The Facts and Statistics on Argyria the Blue Skin Condition

Colloidal Silver Side Effects Argyria | Blue Man - Skin Hoax
Blue Skin Man
Colloidal Silver Side Effects 2 in a Billion? - Argyria The Blue Man Hoax   

Lesson Learned:

  • Don't make your own Colloidal Silver only experts like can make it safely.
  • Do not use chemicals to make your colloids if you insist on making your own.
  • Colloidal Silver has come down in price you do not need to make your own anymore.
  • And of course, consult with your health care professional to see if you are fit for Colloidal Silver.
Topics Discussed:  What are the  Colloidal Silver Side Effects: What is Argyria, Colloidal Silver History, Who is the  Blue Man,  Who is Paul Karason why did he turn blue, Genetic Inclined to have Blue Skin, real blue people, dangers of colloidal silver

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*Parts Per Million Measured with TDS Meter, + / - 15%
This 99 year old Medical book has been confiscated destroyed and kept secret by Big Pharmaceutical companies. It taught doctors, nurses and pharmacists how to make antiseptics and other medicines and reveals the secrets the Big Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know: 

How to make Colloidal Silver compounds.   

*Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York. 1935, the first Edition was written in 1914.  
In 165 years, there are three prominent pictures of people with argyria, and one of them is an admitted hoax Paul Karason. Paid critics often promote these pictures to scare the gullible from using colloidal silver.

Interestingly two of the other people have no documented medical reports that confirm that silver was the cause of the blue skin condition. 

  • Evidence that silver was used to treat sickness and disease dates back to 1850, but the name of the silver solution was not colloidal silver but Collargolum. In 165 years that colloidal silver use the numbers do not add up to villainize colloidal silver.

  • There are an estimated 23,000,000 users that have been reported to use colloidal silver without the generation of additional cases of argyria.

  • When you think about the billions of people that have lived and died in since 1850 to the present date. And you can only find two or three pictures of people with Argyria, and then this blue skin thing is way overblown, you can only conclude that colloidal silver is not a danger as its adversaries attempt to deceive.  

  • To this date, No one in the United States of America has been reported to die of Colloidal Silver ingestion.

If Colloidal Silver were a real danger, you would see blue people on every street corner and everywhere you went because you would have about 3.8 Million people with argyria. 

If Colloidal Silver were a real danger as heavily promoted by the paid bashers, you would have dead bodies everywhere or blue people in hospital rooms, you would see it heavily reported by every major News Network, and it would have been banned by now.

The truth is that Colloidal Silver is not a danger and the Scare Campaign only benefits pharmaceutical giants.
Every Industry Has Paid Critics that Downplay or Discredit Products.
Secrets Low PPM Chemical Colloidal Silver Producers do not want you to know!

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you waste your money. 

Colloidal Silver Atoms: 
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Considering the facts, when you do your due diligence, you will find that many reports are distorted to discredit the colloidal silver industry, an industry that may be as old as time its self. More people have died from FDA approved medications while none from Colloidal Silver:
•According to The American Association of Poison Control Centers  

•Annual Report Pharmaceutical Drugs caused 106,000 DEATHS

•Nutritional Dietary Health Supplements: ZERO

Fugates of Kentucky
Colloidal Silver Atoms Simply the Best Non Chemically Made Option
ABC News found and reported that there exists a Blue Skin family who are of The Fugate ancestry and have a genetic condition called  methemoglobinemia, which was passed down through a recessive gene and blossomed through intermarriage. The "Fugates of Kentucky" a natural blue family, genetically blue for decades.  

So the real name for Argyria is Methemoglobinemia, and you may have to be genetically inclined to get the Blue Skin condition.  

Argyria is a rare skin condition, and it has only happened to 2 or 3 people in 165 years of documented use.
The Argyria Blue Man Hoax Scheme admission by Paul Karason:

Notice the smile on the Blue Man while being interviewed! He also happily admitted to creating his blue skin condition by making his homemade silver compounds that were saturated with chemicals that are known to cause the blue skin condition. To make the blue color even more intense he applied home made colloidal silver lotions to his skin and then to intensify the blue color further, he used a Tanning Bed.

Notice how his hair and beard turned white, that is the result of using, peroxides that have been reported to cause premature gray hair, and hydroxides are known to cause loss of hair.

 After he was questioned concerning receiving benefits for his self-sacrifice for a special interest propaganda, follow-up interviews by news reporting companies started to promote frowns as if he were unhappy, just to change the impact of the smiling photo to downplay the fraud accusations. 
Paid "Bashers" are everywhere, such as are dairy vs. non-dairy products, sugar vs. diet sweeteners, and organic vs. GMO food laced products. 

In the colloidal silver industry, there are paid critics sponsored by big pharmaceutical companies that use scare tactics to discourage people using colloidal silver.

They go about this in a very clever manner; they have software that keeps track of all of the Forums, Blogs and articles that permit comments. Whenever colloidal silver is mentioned on the internet, the bashers will immediately post pictures of the blue man, a lady that got Argyria about 60 years ago or some 50-year-old picture of a man from India.  

They willfully present inaccurate information with no evidence that Silver was the cause of the blue skin condition. 
The Facts and Statistics on Argyria the Blue Skin Condition
paid critic
With that social media software, they can anonymously tap into thousands social media accounts, forums and blogs using different aliases and submit their sinister scare tactics.
Paul Karason the Self Made Blue Man - Proudly Admitted to Wanting to Turn Blue
Blue Skin Man