Chemical Free Colloidal Silver Means No Premature Gray Hair

Pure Colloidal Silver 3000 to 18000 PPM, Chemical Free Colloids
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When It Comes Down to Perfect Health Particle Size Does Matter - Pure Colloidal Silver With Atom Size Particles - Highest PPM and Made with ZERO Chemicals 

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*Parts Per Million Measured with TDS Meter, + / - 15%
​Just looking at most colloids out there you can see the horrific chemical compounds in their containers, while their producers deceptively and audaciously claim not to have chemicals.

Nanoparticles:   99.8% of the ionic and nanoparticle colloids sold or produced contain chemicals.

What is Ionic Silver?   Ions start out as atoms, to be transformed there has to be a chemical reaction or some other method to add and or remove protons and electrons.  An ion is a charged atom or molecule. It is charged due to the fact that the numbers of electrons do not equal the number of protons in the atom or molecule. A single atom can acquire a positive charge or a negative charge depending on whether the number of electrons in an atom is greater or less then the number of protons in the atom.

Just like a magnet, Atoms are attracted to other ions because they have an unequal number of electrons and protons, when the chemical process is induced, and when atoms lose an electron, or proton, or even gain an extra proton or electron, then the those atoms are converted into IONS. If the atom has more electrons than protons, its is then called a negative ion, or ANION. If it has more protons than electrons, then it is a positive ion.

So when multiple IONS and atoms pull together like a magnet, because opposites attract and they create larger more visible molecules and or particulates. They can only be made with the help of chemicals, and of course as we constantly explain, we do not use chemicals. 

Nano-particle size silver Ions, are made with Bromides and or phosphates, they usually have a strong brown color, and when shaken you a foamy frothy substance that is slimy when tasted. 

It makes sense to Check For Chemicals  to prevent side effects, chemical consumption is the #1 reason for the reported negative side effects.  By purchasing a chemical free product, you have very little if anything to worry about:
Chemical Silver Solutions
Chemical Free Pure Colloidal Silver with the Highest PPM on the Planet:

Strength:    500, 1100 , 2000, 3000 - 18,000  Parts Per Million! The Highest anywhere! 

Our Colloids are non-prescription dietary supplements in the most pure, natural and chemical free form with absolutely 100% bio-availability. This means that they are easy to absorb and will not get trapped in the kidneys and liver as do nanoparticle and ionic colloids.

Because these are natural products, we can virtually mix any combination of elements and produce faster results, immune system support on demand.

For Example we now make SIL - Zinc Max: Silver and Zinc blended together with 4000 PPM of Each Element. While other producers are stuck with only low parts per million silver.

Everyone is born with a certain amount of silver and noble metals in their bodies. (See the illustration on the Home Page).

Our Colloids are by far much safer than others, depending on which product you buy you can actually heat them, add them to water, tea, or your favorite drink, you can refrigerate them, you can actually freeze them, or leave them in the sun, and you may cook with some of them as well, and no chemicals will drop to the bottom because no chemicals are EVER used, others products can not perform like this without causing spoilage or giving life to other dangerous organisms and life forms that may attack your body.

Chemical Free Colloidal Silver Means No Premature Gray Hair
With so many variations and with so many persuasive 
explanations how do you know which product is best for you?
NOW Available! High Quality Low PPM Products:   500, 1100, 2000 And Even 18000 PPM !
What Kind of - Colloid Solutions to Avoid:

1. Some products come in all types of colors, if the common low PPM nanoparticle solution has a color, even if it is opaque this is a clear indication chemicals are used or somehow they start with no chemicals but end up with chemicals. 

2. Avoid products that say "Do Not Refrigerate" or "No need to refrigerate" 

3. Avoid products that say "Do not expose to Sun or Ultraviolet light"

4. Avoid products that say Do not expose to high heat

5. Avoid products any that say Do not apply externally to skin

6. Avoid products that are stored in dark amber, bottles, or plastic bottles that you cannot see through or that are covered with aluminum foil to protect them from UV Light.

7. Avoid products that do not accurately describe the contents, one such example is: "Colloidal Silver.......10 PPM" 

The term Colloidal Silver is not element by its self, and should be worded like this: "Silver..........20 PPM, Hydrochloric Acid 20%, Hydrogen Peroxide 15%"  it should state what chemicals were used, if air was used they should warn you that it may have high levels of nitrogen.  

