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Discoveries: In the mid 1980’s A pharmaceutical company reported that Iridium and Ruthenium trace minerals were cancer fighting agents and helped stimulate and balance the metabolism, by helping other elements process the right enzymes, that help build the he proper immune system as well. 

"Ruthenium is not only anti-cancerous but has been reported to help correct defective DNA and is by itself a perfect antioxidant."  

Scientists from Japan have brought forth research that has demonstrated that the real Antioxidants that are found in many herbs, fruits, trees and vegetables, when reduced to the core elements were actually the pure noble metals that includes, gold, Iridium, palladium, platinum, rhodium and ruthenium.

It makes perfect sense, that in order for you to get the correct RDA of these antioxidants you would have to consume gallons up gallons, or pounds upon pounds of other dietary supplements or fruits and vegetables.

We have the highest concentration of Pure Antioxidants anywhere, made with absolutely zero chemicals, distilled water and the pure essential noble metals.  
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The Lack of any element can cause a metabolic imbalance. 
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Why Premature Aging? 

Science has conveniently forsaken the studies of Colloidal Silver and the application of trace minerals that pertain to the health industry. Recently there have been many articles questioning why if the human body has the ability to regenerate 30 Billions cells every day, others every month, and bone matter every 7 years, why do people still age, and develop weak immune systems that leads to decay premature horrific illness's and even death?

Why are people that have followed strict health and wellness plans, some becoming vegans, eating organic foods and vegetables since the 50's still getting sick with cancers, getting older faster and dying?

Answer: Noble Metal and Basic Metal Deficiency

Recent studies reveal that the human body has the ability to live past 140 Years. It is the lack of noble metal trace minerals, that prohibit that from happening. What if we could increase the metabolism with atomic size trace minerals and optimize the human body so that aging could be slowed down, and maybe even sightly reversed, while sustaining us young mentally, physically and productive? We believe it is possible.

Why the Atomic Particle Are Needed

Many Viruses and bacteria actually feed off the human bodies trace minerals and essential noble metals such as gold, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, Iridium and others that we are born with, plus many GMO foods deplete or neutralize the noble and basic metal minerals intake from our bodies that completely destabilizes our metabolism.

Here you can buy the most chemically Pure Antioxidants and effective products that are the most concentrated antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial products. No one can touch our Standards of Purity, High Parts Per Million and Particle size, that renders 100% bio-availability due to the tiny atomic particles that are attached to the water molecules, that actually renders stable and effective products with very little competitors if any.  

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The Iron, Copper, Zinc, and Gold noble metals deficiency:

Just like a building or a home have a foundation so does the body, copper is that element, copper enzymes support the production of other enzymes made by other metals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, gold and many others. Due to modern prefab foods and other preservatives having copper, and Iron depleting elements our society is copper and iron deficient. 

Since human body is composed out of almost every element on earth, the depletion of these minerals can cause an imbalance that can affect and weaken and alter our DNA and metabolism for most of our lives, and can actually lead to premature aging a broken down immune system and even a premature death.


In the mid 1980’s A pharmaceutical company reported that Iridium and Ruthenium trace minerals were cancer fighting agents and helped balance the immune system, ruthenium has also been reported to correct defective DNA. 

February 2012 the United Kingdom reported that their studies and found that Silver Stops Cancer better than Chemotherapy. Recent reports starting in the beginning of 2013 stated that silver combined with antibiotics helps the antibiotics work better. 
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