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Make Your Own High PPM Products 
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Topics Discussed: How to Make Colloidal Silver Generator without the use of chemicals.

Making Custom High PPM Colloidal Silver Solutions has never been easier! 
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If a Low PPM nanoparticle generator takes 2 hours to make 12 ounces of 20 PPM colloidal silver, then it would take about three to four weeks to make 7 Gallons, with just one generator.

One 3000 PPM 16 Ounce Bottle can produce about 18.75 
Gallons! You could do it in a few hours and not weeks.

1. You would never have to buy an expensive generator.

2. You would never have to worry about your generator not working.

3. You would never have to buy expensive silver electrodes.

4. You would not have to risk getting electrocuted in the process.

5.  You would never have to spend hours just to make 12 ounces of Low PPM nanoparticle "chemical goo."

6.  You could could make so much that you could even have enough stored away in case of an emergency.


Our explaining how you can dilute our products is by no means an admission that Low PPM Products work, however, there are circumstances in which people want to dilute our products and they are:

  •  Small Pets and Animals
  • Babies and Toddlers that need TLC.
  • Some people are more sensitive than others, and Low PPM may work for them.
  • Some people may want to dilute to resell the products as do other distributors.

One of our distributors in Europe has done Efficacy Tests and determined that 200 PPM is the bare minimum for rapid effectiveness into most common issues.

While 300 PPM was sufficient when applied to various types of Hepatitis.

But the higher the PPM, the more potent, and the more micro bullets are made available to rapidly deal with stubborn bugs.

We do not recommend Diluting to anything under 200 PPM unless you plan to apply to any of the above conditions. However, make sure you consult your Health Care Professional or Veterinarian for proper dosages, and or applications.

There was a time when Low PPM Colloidal Silver was so over priced that it made sense to make your own.

There is NO need to buy expensive Do It Yourself Kits Anymore!

  • Avoid Making 10-20 PPM Solutions
  • Avoid making chemical compounds
  • Avoid making nanoparticles that cannot penetrate pathogens
  • Avoid Drinking solutions that hardly help with health problems

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How to Make Colloidal Silver at Home Without A Generator Kit:
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Just dilute 500 - 18,000 PPM!

Depending on the PPM you purchase, you can make HUNDREDS of Bottles of Lesser PPM in just hours!
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After you consider the above calculations and facts, you can conclude on your own, why the nano-particle colloidal silver (as well as Ionic) Industry vehemently oppose our High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Products and distort the truth to persuade you to buy their Low PPM products. They have used scare tactics for 11 Years! 

We are still here growing faster than ever!

Because we meet and exceed all standards that they have established, and the fact is they cannot compete against:

  • 100% Natural Product 
  • The world's smallest particle size
  • Absolutely, the Highest PPM anywhere!

After all, isn't that what you are looking for?
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