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These Doctors approve Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver
High PPM Colloidal Silver from 1,000 to 12,000 PPM

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Catalyst & Chemical Free Production

"its fruits hath been for food, and its leaf for medicine." Ezekiel 47:12
Many fruits and vegetables have been found to contain trace elements of Noble Metals such as Gold, Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium, some examples are Grapes and even Mustard Seeds

Why Choose High PPM Atomic Particle Products: 

We are born with every element on the planet, metallic and non-metallic. Any deficiency of any element may trigger a domino-like effect of the collapse of the Human Metabolism since our organs and glands depend on these elements to make enzymes that can not only resist aging but are essential to maintaining our bodies disease free.

Many elements such as silver, copper, zinc and other have been shown in laboratory conditions to be antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. The best method to consume these essential Metallic Elements is in a liquid concentrate which is called a "Colloid" a Colloid with a Metal content is called a Colloidal Product, for example, "Colloidal Silver".

The most Effective Colloidal Silver and Pure Antioxidants of Gold, Iridium, Platinum and other Noble Metals ​​

Life is a challenge by its self, sometimes the hardships that we face can be devastating such as this lady with flesh-eating cancer:​​​​
Russian Neurologist Recovers from an "incurable unknown disease"
Head, Neck Tumors, and Flesh Eating Cancer dealt with!
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Are you looking for practical solutions to health challenges? Are you looking for the most potent colloidal silver, copper or Zinc? We have the most diverse variety of elements in atomic size particles (True Trace Minerals) that will not disappoint! 

Because finding the right products that can help you overcome those challenges can be overwhelming and even discouraging since there are so many "scam" products that fail to deliver real solutions to complicated problems.

In the Colloid Industry, you will find many confusing and conflicting sales presentations because colloid products can be made with hundreds of different chemicals and herbal catalysts. Depending on the Catalyst used, the side effects will vary from Hair Loss, Premature Gray Hair, to Clogged Kidneys or Liver Problems.

If you are already familiar with Low PPM Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver, you may have to keep an open mind and understand that Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver has the newest and smallest particle size ever achieved and will never conform to the same tests, standards, procedures, and protocols that apply to inferior and impotent Low PPM Ionic and Nanoparticle products.

When it comes down to effectiveness, the products are incredibly Excellent, Safe, and by far more Superior.
What sets us apart from all others is that our products ensure maximum bioavailability with the smallest particle size ever produced of .1 nm, the highest PPM of Atomic Size Particles that are attached to "Water Molecule Clusters" via a 100% Natural Chemical Free, Catalyst Free production process. 

  • The smallest particle size ever achieved in the history of Colloids and Antioxidant products! The particles size can be hundreds of thousands of times smaller than silver nanoparticles. That means they may seamlessly slide right through and into any cellular structure of any free radicals, virus or bacteria.

  • Metals are no longer "Metallic" when they are reduced to the Atomic Particle Size, but instead, they are in a "Crystal Mineral" form. That feature alone assists them in being easy to assimilate, and easy to expel since there are NO longer Heavy Metals.

  • Stomach Acids do not react with Minerals and therefore cannot create other toxic compounds in your stomach, not so for nanoparticle products, they are very metallic and when mixed with the stomach acid will create other compounds.

  • Even though the Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver concentrations (1,000 to 12,000 PPM) "appear" to be high, they are most likely the safest to consume, due to the fact that atomic particles when converted into heavier nanoparticles, also convert to a to very safe mcg's in total weight.

  • The Atomic Particles are attached to Water Molecule Clusters - Each Cluster is considered to be ONE PPM, and each PPM may have tens to hundreds of thousands of Silver Atoms attached to it. This feature can be checked with a TDS meter that can measure up to 19,999 PPM.

  • The Silver Saturated Water Molecules act like "Cluster Bombs" that release the silver atoms once in the bloodstream.

  • Not only do they deliver incredible metabolic stimulating effects, but our colloidal silver and other products may never get stuck in the kidneys or liver (as do nanoparticle products that have been reported to do that) in the body.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
  • If you think about it, the human body replaces over 30 Billion human cells every day. Once the silver atomic particle elements penetrate into a human cell, the silver would eventually get excreted along with the 30 Billion other dead cells that are no longer useful to the human body. It may be virtually impossible to get any toxic side effects from atomic size particles. 

  •  Plus ZERO toxicity: Toxicity has never been associated with atomic particle colloidal products,  however, that cannot be said of Low PPM nanoparticle producers the Mayo Clinic has issued warnings about Low PPM Nanoparticle products. 

  • Colloidal Chemical Free Production: Meaning there are no Salts, Silver Nitrates, Cyanide's, Hydroxides, Fluorides, Herbal Catalysts or even *Embalming Fluid (As some eye-opening patent filings dictate).

