Contradicting Evidence that Debunks the Blue Man Scare Campaign

Paul Karason admitted to the Argyria Blue Man Hoax Scheme

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Paid Shill
You must have been searching for answers to a serious health concern, and someone may have told you to try Colloidal Silver.

While doing more research, you may have seen articles and posts about the "Dangers of Colloidal Silver" and how many depict images of the now-famous "Blue Man" Paul Karason or other 50-year-old images of irrelevant photos that no one really knows how they turned blue.

We know how it feels to be threatened by the side effects that relate to the use of certain drugs, and as such, we are here to answer you're urgent questions. ​

We can confidently tell you that the whole Blue Man Scare Agenda is a groundless plan to ward you off from using colloidal silver and or other natural health products. ​
The fact remains that the chemicals present in most Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver products such as silver nitrates, or chlorides can trigger Argyria in people and people that are genetically inclined to having Argyria will get it faster which is why you must consult with your health care professional.
The MASSIVE nanoparticles that get stuck in the cellular membranes are one of the two most significant reason for the cause of Argyria. Reading on, you will find that Argyria is extremely rare, and the scare campaign is unjustified. ​

When you take a good look at previous reports, it is clearly evident to see that the Colloidal Silver industry is rife with Paid Shills who create false information to mislead and even scare people.

Today, pharmaceutical corporations spend thousands of dollars to discredit colloidal silver to keep pharmaceutical drugs at the forefront, and not dietary supplements. The more sick and unhealthy people are the more money they make as well as the doctors, and well-organized hospitals that overcharge the insurance companies and are rewarded with many perks and incentives to promote their products.

If you research and study our website, and you will understand that our Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver is 100% natural, meaning that they are not made with any chemicals, bromides, phosphates or even herbal extracts,  from start to finish. We have consistent particles sizes hundreds of thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles. *Moreover, they are way too small to get stuck in the membranes. 

Apart from these features, if you take your time to study all the information provided on our site, you will clearly understand why we meet and exceed all known standards that apply to other nanoparticle colloidal products. You will see why there is resistance to our Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver Products by companies as well as competitors in our industry, and that is because they cannot compete with the High PPM Concentrations, 0.1 nm particle size, and 100% Non-Chemical or Herbal production.

When the Blue Man was alive he shamelessly admitted to purposefully wanting to create his blue skin condition (he laughed and smiled while being interviewed by news reporters) by producing his homemade silver compounds that were saturated with chemicals that are capable of causing Argyria. Then he intensified the blue color by going under a tanning bed for hours at a time, every day until he achieved his wanted blue color.

The loss of hair, as well as whitening of his hair and beard, resulted from the use of chemicals in the Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver that he ingested,  those chemicals have been reported to cause gray hair and even hair loss. 

According to the FDA, most colloidal silver manufacturers use chemicals to produce their colloidal silver. It is also noteworthy to mention that the nanoparticles are too large and they can get stuck in the cell membrane, and they may also block the flow of nutrients to the hair follicles.

For over 165 years, there have only been three prominent pictures of people with this rare skin condition. One of them happens to be a man known as Paul Karason (pictured above). It is, however, noteworthy to mention that the other two people have no documented medical reports that attest to the claim that silver was the cause of Argyria.  

Paid Critics (Shills) have been known to take advantage of the gullible by promoting these pictures which in turn pursuades them not to consider the use of colloidal silver.

              So, according to Paul Karason it possible for YOU to force the Blue Effect on yourself but with extreme conditions.

Genetic Blue Skin Family exists According to ABC News 

ABC New The Fugates of Kentucky A blue Skinned Family
They are known to come from the  Fugate ancestry and have a genetic condition known as methemoglobinemia. In the case of this family, The condition is considered natural as it was passed down through a recessive gene and it became more evident through intermarriage. The Fugates of Kentucky has been known to have blue skin for decades as the condition was genetic. Hence, this fact refutes the industry false claims since it clearly proves that you have to be genetically altered to have blue skin. 

Generally speaking, Argyria is also known as Methemoglobinemia. It usually takes a chemical disturbance to trigger the blue skin condition. It is also clear to see that Argyria is a very infrequent skin condition that has been known to affect very few people that were most likely genetically susceptible and allergic to chemicals that cause Methemoglobinemia.



The use of silver to treat various sicknesses and diseases dates back to 1850. However, the name of the solution was not known as colloidal silver back then, but it was known as Collargolum. Since colloidal silver has been used for over 165 years with little to no side effects, it cannot be said enough that these three incidents warrant ostracizing colloidal silver from the group of healthy supplements.

It has been stated that over 23,000,000 people have been reported to use colloidal silver. If you were to consider the number of years that have transpired since 1850 until today, then calculate the billions of people that have come and gone. Compare that to the few declared cases of Argyria, you'll quickly see why the FDA has not outlawed colloidal silver,

                                                               It's simply not as dangerous as the paid shills claim.

With all this evidence it is obvious to see that these false cases have been intentionally propagated to keep you from the truth.  Large pharmaceutical companies will surely say and do whatever they deem necessary to prevent you from discovering the amazing benefits of pure colloidal silver. 

If Colloidal Silver were a real threat, you would see blue people on every street corner, and you would have about 3.8 million people living with Argyria.

If Colloidal Silver were as dangerous as claimed or promoted by the paid critics, there should be thousands of blue people in many hospital rooms right now! As a consequence, you'd see it reported by every major news network and it would have been banned by now. 

But it's not dangerous, and this blue hoax is intentionally way overblown.

​Right from inception to date, there have been no reported cases of death caused by the ingestion of colloidal silver.

The Scare Campaign Tactics only benefits Corporate Pharmaceutical Giants. 

If you study our website carefully, you will find that it's the conventional Low PPM nanoparticle and Ionic Silver that could cause the Blue Skin Condition.

1. Most nanoparticle products are unstable, and the particles can range from tiny to gigantic. The large particles are the ones that get stuck in the kidneys as well as in the body's cell membrane.

2. The presence of chemicals in Low PPM colloidal silver may accelerate the chances of getting the Blue Skin Condition.
3. Miners may have had silver powder landed in their mouths. Such particles would go to the bottom of the stomach or the lungs where the chemical acids would create other silver chemical compounds that could trigger the side effects, but again, you would have to be genetically inclined to do so. To date, there are no known cases of Argyria being caused by silver mine dust. 

It is quite a predicament that Doctors are not prescribing antibiotics, this leaves society more vulnerable to infections and diseases, like never before. Couple that with Big Pharma's campaign against the only element that can help you, i.e., Silver,
if they achieve success with that, then Americans will be at the mercy of Giant Pharmaceutical Corporations.

But you have a voice and the ability to choose!

Stand Up to Big Pharma, every time congress wants to make a law to chip away at our right to choose how we should take care of our bodies, please, write your Congressman, write your Senators and let your voice be heard.

In the meanwhile, get the most natural if not organic Colloidal Silver in the world. Packed with High PPM of Atomic Particles that can never get lodged in the kidneys, or organs, but may penetrate into the heart of those nasty pathogens that are eating you from the inside out!
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