Copper  Minerals that Provide the Missing Link to Perfect Health​

Deficiency in copper can leave the body vulnerable to of host bodily diseases, ailments and weakness.

Lack of copper does not allow the white blood cells to fight diseases. Copper is necessary for the absorption of iron in the body, and if the dietary supplements do not have the essential copper nutrients, then the body will see a marginal reduction in the formation of hemoglobin resulting in anemia with copper deficiency.

In ancient times (as well as modern), copper was worn as jewelry on the body as well as used as a platter on which food was kept or stored.

This practice which has been used for hundreds of years was done with the aim of ensuring that people absorb as much copper as possible. It became a natural remedy for many ailments including arthritis.

Making High PPM Colloidal Copper
With new developments in medical science, anti-aging is one of the most sought-after sectors. Doctors, scientists, and consumers all around the world are looking in search of a cure to retain their youth. Apart from anti-aging uses, it has a host of medicinal uses that most of us are unaware of.

Studies indicate that copper which is a powerful nutrient has been an effective component in fighting signs of aging. Not only that, copper is essential for the functionality of the body.

Why you need copper in your life and should absolutely include it as part of your daily regimen.

Hemoglobin helps in generation of protein, the creation of red blood cells and many other bodily functions. Copper enables the generation of hemoglobin, the formation of red blood cells, bone density as well as in the creation of skin protein called ‘Elastin’ along with vitamin C and Zinc. Elastin helps maintain the structure of the skin in the body. In addition, if copper is part of the dietary supplement every day, it will effectively strengthen the blood, clean the arteries and veins as well as boost the body's circulatory system.

Not having proper copper supplements can lead to diarrhea, breathing problems, baldness, increasing of the blood fat levels and weakness.

When you take copper as part of your daily food supplements, the quantities necessary may vary slightly from person to person. To ensure that you have an adequate amount of copper, it's recommended that you take copper supplements every day. 

Copper is a powerful nutrient, especially when it comes to atomic size particles. Atomic size particles of copper are true trace mineral nutrients that the body can easily apply.  Living cells are reinforced and the metabolism is sustained by using copper.  The use of copper may make you more alert and energetic throughout the day.

Our Colloidal Copper starts at a minimum of 1000 PPM and comes in 16 oz bottles. If it's not available at your local health food store, you can purchase it directly from us. We also offer concentrations of 3000 PPM depending on your requirements.

Several companies promote that by using copper you may not need any cosmetic surgery to appear youthful or to repair your damaged skin. These reports do seem to have some merit. Atomic Particles of Copper outperforms all other similar copper products on the market. This is due to the size of the copper particles that we use. 

Such small copper particles will penetrate the body much deeper and work towards correcting any damaged skin and tissues. You'll be able to notice the difference on your skin over a period of time if you take copper supplements daily.

Other benefits of having copper supplementation are that it increases the enzyme activity in your body.
This is vitally important.

Improvements in hair color and the health of the nervous system may also occur. Copper has been used as a remedy for gray hair, burns, arthritis, parasites and viral and bacterial infections. Taking copper supplements will ensure your body has the correct amount of copper to maintain the overall health. ​

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