All Allegations of Safety Concerns Have Been Against Low PPM Colloidal Silver Products! Here is Why!

There are hundreds of chemical and herbal catalysts that can be used to make colloids, in fact, some producers use Embalming Chemicals! Please read on to learn more.

Depending on the chemical or catalyst used, it will determine the color and chemical compounds produced AFTER the electrolysis process is over.  

The Low PPM Producer may tell you that they do not use chemicals, but there are other NON-Chemical means that produce toxic compounds as well such as Herbal Extracts that are used as Catalysts.

Colloidal Silver Chemicals
Mostly everyone knows that hydrogen peroxide is used to dye hair, but it also causes premature gray hair.

When hydrogen peroxided is ingested, it will accelerate the loss of the pigment that is required to maintain hair color, and, as a result, gray hair is produced. Many producers use hydrogen peroxide in colloidal silver as well as colloidal gold.

Hair Loss.aka HCL is used in hundreds of prescription medicines, when you read about the side effects on the label they all have one common side effect, and that is Hydrochloric Acid 

HCI causes baldness
Hydrogen Peroxide Causes Gray Hair
If you do not have any hair, this may not be of any concern but for those of you that do have hair and want to keep it, this is critical:  Certain Chemicals Cause Hair Loss or Premature Gray Hair, a lot of these chemicals are already in many medicines you take. However, they are also found in many colloidal silver products as reported by the FDA.

For those of you that do not have hair but want to retain your natural skin color, then, this should also be of great concern to you since chemicals can trigger a gene that causes the graying of the skin.

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The Herxhiemr Side Effect:

Another notable side effect in which all Ionic and Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver Producers admit to is the Herxheimer Effect.

They would like you to believe that it is a typical reaction to their colloidal products, i.e.. "Feeling Worse before you feel better." They explain that while taking their products, the viruses will release toxins and make you feel worse, but the condition is supposed to improve over time.
Toxins produced in this manner are combined with the chemical residues left in the ionic and nanoparticle silver solutions.

Together, these create a sudden imbalance in a person’s system when solutions like this are ingested. This, in turn, initiates the Herxheimer Reaction making the person even sicker before they get well.  

The real problem is that the Nanoparticles are not penetrating the pathogens and are not having a killing effect, this gives time for the viruses to release toxins and develop immunity to the Low PPM nanoparticle products.

This is why rapid penetration into pathogens is important.

We feel it’s important you clearly understand the differences between ionic, nanoparticle and atomic-sized particles of silver.

Herxhiemer Effect
Colloidal silver makers often claim they use purified water to make their products and solutions.  The problem is even by using Reverse Osmosis, there still remains minerals as well as sodium. Sodium can then convert to silver chloride which is a well-known chemical. The other minerals may convert to other types of chemical compounds, so if cadmium or fluoride is there, then you can expect other horrific chemicals that can cause long-term problems.

Chemically Made Metallic Chlorides can kill cells on contact.

To clarify, Sodium Chloride (common table salt), is a relatively safe compound and the body requires a certain amount of it to maintain good health.  Yet metallic chlorides (metals bound together with the deadly element Chlorine, which is a gas), are hazardous to the body and can damage or kill cells on contact. 

While silver has many known beneficial properties, silver chloride does not.

Metallic mineral salts, like silver chloride, are electrically conductive. 

Evidence indicates that mineral salts left behind by water purification processes help to generate sparks from submerged electrodes utilized to make some colloidal silver products.   

New Colloidal Silver Products Made with Herbal Extracts

New gimmicks have developed to make Low PPM products "APPEAR" to be organic. Developers of these products use Herbal Extracts (Catalysts) which is supposed to qualify the products as being "Organic."

The problem with Herbal extracts is that they too contain salts and other minerals that will generate other chemical compounds once the Low PPM Electrolysis process is applied, and may also have adverse consequences.

Whichever way you look it at, the PPM is still too low, and the particles size are still very massive.
Most colloidal silver solutions with ionic size particles claiming to have a high PPM content look ugly with an unappealing dark color. Also, they’re foamy and slimy to the touch, which is very comparable to way soap feels.​  

Companies offering a high PPM, ionic silver solutions, often use Phosphates or Bromides to make their products. Both of these substances cause false readings when analyzed for the PPM content. 

So in actuality, you could be getting much lower PPM content that is being claimed. Something purposefully not mentioned, is both phosphates and bromides are found in numerous soap products. What this means, is that by ingesting ionic colloidal silver (that utilized phosphates or bromides to make the product), you’re essentially consuming SOAP ingredients. Ingesting colloidal silver that contains soap based ingredients is very bad for your health. 

