Is Argyria – The Blue Skin Condition Caused by Colloidal Silver Use?

Colloidal Silver Side Effects Argyria | Blue Man - Skin Hoax
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Do you seriously believe Agyria or Blue Skin is 
wide spread from Colloidal Silver Use?

Avoiding Chemical Consumption:

  • Don't make your own Low PPM Colloidal Silver, the price of the kit is not worth sacrificing the quality.
  • Don't EVER use chemicals to make your colloidal solutions if you insist on making your own.
  • Top Quality, World Class, Colloidal Silver has come down in price, so you do not need to make your own anymore.
  • As an example, you can save a considerable amount of money buying a High PPM Colloidal Silver concentration and diluting it down to a Low PPM to suit your own needs. However, we do not recommend anything below 500 PPM due to the difference in particle size.

When you conduct your own investigation, you'll will find many distorted reports from Paid Industry Shills, to discredit colloidal silver usage.

You will also many Ionic and Low PPM Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver sellers arguing against Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, which they do not know how to produce.  

Understanding, that they are trying to protect market their share against the Purest Form of Colloidal Silver, with the  matchless Small Particle size, and with the Highest PPM of Atomic Size Particles. They only thing they can say is "If we can't make, no one else can", pure absolute Hog Wash!

Just think about the Hadron Collider that has discovered particles that are not supposed to exist according to modern physics. Yet, the do!

Low PPM Producers have existed on basic knowledge of the Electrolysis Process, and because they are NOT Inventors, they do not have a Clue on How Atomic Size Particles are produced without a Chemical Catalyst or some kind of byproduct. 

If they tell you it cannot be done, just remember, its just because they do not know how.​

This 81 year old Medical book has been confiscated, destroyed and kept secret by Big Pharmaceutical companies. It has taught doctors, nurses and pharmacists how to make antiseptics, Colloidal Silver and other medicines.  And it reveals the secrets the Big Pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know: 

How to make your own Colloidal Silver compounds.   

*Text Book of Materia Medica and Their Therapeutics by A.S Blumgarten, 6th Edition, M.D., F.A.C.P. printed by The McMillan Company in New York. 1935, the first Edition was written in 1914.  
In 165 years there are three prominent pictures of people with argyria. Out of these three, one of them is an admitted hoaxster, called Paul Karason. Paid critics often promote these pictures to scare the gullible from using colloidal silver.

Interestingly, two of the other people have no documented medical reports that confirm that silver was the cause of the blue skin condition. 

  • Evidence that silver was used to treat sickness and disease dates back to 1850. But the name of the silver solution was not colloidal silver back then, but Collargolum.  In 165 years that colloidal silver has been used, these three incidents do not warrant ostracizing colloidal silver.  

  • There are an estimated 23,000,000 users that have been reported to use colloidal silver without any incident or symptoms of argyria whatsoever.

  • Consider the billions of people that have lived and died since 1850 to the present date. Now consider that in all of this time only 3 reported incidents are claiming contraindications to using colloidal silver.

  • It's no accident that these cases have been purposefully overblown. Large companies with huge vested interests will say and do what ever they feel is necessary to prevent you from realizing this truth.  

  • To date, no one in America has been reported to die of Colloidal Silver ingestion.

If Colloidal Silver were a real danger, you would see blue people on every street corner and everywhere you went because you would have about 3.8 Million people with argyria. 

If a real danger existed with using Colloidal Silver as promoted by the paid bashers, you'd have dead bodies everywhere or blue people in hospital rooms. Also, you'd see it reported by every major news network and it would have been banned by now.

The truth is that Colloidal Silver is not a danger and Scare Campaign Tactics only benefits pharmaceutical giants.
Large Industries making Controversial Products hire 
Industry Shills to undermine any competition. 
Secrets Low PPM Chemical Colloidal Silver Producers do not want you to know!

Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver:  
14 things you need to know before 
you waste your money. 

Colloidal Silver Atoms: 
12 Reasons Why they are better.

Considering the facts, when you conduct your own investigation, you'll will find that many reports are distorted to discredit colloidal silver usage.  

More people have died from FDA approved medications while none have from Colloidal Silver:
  •  Dr. Peter Glidden(BS ND) stated that "according to the Unites States Department of Health and Human Services 15,000 people die every month from Doctor prescribed medications."

  • According to statistics from The American Association of Poison Control Centers more people parish every year from poison, yet no one has ever died from colloidal silver use.

  • Annual statistics reporting on various causes of death indicate 106,000 deaths a year are caused by pharmaceutical drugs.

  • An article in JAMA (Journal of American Medical Associations)​ discussed one of the major causes of death in America was doctoring, with over 750,000 deaths being attributed to bad medical practicing.

