nanoparticles are suspended in the colloidal solution with the help of chemicals, placed in the freezer for a day, the chemicals drop to the bottom of the container along with the nanoparticles.

This proves that the Low Grade Colloidal Silver is made with chemicals and has Heavy Metals that cannot stay suspended in the solution by themselves.

For a Quick the solution for Immune System Restoration and your anti viral, antibacterial needs the products of choice is Clearly Colloidal Silver Atoms.

Buy the safest colloids in the world!


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