Filmy Frothy Ionic Silver
In the image above you can see the repulsive, ugly looking chemical compound, yet many producers still claim they don’t use or have chemicals in their products.  When chemical methods are used to make Ions and Nanoparticles in a solution, it causes a distinctive color change. The colors can vary considerably depending on what chemicals were used.
 There are tons of Negative Reports of Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver
and None of Atomic Particle Colloidal Products.
Before the arrival of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver in 2006, Brent A. Bauer, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic reported: "...excessive doses of colloidal silver can cause possibly irreversible serious health problems, including kidney damage..." He was referring to Nanoparticle and Ionic Silver which were the only type of colloids at that time. 

Why Kidney damage?
Some nanoparticles are too large and heavy to get efficiently excreted and may remain trapped in the kidneys and human tissue as has been reported by the Mayo Clinic and the FDA. This tells us that the side effects above are caused by the chemicals and heavy nanoparticles. The nanoparticles tend to stay in the stomach longer, and while 
in the digestion process, the stomach acids used to break down food combine with silver nanoparticles, then dangerous chemical compounds are created and absorbed by the body.
Knowing the chemical content of products you are going to ingest should be of great concern to you.

We are explaining these SHOCKING chemical facts about the Low PPM Producers because they want you to believe that they do not have chemicals when in fact they do.  

Sure they do not start out with chemicals, but why do they "End Up" With Chemicals? We will explain why, read on, please. 

Chemical Colors in CS
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The fact is, there'res many variations of colloidal silver products in the marketplace.  Depending on what chemical or catalyst is used, will determine the color of the solution, with silver, there are cloudy somewhat clear colors, to brown and even up to dark grays.  With Gold, there are very pretty pinks to dark purple colors.

Maybe you are saying to yourself:

  "I buy my colloidal silver from a Doctor Endorsed company, yeah, it's low PPM, but they say they do not use chemicals."

We have looked into those arguments and companies that claim that they do not use chemicals and we have an explanation for that:

1.  Nanoparticles are way too heavy to stay suspended in the solution; the solution has to be "Thickened" and they do it with chemicals or "Herbal" Catalysts.

2.  While Herbal Catalysts sounds like its an "Organic" product, they fail to explain to you is the reason they have weird color solutions is that Herbal Catalysts (however natural they may be) still contain, salts, good and bad minerals, and even enzymes. After the Electrolysis process is over, they still produce chemical compounds and color changes to the solution.

3.  Most of those Doctors have vested interest in the companies they promote.  

At GoldenGevity, we do not have any doctors that are investors in our business, nor paid consultants. 

The Doctors that use our products have a sincerity of heart that wants to find the best products for their patients.

The FDA reported that Nearly ALL Producers of Colloidal Silver Use Chemicals
That Cause Side Effects! Some were reported to have NO Silver Content at all.

The FDA conducted studies and found that a lot of colloidal silver producers did, in fact, use the chemicals noted with some even using cyanide! Here is an excerpt from their  August 1999 Report:
FDA Colloidal Silver Report Quote

We found these Patents that describe Chemical Use including Embalming Fluid to make colloidal solutions:

Colloidal Silver Patent Examples and Gold solutions describing in detail the chemicals used:

Look closely at these
 three Patent Extracts from the European Patent Office:
The first is................. A Method for Preparing Nano Gold Solution 

Applicant: HUANG DEHUAN (CN) 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; (IPC1-7): B22F9/24 
Also published as: CN1302882C (C) 

Abstract --- The invention discloses a method of nanometer aurum solution, which includes the following processes, (1) charging chlorauric acid into deionized water, then charging polyvinyl pyrrolidon, sodium dodecyl sulfate, wherein the mass concentration of the chlorauric acid, polyvinyl pyrrolidon, and sodium dodecyl sulfate being 0.01í 1/2 1.0ú, 0.02í 1/2 2.0ú and 0.0001í 1/2 1.0ú, (2) at room temperature, charging 0.01-0.5% aqueous solution of hydrazine hydrate into the miscible liquid of step (1) while agitating, when the pH reaches 6.8-7.0, ceasing the charge of hydrazine hydrate aqueous solution, continuing stirring 20-30 minutes.

.....................Take special notice of all the chemicals shown in bold in this patent................

