Noble Metals Have Notable "Anti Lump" Properties 

cancer tumor
*Growths are supposedly a mystery illness that can happen to one out of five people. Those odds are terrifying.

*Many factors can weigh in on one's ability to acquire this horrific dilemma. RNA and DNA viruses have been identified as some of the culprits that cause growths.
*Selecting Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver to help the body boost its immune system to fight "Abnormal Lumps on Tissue" is a wise investment:

We know that Colloidal Silver has been reported to destroy well over 650 different viruses and bacteria (they stopped counting at 650).

You'd think that for the sake of the human lives that are at stake that scientist should implement the use of Colloidal Silver, but since it's not patentable, they cannot make the same income from something so simple as silver.

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When you stop to consider there are have been Billions of Dollars raised through "Abnormal Lump on Tissue" Fundraisers for "Research and Development," It is incomprehensible why after 50 years of fundraising, they have not found a solution to a problem that can easily be mitigated.

How so? For starter they could BAN GMO food as Europe did, that may bring the levels of "Abnormal Lump on Tissue" from one out of 5 back to 1960's levels of 1 our of 10.

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*We believe that you should always follow your health care professionals advice. But when a person encounters a “Life or Death” situation sometimes that person has to “take the bull by the horns.” After all, it's that person's life that is at stake and not the doctors.

Understanding what works, and why it works is extremely important. 

Obviously, doctors have had success with the techniques they apply, which is why they still use them. Even with its highly undesirable side effects, it has worked in the past in many cases. 

However, being a "Survivor" does not guarantee that condition will not come back later. We often read about people who cheerfully proclaimed they were survivors, only to find that many years later condition returned.
*Several websites discuss using Colloidal Silver for Abnormal Lumps on Tissue conditions.

​Most people that are suffering from this debilitating condition encounter an overwhelming amount of confusing and complicated explanations, false testimonials and myriads of fake dietary supplements.

Abnormal Lumps on Tissue is a cellular affliction that affects each of its victims differently. What may work for one person, may not work for another.

Time is precious when someone has Abnormal Lumps on Tissue, Investing in the wrong supplements or apparatuses may not only cause loss of money, but it could lead to loss of life. How you apply your choices of dietary supplements that may keep your metabolism optimized is just as important.
*The longer you wait, the faster times flies, and your chances of survival decrease, hour by hour, day by day, month by month and even year by year.

Some Abnormal Lumps on Tissue disorders are benign, while others are not, and the ones that are not if caught early only makes it harder to win as time flies.
As in the case of Maria, who had Lumps on Tissue disorders for 20 years, spent a fortune on alternative treatments and almost lost her life.

This young lady experienced head and neck Lumps and a large Lump on her cheek, after applying a specific gel to it, it changed the lump into a Flesh Eating Lump which ate half her face off, and one eye and was headed towards the brain.

Fortunately, she found our High PPM Colloidal Silver and CanCleanse products, and she is doing well today!.
Brenda 2018
Brenda Anderson Marshall Testimonial on Colloidal Silver
This precious lady Brenda was told to spend time with her family because in about six months Instead on or around January 2007 they said to her that what happened was nothing short of miraculous and that the lumps were gone.
Thirteen years later, 2019 No reoccurrence! She is alive and well on Facebook.

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*Most people that tried Atomic Particle Elements Colloidal Silver 4000 PPM and CanCleanse a blend of Iridium, Platinum, and Ruthenium (Behind the scenes) were very pleased to find virtually NO HAIR LOSS and NO NAUSEA while undergoing the doctors help.

In fact, most were able to go on with daily affairs as if nothing was unusual. No one Knows what caused this rare phenomenon, but 13 years later, many individuals are still enjoying life with their loved ones.

You can find this and other testimonials on our Testimonials page, but, seriously, how can this be improved upon?

So, how is this possible? Why is this possible? 

*A plausible unproved hypothesis is that the atomic particle of the Silver, and CanCleanses's Iridium, Platinum and Ruthenium Minerals may penetrate deep into those Lump-causing free radicals, (as well as the lumps on tissue). They boost the metabolism's immune system to work against the free radicals. It is suspected that due to their tiny size as well as their ability to slide in through the smallest cell of any membrane, that they "punch a hole" into the cellular structure of the Lump. The bodies T Cells take over from there.
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