The Argyria Blue Man Hoax Scheme admission by Paul Karason

Colloidal Silver Side Effects Argyria | Blue Man - Skin Hoax
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  • ​Pharmaceutical companies want to control the markets by selling Patented Drugs - they do not make any huge profits from products that are not patented but recently they started adding Silver to antibiotics.
  • Pharmaceuticals reward doctors with bonuses gifts, vacations etc., to promote their FDA approved products.
  • The FDA does not do actual "testing" of Pharmaceutical Products, they just look over data provided by the Pharmaceuticals and give their thumbs up after proper "Fees" have been paid. Should people get killed (and they have) then they step in and order the product recalls and supposedly take appropriate action against the Pharmaceuticals that raked in billions upon billions, and only get their hand slapped with minute penalties that can never restore lost lives, or irreversible side effects that disrupts normal lives.
  • Pharmaceutical companies use indirect methods to attack alternative health supplements via internet forums, news media and internet paid critics funded by funds set aside to bash anything including colloidal silver that has to do with alternative healing, plus because large pharmaceutical companies have the financial resources, they have backing from the Government and the Mainstream News Media due to heavy donations, as well as advertising paid to the TV stations and News Media, so the TV channels covet the AD Dollars and may not represent the public's best interest.

​Discrediting Colloidal Silver and using the blue skin scare is a measure to preserve market share and destroy competition. They do not do it directly, they belong to Trade Organizations, that have internet forums, internet websites with PAID critics that all they do is monitor the internet, submitting articles to discredit not only colloidal silver, but many other alternative health products, these trade organizations are funded by pharmaceuticals companies generous membership donations and possibly gifts and incentives.
Colloidal Silver Side Effects - Argyria or Blue Man Hoax   

Lesson To Be Learned:

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  • Colloidal Silver has come down in price you do not need to make your own anymore.
  • Only Colloidal Silver Atoms aka Monatomic Colloidal Silver atoms are the most effective product in the world.
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  • And of course, consult with your health care professional to see if you are fit for Colloidal Silver.

So Why the Scare Campaign?


Blue People have a genetic condition, an example is the "Fugates of Kentucky" a natural blue skin family genetically blue for decades.
Topics Discussed:  What are the  Colloidal Silver Side Effects: What is Argyria, Colloidal Silver History, Who is the  Blue Man,  Who is Paul Karason why did he turn blue, Genetic Inclined to have Blue Skin, real blue people, dangers of colloidal silver

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*Parts Per Million Measured with TDS Meter, + / - 15%
This 99 year old Medical book has been confiscated destroyed and kept secret by Big Pharmaceutical companies. It taught doctors, nurses and pharmacists how to make antiseptics and other medicines and reveals the secrets the Big Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know: 

How to make Colloidal Silver compounds.   

*Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York. 1935, the first Edition was written in 1914.  
Considering that there are not even a handful of cases of the Argyria condition, and when diluted and compared to almost 100 years that colloidal silver has actively been in production, the scare campaign using the blue man is extremely exaggerated, unmerited and clearly demonstrates that the news media’s is not always accurate with their reporting especially when you divide the 100 years of production by  millions upon millions of users in the United States alone. 

  • There are an estimated 23,000,000 annual users that have been reported to use colloidal silver without additional cases of argyia
  • To this date No one in the United States of America has been reported to die of Colloidal Silver ingestion.
  • To date not even a handful of cases of Legitimate Argyria have been reported, the ones that have are very vague without medical records showing that they contracted Skin condition with colloidal silver, neglecting reports that they could be genetically inclined to being Blue.
  • The Scare Campaign only benefits Pharmaceutical Corporate Giants.
  • If Colloidal Silver was a danger you would you find 3.8 Million People with Argyria, in the USA alone, you would actually see blue people on every corner at every street everywhere you went, and it would have definitely been outlawed by now.
  • If Colloidal Silver was a real danger as heavily promoted , you would have dead bodies everywhere or blue people in hospital rooms, you would see it heavily reported by every major News Network.

The GOOD News is that there is a 100% Chemical Free Colloidal Silver Alternative: 

The Safest Chemical Free Trace NOBLE Metal supplements on the planet!