The 2nd patent....... Chemical Preparation Method of Ag Nanoparticle 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; 

Abstract --- The invention relates to a method for preparing silver nanometer particles, wherein it is characterized in that: it uses silver nitrate or silver perchlorate as initial reactant; uses sodium oleate or linolic acid sodium as surface activator; mixing them at free ratio; uses toluene, dimethylbenzene, and sub dichlorobenzene or chloroform reaction medium; in organic phase, obtaining silver nanometer particles. The invention has simple control, without preparing forward element and organic solvent with high boiling point, with low cost. The inventive silver nanometer particles can be dispersed in non-polar medium and polar medium.

The chemicals in this colloidal silver patent to make silver nanoparticles include TOLUENE a powerful solvent and CHLOROFORM which is an embalming fluid used in funeral homes

You can see why you want to avoid getting these toxic substances in your body.

The 3rd patent... Method for Preparing Silver Nanoparticle with Multiple Colored Liquid Phase 
Classification: - international: B22F9/24; B22F9/16; 

Abstract --- The invention relates to a method for preparing several colors of liquid silver nanometer particles, wherein said method comprises that: putting AgNO3 under alkali microwave radiation high-pressure reaction, using alcohol as reducer, with sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (anion surface activator), processing preparation; changing the solution density, to obtain different liquid silver nanometer particles. The invention has the advantages that: (1), the invention has simple process, only needs family microwave furnace; (2), the material can be obtained easily; (3), it can change solution density to prepare different color liquid silver nanometer particles; (4), the silver nanometer particles have uniform diameters and better stability. 

As you can see from the above notation in item number three, part of this patent process is to make various colored solutions with silver nanometer particles.  

The fact is that MANY companies outsource their colloidal silver products from China and other countries. 
How do you know what is in them if they choose not to disclose with accuracy?

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Avoiding Chemically Laced Colloidal Products​​

This list defines the types of Colloidal Silver Solutions to avoid:

1. Colloidal Silver solutions that exhibit any color or opaque hues in their bottles or containers are not to be trusted. Colored solutions are often found in Ionic and Nano-particle products.  Consumer beware!

2. Various colloidal silver solutions with concentrations ranging from 10 to 400 PPM, having label instructions informing you not to do certain things, or that they’re not necessary.  (See the highlighted items in 3-6 below).

3. Any colloidal silver products stating Do Not Refrigerate or No need to refrigerate should be avoided.

4. Colloidal silver solutions with instructions stating Do not expose to Sun or Ultraviolet light should be 
passed over and not bought or used.

5. Nano or Ionic Silver solutions with labels stating Do not expose to high heat conditions are inferior, low-quality products not worth the cost they’re sold for.

6. Especially take notice of labels warning Do not apply externally to the skin, it would be wise to not even touch what’s in those bottles or containers.

7. Alert consumers should also avoid colloidal silver products that are stored in dark amber bottles, opaque plastic bottles or are covered with aluminum foil for UV protection.

8. Colloidal Silver products not accurately describing their contents should be strictly avoided. One such example is: "Colloidal Silver.......10 PPM." The term Colloidal Silver is not an isolated or separate ingredient by itself.  The use of this on a label is a purposeful misdirection by the producer to not give full disclosure of everything that’s in their product(s). 

9. Colloidal Silver kits designed so you can make your own solutions at home have limited abilities. They may inadvertently produce chemicals when used, which is undesirable and unhealthy. Silver particles produced from the electrodes of the kits are ionic or nano-sized particles. Both of these are too large for the body to assimilate and become harmful if ingested. If you cannot make atomic-sized particles, don’t consider making any colloidal silver solution that will be taken internally. Limited topical use may be okay. For Best Results Learn How to make your own with our products.

A special note of importance:

Anyone with credentials can report whatever they choose on paper. This does not mean what you’ve read is true. Significant claims with health-related products need to be backed up with independent verification. Without such verification, a lot of companies will use deceptive practices to make inferior products that have harmful ingredients. 

The largest and best Analytical Laboratories won’t tolerate dealing with dishonest companies as they’re not willing to jeopardize their reputations in the industry. Any company found falsifying or purposely misrepresenting one of their analytical reports, are barred from ever using the Lab’s analytical services again. This is the reason most companies don’t use such services because they’d be exposed and people wouldn’t want to buy their products knowing what was really in them.  

Testing your colloidal silver for chemicals

Producers of low PPM colloidal silver products have to use chemicals or some kind of a catalyst to get their nanoparticles to stay suspended in the solution. Consequently, the chemicals they use gets absorbed into the body first.

When the body tries to assimilate their nanoparticles, it cannot efficiently absorb them because the particles are too large as well as heavy and have a tendency to sink to the bottom of the stomach, where a prolonged continuous chemical process takes place as the hydrochloric stomach acids try to dissolve the silver nanoparticles and further creating silver compounds in the stomach.

