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Cancer Survivor
Amalia C. Survivor
Amalia Says (2007):  I recovered from my second fight with what is a terrible loss for women breast disease! The Doctors could not believe that at my age of 67 that I quickly recovered!

Brenda M. Survied
Dear GoldenGevity:

We will gladly tell our experiences with Colloidal Silver 3000 ppm.

A. - My husband was cooking (he is not an expert) and open the pressure cooker came a great amount of steam, which caused severe burns to 70% of his right hand. The pain was terrible. He immediately applied colloidal silver 3000 ppm spray, reapply every five minutes for half an hour. It was like a miracle ... was amazing ... did not even blister, the skin was intact, with no trace of burning or pain. I thought the bulb would later ... error ... never came out. I strongly recommend to always have a spray bottle of colloidal silver 3000 ppm. It really works.

2. - One day I got sick. He had high fever and ached all body joints. I went to the doctor's office and I was diagnosed with influenza. He prescribed an antibiotic, an antipyretic for fever, and an anti-inflammatory for my throat, which was very red and very sore.  It was almost dark and the pharmacy was closed. I had two options, find the pharmacy on duty or until the next day. Choose the second option and went home. I thought that probably the colloidal silver could help me, and before bed take a dose of the product. Was greatly helped he had no fever or pain. The silver atoms had defeated all viruses.

These are our experiences with this "Holy Water". We recommend it to all our friends, although some find it hard to believe that really works so well.

When we have new experiences, I'll let you know.

Health for all.

Eli and Julian
​August 2012 Spain
Couple from Spain
10 Years Later You can find Brenda on Facebook!
Sonia R.   Robertsdale  Alabama

I would like to tell of the amazing results my mother and step-father 
have experienced from using Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM.

My mom has had stomach cancer about 15 years ago, and for the past year she has experienced extreme stomach discomfort. The doctors told her that the bacteria that caused her stomach cancer was back. I ordered colloidal silver 4000 PPM for her, after one month, she has not mentioned any stomach discomfort and says she feels fine.

We decided that my step-dad needed to try it also. He has emphysema and a terrible, awful cough for years. After taking it for one month he has not coughed. My mom is now so happy.

So it works!! Now my other family members want to try it also.
Cancer Testimonial
Brenda Marshall
Cancer Testimonial
(​Some of these testimonials are written word for word as they were received, they may contain typing and grammar errors, but again that is the way they were received)
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Testimonial form users.
Brenda A. M Testimonial Says:

The Doctors were astonished that I had made a complete recovery from a Terminal Disease in which I was given six months to live in April 2006

Today I am enjoying life with my family in April 2016! NO RELAPSE

It works magnficently!
Actors use GoldenGevity Products
Actor Brando Fontaine Deals with spider bite
Actor Brando Fontaine ugly spider bite.
spider bite swelling reduced.
Swelling reduced after one day, you can now see his left eye!
Almost back to normal after the fourth day.
Four days later!
Sonia R.
Actor Brando Fontaine: "A spider bit me on my face, it swelled to the point where my eye was almost shut, in just ONE day the swelling was reduced by half, and I was able to resume my acting career!" See the pictures now.

Fast recovery 5 Star Review
Posted by Ramiro Saldana on 17th Sep 2015

I Ramiro, was sick for 2 months, congested, sinus, head cold and wheezing, coughing. I drank 4000 ppm Colloidal Silver 16 oz. Bottle within two days of drinking the 16 0z bottle I felt relieved of all my symptoms. I was skeptical but this Colloidal Silver works, I have been healthy ever since thanks to this 4000 ppm Colloidal Silver. 

Keeping me strong 5 Star Review
Posted by Barbara on 27th Aug 2015

As I have gone through treatment for stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer, I have taken this product. I believe it has helped me with the side effects of chemo. I have great energy, have been able to continue to work throughout treatment, and believe by the grace of God I will live out all the day of my life stronger. Thank you and God Bless.

Feeling better 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 21st Feb 2015

A 1st-time user of colloidal silver I started to feel better in 2 days.

NSCLC stage 4 5 Star Review
Posted by Unknown on 13th Aug 2014

We first bought this product on the 17th of July 2014 and after 1 week of taking this my dad started to feel well again, his cough started to get better, his breathing and overall well-being. He is using this along with Cancleanse in the morning and at night before bed and today (13 August 2014) he has gained some weight, 0.5 kg in 1 month. He was 63.5 kg in July now he is 66.6 kg.

His scan results show that the tumors are stable. Will continue to use and see what happens as my dad has no more treatment options.

Energy for Life 5 Star Review
Posted by Diane on 31st May 2014

Goldengevity colloidal silver water is the most powerful product on the market. My whole family uses it. We are a family of 6. My children are in their early twenties and late teens. When any of us feel we are getting a cold or, sore throat, or our allergies start making us feel run down, just a few days of colloidal silver knocks it out. As a result, illness never accelerates. 

My daughter is a college student and she started to get sick from the flu and she forgot to take her silver with her. I had to take her home. I gave her colloidal silver and within hours, she was feeling better. There is nothing like it on the market.

My husband and I use it as a supplement every 3-4 months just to cleanse our bodies of bacteria that builds up. We feel it creates better brain function allowing us more mental clarity and memory improvement and increases our energy during the day.

The only complaint I have is that it is very expensive, but, in the long-run we are able to avoid doctor visits and antibiotics because viruses and bacteria are stopped from accelerating allowing our immune systems to destroy them. 

We don't know what we would do without it. We plan on trying all the Goldengevity products. My children love it.

Brenda Marshall (Alive and well and can be found on Facebook!)

 The Doctors were astonished that I had made a complete recovery from a Terminal Disease in which I was given six months to live in April 2006

Today I am enjoying life with my family in August 2016! NO RELAPSE

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Colloidal Silver and Pure Antioxidant Testimonials
Dayspring Cancer ClinicScottsdale Arizona: 5 Star Review
Posted by Andrew Dickens on 16th Apr 2015

"I was amazed when an abnormal growth in the pancreas was reduced 75% within one month! Wow!

I have started using these products as part of ongoing regiments.
Dr. Andrew Dickens
Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM 5 Star Review
Posted by Dr. Juantorena (Spain) on 17th Feb 2015 "Llevo varios años utilizando el producto  y siempre he tenido 
buenos resultados, tanto en afecciones bacterianas,víricas como micòticas." 

​Translated: "I have been using these products for several years now and always I have had good results, both 
bacterial, viral and fungal diseases."
Dr. Isidro Jauntorena
Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM 5 Star Review
Dr. Gary Forester, Livingston Texas:

I came out of retirement to help a long time friend fend off two anomalous growths, one on the shoulder the  other on
 the liver, within four months of continuous application of these excellent products the growths dissipated,
I was so impressed that I sent the sonograms to another Doctor to verify. They never returned.
Dr. Gary Forester
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