Gold and Other Noble Metals Are Powerful Antioxidants that Promote Anti-Aging

Kings, Priests, Philosophers, and Celebrities have all looked for the Legendary Philosopher's Stone; it is called the Stone of the Wise. But it may not be a Stone at all since alchemists had different meanings for special and even standard symbols.

With the Stone of the Wise, you may be able to transmute base metals into gold; being able to do so was proof that you had the "perfect stone" that you can then make the Elixir of Life from it, that is supposed to slow down, reverse or stop aging. 

King Solomon was said to have the ability to do transmutation. Thus he was able to amass wealth beyond measure.

The Elixir of Life is described in the Bible and is said to proceed from God's Throne, a Living Water that is clear as crystal. 

Our waters are the noblest and Perfect Elixirs on Earth.

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Atomic Particles of Colloidal Gold & Others May Be The Answer to Premature Aging

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Our bodies are known to be made out of EVERY ELEMENT on Earth!   

And on the average, a human body may contain around 2 mg. of silver

Lacking any of the essential elements can cause premature aging and decay. 

Lacking any trace element can also  cause serious imbalances.
What do Colloidal Elements have to do with Premature Aging? 

The answer is that many of the elements are necessary for our health and well being. 

At present most scientists studying colloidal silver are focusing on industrial applications and disregarding practical uses for human health.  A quick search on the internet will show many articles with colloidal solutions being used for industry.

A healthy human body regenerates 30 billion cells a day. Harder tissue like tendons takes at least a month. Bone matter takes an average of 7 years to regenerate. Yet people still age, develop weak immune systems and these lead to metabolic breakdowns. Premature aging then begins to set in and can eventually lead to death.

Ailments and illness of all sorts can speed up the process of aging and diminishing health. 

Have you ever wondered why some people who've followed strict health regimens still get sick and die from an illness? The reason is that our bodies are constantly being assaulted by numerous toxins. These can and do overwhelm the bodies defenses.

So what can be done to avoid such incidents?

The Answer:
 Is by frequently detoxing and supplying the body with essential elements, trace noble metal elements which can boost, and perfect the DNA and help to slow down these the aging processes.

Recent studies reveal that the human body can live past 140 Years. Yet, historical records indicate professor Li Chun Yen lived to a ripe age of 256 years in China.

The Elements we are born with
Because if our bodies regenerate its cells, ligaments and bone matter, they should regenerate when the human body stops its primary growth stage, which for most humans is in their early twenties. 

Many philosophers and alchemists believed that the human cells should replicate cell for cell. Studies by Georges Lakovsky in the early 1930's and by more modern researchers indicate that if cells are kept healthy they have the potential to live indefinitely.

Ideally, applying this information and using the necessary elements would leave most of us looking very young. 

​There are indications that lack or certain noble metal trace elements may slow down any age reversing process's that are normal to the body. 

Effects of parasites, viruses and bacteria depleting noble metal traces from the body can also accelerate premature aging. 

If the human metabolism could be readjusted with atomic size, noble metal elements they may maximize the human bodies effectiveness so ageing could be slowed down.  

Reversing aging is not only possible but has been achieved by many individuals.  When a person maintains mental and physical youth they can still be highly productive. We know all of this is possible.

This is why Atomic Particles Are Needed: 

Viruses, bacteria, and parasites are like little vampires that feed off the human body. They constantly deplete essential trace elements including Gold, Iridium, Platinum and Ruthenium as well as several others. Many GMO foods also cause the removal of the noble metal elements and do completely destabilizes our metabolism.

Iron, Copper, Zinc and Gold Noble Metals Deficiency:

Just like a home has a foundation so does our body. Copper is one of the necessary elements for our health. Copper enzymes support the production of other enzymes made by other metals such as magnesium, zinc, boron, gold and many others. 

Due to the modern prevalence of M.A.D., or the Modern American Diet, prefab foods and other preservatives having copper and Iron depleting elements are rampant in our society. 

New Discoveries: 

In the mid-1980’s, a pharmaceutical company reported that Iridium and Ruthenium showed cancer-fighting properties and helped balance the immune system. Ruthenium has also been reported to assist in correcting defective DNA. 

​In February 2012, the United Kingdom reported that their studies found that Silver Stops Cancer better than Chemotherapy. Recent reports starting at the beginning of 2013 stated that silver combined with antibiotics helps the antibiotics work better. 

Ruthenium has shown anti-cancerous proprieties and has been reported to help correct defective DNA.

By itself Ruthenium is considered a perfect antioxidant.

Scientists in Japan have brought forth evidence demonstrating that core antioxidants found in many plants, fruits and vegetables are pure, noble metals. These include, Gold, Iridium, Palladium, Platinum, Rhodium and Ruthenium.

For you to get the correct RDA of these antioxidants you would have to consume pounds of the plants and vegetables and consume gallons of other natural juice dietary supplements.

Why consume all those other byproducts when you can get pure, concentrated noble metal antioxidants in atomic particle size that are true trace minerals?

We have the highest concentration of Pure Antioxidants anywhere, made with absolutely zero chemicals in distilled water.

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You Want To Look Your Best !!!

Most of want to be as healthy as we can and look as good as we can too. 

But how are you supposed to do that? For starters, you need to pay close attention to your nutrition.  

This means taking adequate amounts of nutrients (which is very important for your health and well being). 

Having enough Trace Elements in your diet is essential. While gold is not an essential element, it does offer several possible benefits that could be of great value. Prove to yourself you're worth your weight in GOLD.

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We offer the worlds most Pure Antioxidants with high concentrations of noble metals. 

These serve to aid in neutralizing free radicals and many have powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

No one comes close to our standards of Purity, High Parts Per Million Concentrations and Particle size. 

This makes our products 100% bio-available without any dangers of ingesting toxic chemicals.​

How healthy YOU FEEL and how healthy YOU LOOK should be important to you.

 If you were fortunate enough to find some high quality products that may aid in Reversing The Ageing Process, aid in Restoring your Rejuvenative Abilities and maybe even help to Youthify your body and repair damaged DNA, wouldn't you want to try them?

You owe it to yourself   to try some of our Monatomic Colloidal Gold and Pure Antioxidants today.

After taking it for a while, we would love to hear from you about your experiences and  the benefits you've noticed in your life. Some of the most interesting experiences will posted on our website. Yours could be next. We encourage you to think of new and novel ways to try our Colloidal Gold with Atomic size Particles.

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