About Us
At GoldenGevity, we have always held a deep respect and a sense of admiration for natural health. Nature holds the key to healthy living, and we have been blessed to have been raised upon her.

After researching the myriad benefits of naturally occurring metals, we took it upon ourselves to go further than anyone else has before. While most companies aim to go big with "Larg Surface Areas," we turned that concept on its head and decided to go micro. An atomic particle is even smaller than a nanoparticle.

When we say small, we mean really small! For example, our Atomic particles are approximately hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles. *This has 2 implications on the body:

First, it means that there is optimal bio-availability. *Atomic particles are able to infiltrate not only at the cellular level but at the sub-cellular level as well of the Offensive Free Radicals.

*Secondly, it also implies that our product may be the safest in the market. The smaller the particle, the less likely it is to be entrapped by our main metabolizer (the liver), as well as our main purifiers (the kidneys).

This is relevant, especially when other companies peddle metal supplements which have much larger heavy molecular metal sizes, and therefore have immense potential to cause toxicity.

Natural Health enthusiasts can finally consume naturally occurring elements in their safest possible form and enjoy all the benefits nature has to offer. Furthermore, as a natural dietary supplement company, we take immense pride in our work. Our processes are completely chemical-free, and virtually the most organic in the industry.

There are absolutely no other added substances, chemicals or toxins to our pure colloidal products.