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Zeta Potential
Many Colloidal Silver producers tend to confuse their customers by saying that anything that does not have a good Zeta Potential is not a "True Colloidal Silver."  

The fact is that Zeta Potential is a fundamental indicator of the stability of colloidal solutions. The magnitude of the zeta potential indicates the ratio of electrostatic repulsion between adjoining, similarly charged particles in a solution. For molecules and particles that are tiny enough, a high zeta potential will bestow stability, in other words,  the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation. 

When the potential is small, attractive forces may exceed this repulsion, and the dispersion may break and cause the particles to clump together. Colloids with high zeta potential (negative or positive) are electrically stabilized while colloids with low zeta potentials tend to coagulate or coagulate as described in the chart.
Zeta Potential in a nutshell
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As stated above "molecules and particles that are small enough, a high zeta potential will bestow stability, i.e., the solution or dispersion will resist aggregation."  

Atomic Size Particles attached to water molecules are the smallest size achievable to date, in regards to Colloidal Silver or Colloidal Solutions.

We have the most stable product in the industry.

While other companies products are made with Chemicals, it's the chemicals that will cause coagulation of the solutions when something affects the chemical composition, such as heat, cold, X-Rays UV and VA Rays, Sunlight. 

Because of our particle size we have no such problems. 
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