Also, after an extended stay in the stomach, the larger particles usually excreted from the body. Upon excretion, the nanoparticles can get trapped and build up in the kidneys along with other mineral deposits. Such deposits may develop over time into kidney stones and could even cause kidney failure. A person can avoid all of these serious side effects by only ingesting chemical free atomic particle size colloidal solutions. 

Many producers of low PPM colloidal silver solutions remain in constant denial.

It’s in their best interest to maintain the idea that it's impossible to make atomic size particles of silver; these same producers continue to immortalize this belief to protect their market share selling their inferior products.

Regardless of their views, the fact is, our company has successfully made atomic size particles of silver and has repeatedly proven this by independent laboratory verification. 

Furthermore, they continuously insult their user's intelligence by adamantly stating that they Do Not Use Chemicals when an obviously visible chemical coloration exists.  

How can they legally claim this you may ask? 

The truth is that some do not start out with chemicals,  but end up with chemicals and here is why:

Some producers use natural Herbal Catalyst Extracts to help create the spark in the solution so that the nanoparticles can be created. Herbal Compounds no matter how natural they may contain salts and other minerals that also create a colloidal chemical solution after the electrolysis process is over, which explains why they state "we do not use chemicals"

The fastest way to test your Colloidal Silver is very easy to do:
If you have a bottle that you cannot see through, empty the contents into a Clear Glass that you can see through.
  1. Place in the Freezer and let it freeze
  2. After Frozen, let it colloids thaw out
  3. You can also heat your solution on a stove for a minute or two, then let it cool
Observation of the Colloidal Silver Chemical Reactions: 

You will find that the chemicals and nanoparticles dropped to the bottom of the vessel and are rendered useless.

Colloidal Silver Products

PET Bottle Myths

7.   Many other companies make it a selling point that they use Glass Bottles and have made it a mission to stress how important it is to use Glass Bottles, often pointing out the harmful chemical agent's in NON-Food Grade plastic containers twisting the truth just to maintain market share.

The fact is that "THEY" need to use glass bottles because of the chemicals they use, their chemicals will create a "leeching" of the Toxic Chemicals found in most plastics,  so they overemphasize reasons to use only Glass Bottles and make it appear as if it is a requirement and a sales feature.

Some of the disinformation provided is:

1. Freezing or reusing PET bottles releases unsafe levels of carcinogens such as “dioxins” or the plastics additive DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine) into whatever liquids they may contain. 

2. However, such claims are inaccurate on two counts: DEHA is not used in the manufacture of PET bottles (nor is it created through the breakdown of such bottles), and DEHA is not classified as a human carcinogen:

Snopes ( Found that:

"...DEHA is neither regulated nor classified as a human carcinogen by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the National Toxicology Program or the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the leading authorities on carcinogenic substances.

In 1991, on the basis of very limited data, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified DEHA as a “possible human carcinogen.” However, in 1995, EPA again evaluated the science and concluded that ” … overall, the evidence is too limited to establish that DEHA is likely to cause cancer.”

Further, DEHA is not inherent in PET as a raw material, byproduct or decomposition product.

Moreover, DEHA has been cleared by FDA for food-contact applications and would not pose a health risk even if it were present.

Finally, in June 2003, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research conducted a scientific study of migration in new and reused plastic water bottles from three countries. The Swiss study did not find DEHA at concentrations significantly above the background levels detected in distilled water, indicating DEHA was unlikely to have migrated from the bottles. The study concluded that the levels of DEHA were distinctly below the World Health Organization guidelines for safe drinking water.

The American Cancer Society also debunked such claims, stating:

In fact, DEHA is not inherent in the plastic used to make these bottles, and even if it was the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says DEHA “cannot reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer, teratogenic effects, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, gene mutations, liver, kidney, reproductive, or developmental toxicity or other serious or irreversible chronic health effects.” Meanwhile, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), says diethylhexyl adipate “is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans.”

As for the notion that freezing water in plastic bottles releases dioxin, the American Chemical Council asserted:

There simply is no scientific basis to support the claim that PET bottles will release dioxin when frozen. Dioxins are a family of chemical compounds that are produced by combustion at extremely high temperatures. They can only be formed at temperatures well above 700 degrees Fahrenheit; they cannot be formed at room temperature or in freezing temperatures. Moreover, there is no reasonable scientific basis for expecting dioxins to be present in plastic food or beverage containers in the first place.

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