8. Avoid products that do not have Lab Certification from a World Wide Environmental Testing Facility, because anyone with credentials can report what they want on a paper. Major Testing Facilities are not going to risk their name and reputation for some outfit.

9. Avoid Do it Yourself Kits, they are expensive and colloids  have come down in price to what it was years ago. The kits consistently break down, and you have to order new ones, and you may actually be producing chemicals to ingest. 
21st Century High PPM Technology replaces the antiquated electrolysis process that has been used for the last 60 years. It not only produces silver atom particles, but gold and many other noble metal colloids that are actually the true coveted Antioxidants.

 Pure Colloids that range from 3000 to 18000 Parts Per Million of Silver atoms 

Size is everything:  Doctors and Scientists and even The Rice University all recognize that that the smaller the particle, the better it can penetrate into a virus, bacteria, parasite or free radical. 

To have a perfect colloid product, it has to conform to 4 basic desired qualities:

  • It has to be 100% Chemical Free
  • It has to have the Highest PPM
  • It has to have the smallest particle size available
 21st Century Technology Produces Atoms:

Perfectly and Wonderfully made Pure Atom Particle Products.

No Chemicals are ever used before, during or after the production process, contains the world’s smallest particle size, and the highest PPM. Our powerful and effective products are much hundreds if not thousands of times  safer than ionic and nano particle products.
Each type of chemical has its own set of side effects. 

Depending on which chemical is used in the ionic or nanoparticle product, the side effects can vary, for example:

If your low parts per million producer uses Hydrogen Peroxide, you will get Gray Hair Prematurely, or if they use hydrochloric acid, you may lose your hair.

If they use nitrates or chlorides you may get Argyria the blue gray skin condition, and or a combination of all three.
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Atoms can be 250 Million times (or more) smaller than any ionic or nanoparticle product.

This means that you can have a super high PPM and never touch the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) that is a set standard for chemically made nanoparticle and Ionic colloids. 

Atoms can exceed 3000 to 18000 parts per million, but can also be diluted to much less by adding pure distilled water.

The silver atoms are suspended in the solution naturally, because each atom particle is actually attached to a water molecule forsaking the use of dangerous Hydroxides, Peroxides, and Cyanide's.

This means zero chemical consumption, zero side effects and side stepping the horrific chemical after effects that hare heavily promoted.

Only Atoms can effectively deal with invading stubborn viruses and bacteria penetrating them at the cellular level, quickly neutralizing their effects with a minimal Herxheimer Reaction IF any.

To deal with ever mutating viruses and bacteria  that develop immunity to modern antibiotics they must be dealt with at The ATOMIC particle level, to stop them from mutating and morphing into antibiotic resistant strains.
4000 PPM CS
ATOM Particles are the Most Effective.

Nothing can match the penetrating power of an ATOM!

The smallest stable and attainable particle size. 

This video demos the Trillions Upon Trillions of Atom Particles attached to the water molecules.

To the layperson this is an inexpensive test that proves silver content in the silver solution.

​​If you are not buying  Colloids from us, then you are most likely using toxic chemicals like the ones below.
Did you know that Chemicals in most colloidal silver products cause Hair Loss or even Premature Gray Hair? 
Many producers claim not to use chemicals with their colloids, because they use purified water, the problem with that is that purified water is not too pure.

Even with Reverse Osmosis, there still remains traces of Salt Minerals that can also lead to chemical content, in this case that would be silver chloride. 

Chlorides kill cells on contact.

The salt minerals are what helps generate a spark in their electrodes to make their colloidal product.  
Most ionic silver solutions with a high PPM content have an ugly dark color or are foamy, and slimy to the touch.

These use Phosphates, or Bromides that actually render false readings for the PPM, so you may not be getting High PPM that they report.

Ionic colloids have particles similar in size to nano particle products, because the ions attract and build large clusters of ionic molecules.

Their Ionic particles are too heavy to float by themselves and need a thick solution to stay suspended in the liquid.
Chemical Free Atom Particle Products 
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Pure Colloidal Silver For Safe Intimate moments
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Bad Chemical Colloidal Silver Side Effects
Chemicals cause baldness
HCL - HydroChloric Acid Causes Hair loss How much is in your colloid?
The FDA conducted studies and found many colloid producers did in fact use these chemicals and even Cyanide!
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