  • NOT nanoparticles, NOT Chemical Colloids, ONLY Pure Colloidal Silver Atoms in Distilled Water.
  • Atomic Size Particles are 250,000,000,000 times smaller than nanoparticles (Depending on the nanoparticle size)
  • Because the particles are atom size, the PPM concentrations can be higher and easily assimilated and expelled.
  • BECAUSE NO Chemicals are used, the risk of argyria or side effects is reduced to virtually ZERO.


  • Silver is the only elements that viruses and bacteria can not build resistance to.
  • Viruses are constantly evolving, mutating into antibiotic resistant strains.
  • Silver has been used for more than 3000 years to kill bacteria in silver water containers.
  • Silver has been reported to fight cancer better than chemotherapy.
  • Colloidal Silver was prescribed by Doctors Prior to 1939.
Colloidal Silver Facts: 
Secrets Low PPM Chemical Colloidal Silver Producers do not want you to know!

Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver:  
14 things you need to know before 
you waste your money. 

Colloidal Silver Atoms: 
12 Reasons Why they are better.

More people have died from FDA approved medications, none from Pure Colloidal Silver:

•According to The American Association of Poison Control Centers  

•Annual Report Pharmaceutical Drugs caused 106,000 DEATHS

•Nutritional Dietary Health Supplements: ZERO

Upon considering the above facts, and when you do your own due diligence, you will find that many reports are twisted against the colloidal silver industry, an industry that may be as old as time its self.  More people have died from FDA approved medications than Colloidal Silver:
Fugates of Kentucky
Blue Man Hoax
Colloidal Silver Atoms Simply the Best Non Chemically Made Option
There are only 2 or 3 legitimate cases of Argyria in 100 Years.

Argyria is a RARE skin condition, and it has only happened to a two or 3 people due to SILVER NITRATES, Hydroxides, Chlorides, or peroxides mixed with the silver.

It is NOT the Silver that is the problem its the CHEMICALS that trigger the Argyria.

Click to see the Blue Family From Kentucky:
 ABC news story on the Fugates of Kentucky.
ABC News did a report and found that Blue Skin Blue People The Fugate ancestry have a genetic condition called methemoglobinemia, which was passed down through a recessive gene and blossomed through intermarriage. The "Fugates of Kentucky" a natural blue family, genetically blue for decades.  

The news report further states that the condition can be accelerated with certain chemicals and "Nitrates", even colloidal silver nitrates.

Paul Karason and a hand full of others that contracted Argyria must be genetically inclined to turning blue, Argyria is a very RARE, and it may only apply to people with genes that are prone to getting the blue skin and not necessarily attributed to colloidal silver.

Is it possible that the 2 or 3 existing legitimate cases in a span of 99 years are because they were in fact allergic to Colloidal Silver and genetically prone to turning blue? 

Is it possible that silver chemicals they consumed triggered the skin condition? 

Did the Blue Man Paul Karason have a genetic condition that was accelerated due to his home made colloidal silver? 

It is very possible and most likely.

So this whole Blue Scam is designed to discredit the colloidal silver industry and discourage the average consumer.

The Argyria Blue Man Hoax Scheme admission by Paul Karason:

Staged Disinformation: Notice the smile on the Blue Man while being interviewed, after being exposed as a fraud and being a part of this scam, follow up interviews and news reporting companies started to promote new photos with a frown as if he were unhappy, to change the impact of the smiling photo and to downplay the fraud accusations. 

This man was proud of his accomplishment.

This man got this blue skin condition known as Argyria aka methemoglobinemia  by taking his OWN homemade silver compounds that were highly saturated with CHEMICALs that created a Low Grade, Low PPM silver solution. Silver Nitrates are used to make negatives in the older Film Cameras.

He knowingly made (and admitted to making) a photochemical solution that caused his Argyria; he became an instant photo negative. To make the blue color even more intense, he added salt to the brew, and used an electrical process to make a high concentration of silver nitrates, peroxides and even chlorides that produce large chemically saturated nanoparticles which get stuck in the liver, kidneys, cells membranes, and also trigger the Gene that causes methemoglobinemia

In an effort to intensify blue skin condition, he applied the compounds to his skin with Tanning Lotion, to intensify the blue color further, he used a Tanning Bed, and produced a very happy self fulfilled Blue Man as seen in the picture.

Was he encouraged by Big Pharma? Beside Notoriety, what else did he stand to gain?

Notice how his hair and beard turned white, that is result of using, peroxides that have been reported to cause premature gray hair, and hydroxides are known to cause loss of hair.

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