Fugates of Kentucky Natural Blue Skin Family
Carefully studying our website you will find that its the traditional Low PPM nanoparticle and Ionic Silver that are to blame for the Blue Skin Effect. 

1. Most nanoparticle products particles sizes are unstable and the particles can range from very small to very large 200 nm. The large ones are the ones that get stuck in the kidneys as well as in the bodies membranes.

2. The Chemicals will accelerate the chances of the Blue Skin Effect.  

Considering that Health Care Professionals are no longer prescribing antibiotics, and that 15,000 Million people die every month due to Doctor prescribed medications, you are left with very few alternatives. You must choose the BEST and SAFEST Colloidal Silver to put in your medicine cabinet. 

Pure Colloidal Silver 500 to 12,000 PPM

No chemicals, phosphates, cyanide's, nitrates, or organic plant extracts (they still cause other chemicals to manifest) and even Embalming Fluid (Formaldehyde) are never used in our production process. 

The fact that the Particles Are Atomic in Size, means They cannot get “Stuck” in the Membranes.

Our High PPM Colloidal Solutions Have Never Been (and never will be) Determined to Cause Argyria or Blue Skin because we have eliminated the two main problems with traditional colloidal silver products: 

                                                                1. The Chemicals 
                                                                2. The Particle Size! 

 Learn More About the Chemicals Used in other brands HERE.

ABC News found and reported that there exists a Blue Skin family. They're of the Fugate family ancestry and have a genetic condition called  methemoglobinemia. 

This condition is NATURAL and was passed down through a recessive gene and became apparent through intermarriage. 

The Fugates of Kentucky were known as a natural blue family and have been genetically blue for decades.  

This fact contradicts the Industry shills since it proves that you have to be genetically inclined to turning blue.  

Argyria is also known as Methemoglobinemia. And you may have to have a genetic predisposition to get the Blue Skin appearance.  

As you can see from these examples, Argyria is a rare skin condition and it has only happened to 2 or 3 people in 165 years of documented use.

Is Argyria – The Blue Skin Condition Caused by Colloidal Silver Use?
The Argyria Blue Man Hoax Scheme admission by Paul Karason:

He also happily admitted to creating his blue skin (as seen in his interview) condition by making his homemade silver compounds that were saturated with chemicals that are known to cause the blue skin condition. 

Notice how he lost hair and the hair and beard turned white. That's the result of using chemicals that have been reported to cause gray hair and even hair loss and according to the FDA MOST colloidal silver sellers use chemicals to make their colloidal silver. I

In addition to that, the nanoparticles are so large that they not only get stuck in the cell membranes, but they may also inhibit nutrients to the hair follicles that would allow the hair to keep its color.

It is rumored that follow-up interviews with news reporting groups suggested that he start frowning for the news media to offset the impact of his smiling photo and assist with the downplay of the fraud accusations.

Paid "Bashers" are everywhere, such as with dairy vs. non-dairy products, sugar vs. diet sweeteners and organic vs. GMO food laced products. 

In the colloidal silver industry, there are critics sponsored by pharmaceutical corporations that use disinformation scare tactics to to make people afraid to use colloidal silver.

Software has been designed to keep track of any forum, blog, etc., that permits comments. When colloidal silver is mentioned on the internet, bashers immediately post pictures of the blue man, an old picture of man from India or something similar 

Fear mongering is their best tactic to scare people away and yet no evidence is available to back up their emotionally charged claims. 
Read about the Facts and Actual Statistics on Argyria or Blue Skin Below
paid shill
With that social media software, they can anonymously tap into hundreds of social media accounts, forums and blogs using different aliases and submit their sinister scare tactics.
Paul Karason the Self Made Blue Man - Proudly Admitted to Wanting to Turn Blue
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The Colloidal Silver Industry is rife with PAID SHILLS that purposely create disinformation.  

Large pharmaceutical corporations pay to constantly debunk colloidal silver products, particularly those that have great merit and benefit.

Research and study our website carefully and you'll realize why shills don't want you to look any further.

Understanding the information we've provided will allow you to see why there is so much resistance to Our Colloidal Silver Products.
You're looking for answers to the Blue Man Scare Agenda, we have them. 

The whole blue scare man agenda is to ward you off from using colloidal silver.

​ ​What's never clearly explained is that it’s the CHEMICALS in Colloidal Silver that can trigger Argyria and not necessarily the silver itself. 

The BEST Natural alternative is Chemical Free Atomic Particle Pure Colloidal Silver
Once you've been properly informed, you'll easily conclude that Atomic Size Particle colloidal silver is the best product for immune system support that has ever existed. 

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