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Several websites discuss using Colloidal Silver for cancer. Most people that are suffering from this debilitating disease encounter an overwhelming amount of confusing explanations, false testimonials and myriads of cancer dietary supplements along with information that claims to have the solution to cancer.  

Cancer is a cellular affliction that affects each of its victims differently. What may work for one person, may not work for another.

Time is precious when someone has cancer. Investing in the wrong supplements or apparatuses may not only cause loss of money, but it could lead to loss of life.  

The best approach when buying cancer dietary supplements is to understand what the healthcare professionals are using to treat this often, life altering disease. How you may be able to apply your choices of dietary supplements that may keep your metabolism optimized as much as possible is important.

What is a good testimonial?  The answer is:  One that can be verified, we live in a world where testimonials can be purchased for a dime a dozen. Verification may include not only a patients and individuals who've made statements but it may also include corroboration from their doctors, hospitals or other facilities where they were treated.

We have excellent testimonials such as from someone that was supposed to have died in 2006 and is alive today and found on Facebook.

A number of noble metals have been reportedly used to treat cancer by health care professionals.  These include Gold and Platinum. Some other elements have also been reported to have been used and exhibit free radical and cancer-fighting properties. These elements include Iridium, Ruthenium and even Silver. 

Is Colloidal Silver for cancer enough by itself?

We believe that you should always follow your health care professionals advice. But when a person encounters a “Life or Death” situation sometimes that person has to “take the bull by the horns.” After all, it's that person's life that is at stake and not the doctors. To answer the question:  Additional products and or health care professional services will usually be required, and Silver MAY assist in dealing with certain free radicals that cause anomalies.

Understanding what works, and why it works is extremely important. Obviously doctors have had success with chemotherapy which is why they still use it. Even with its highly undesirable side effects, it has worked in the past. 

However, behind the scenes people were also reported to have taken certain cancer dietary supplements that helped relieve the side effects of chemo and may have had something to do with the recovery.

With this in mind, consider Ruthenium (from the Platinum metal groups), the "May 1995 issue of Scientific American, has reported "...The researchers examined the electrical properties of short lengths of double- helix DNA in which there was a ruthenium atom at each end of one of the strands.  When they measured the rate of flow along the ruthenium-doped double helix: The current was up by a factor of more than 10,000 times over a million electrons a second. This research concluded that "there is thermodynamic conductivity that may cause DNA to correct its self..."

It is believed that potential DNA problems and Aging may effectively be addressed with Gold, Iridium, Rhodium, Platinum and Ruthenium Noble Metals.

Interestingly we have included in this web page links and articles that explain that ruthenium and iridium exhibit anti-cancerous properties.

There are four elements that have been reported to have free radical and cancer-fighting attributes:

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Colloidal Silver Has Several Useful Properties, Can it Help With Cancer? Read Further!
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Email:  Phone:  619-752-6777
Brenda Marshall, received a powerful and miraculous healing and visitation from God in 2007 and is alive today and on Facebook in 2015!

Brenda also used about 15 Bottles of Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM and 15 Bottles of CanCleanse in a period of 6 months.

But of Course it was a visitation from Jesus Christ! That lead to her full recovery.

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Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM 5 Star Review
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Llevo varios años utilizando el producto y siempre
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​Translated: I have been using these products for several years now and always I have had good results, both bacterial, viral and fungal diseases.