  • It is a held belief that many colloidal silver companies may be selling Colloidal products without disclosing this significant fact since many outsource their products to China who has low cost and inexpensive silver products, and some of these patent's with the above-mentioned dangerous chemicals are from Asia. 
New Research conducted by Danielle Schultz - Nancy Lin in 2016 proves that Silver Atoms in larger "Clusters ", work very well.

We were the first to introduce Atomic Size Silver Particles attached to Water Molecule Clusters.

The Water Molecule Clusters are nano-sized and can be detected with a TDS Meter. The Water Molecule Clusters may contain tens to hundreds of thousands of silver atoms (or whatever element we choose to employ)  that are attached to the water molecules via a 100% natural proprietary process.

"Few Atom Silver Clusters Display Broad Spectrum Antimicrobial Activity"

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The Answer to Antibiotic-Resistant Viruses
There are numerous reports that state that viruses and bacteria have built resistance to antibiotics; in addition to that there are many new strains of viruses and bacteria that have the medical community in despair.

Doctors stopped prescribing the antibiotics, or prescribe them under very controlled conditions and only in severe cases leaving consumers with virtually nothing to treat minor infections on the retails store shelves.  

Silver may be the solution to the above problem (but not just any silver, it has to be High PPM Atomic Particle Silver):
It is an excellent element that has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties, it was used for thousands of years and documented by doctors as early as the 1800s but forgot about in the 1920s when antibiotics began to emerge.

The antibiotics that they have used for decades are Genetically Modified Bacteria and or viruses; they may also be responsible for humanities decline in health since they may have altered or corrupted our DNA. While they do save lives, there may be a trade-off that may make us more susceptible to other ailments including premature aging; but we still have the problem of viruses and bacteria building resistance to the antibiotics and morphing into more deadly strains.

Up until 2006, In the history of medicine, there has never been a breakthrough in producing consistent particles smaller than nanoparticle sized antibiotics or supplements.

Modern discoveries have enabled the production of Atomic Size Particles of Colloidal Silver, Copper, Gold, Iridium, Platinum and Ruthenium, and other noble metals. 

Many such elements, including Silver, have been reported to exhibit natural antiviral and antibacterial attributes, but are also essential elements that we are naturally born with.  As Dr. Ed Uthman reported in this chart that shows every element, that every human being is born with, that includes Silver and even Uranium.

We may need replenishment of the lost essential noble metals, because when we were born, we have been vaccinated with genetically modified organisms, to fight off other micro-organisms that try to infect our bodies.

Like ourselves, all viruses, bacteria and even parasites have to eat, and when in your body, they may devouring the natural essential noble metals that we were born with, by doing this, the pathogens will sustain their lifespans, replicate at faster rates and eventually overrun the body to the point where the body dies.  

Those that have survived the above may have found that they have aged prematurely, and also as they got older, they became more susceptible to diseases and contracted illness’s that were not part of their family history.

Which may be another horrific side effect that may be associated with the vaccines and genetically modified antibiotics: They may have altered the DNA in many individuals, again, making them more susceptible to all kinds of diseases like Diabetes, Arthritis, Dementia, and even Alzheimer's.

The bottom line: Colloidal Silver, Gold, Iridium, Platinum and other noble metals may be essential for sustaining our Metabolism at its optimum, to correct defective DNA as well as slow down the aging process.

We provide Pure 100% naturally made and most potent Colloidal Silver, Gold, Iridium, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, with the smallest particle size ever achieved, and the highest concentrations on the planet.

We also provide High PPM Concentrations of Boron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and other wonderful elements, all made with Zero Chemicals.

Get your life back with our Pure Concentrated Antioxidants!​
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Colloidal Atomic Size Particle mineral dietary supplements are relatively new to the colloidal silver Industry; when compared to the other Low PPM colloidal silver producers that have been around for decades using the old "Horse and Buggy Day" electrolysis process.

With approximately 60 Pages of information on our website, many people want to know just the primary differences between Low PPM Nanoparticle products and our cutting-edge High PPM Atomic Particle products.

This page explains the significant differences here:

See what Doctors are saying about our High PPM Products

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Immune Support, more Significant and Supportive Information:

We hope you have enjoyed our explanations as to why you should buy our products
and avoid the deceptive business practices of Low PPM Colloidal Silver "Sellers."

If you want to Learn More About their Grand Deceptions, please read the other "Eye Opening" topics.

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BUYER BEWARE: There are third-party companies that claim to sell our Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM and Colloidal Gold 1000 PPM at ridiculously low prices, they are from Asia have used our Product Labels and Images to resell their inferior products. We do not ship from Asia, and we do not sell high ppm products at over 68% discount.

If you buy those products be aware they are not ours.

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