Understanding Atomic Particle Dosage Compared to Nanoparticles

​Even though we have the Highest PPM Reading Concentrations in the world they are by no means Toxic, here is why:

Atomic Particles are 10 -20 Times smaller than a 1 nm particle, and hundreds of thousands of times smaller than a 6 nm nanoparticle and are difficult to detect with conventional instruments.

To conduct unbiased Colloidal Silver Laboratory Test, we enlisted the services of the world’s largest testing facility to:

1.   Confirm PPM Concentration with a TDS Meter.
2.   Convert the Atomic Particles into nanoparticles and see what the CONVERTED ATOMS would be if they were transformed   into nanoparticles and thus produce a converted nanoparticle TDS Reading

Stanford Nanoparticle image that shows the atoms inside
This short video depicts a nanoparticle and has all of its atoms released and no longer bound together, our process breaks down the nanoparticles into individual single particles.
This image is a REAL silver nanoparticle from Stanford University and shows the Atoms Inside the 5 nm particle.
Colloidal Silver Certificate of Analysis
The test shows that even though we have super high PPM Concentration, we never exceed the Minimum RDA values that apply to Nanoparticle products. This factor alone proves our products are very safe, couple that with nonchemical production, they are the safest!

These tests confirmed the metallic element content and the high PPM concentration that we claim to have in our products.

Common RDA Standards of Medicinal Dispensation:
Milligram:      A Milligram is a unit of mass or weight equal to one-thousandth of a gram. 
Microgram:   A Microgram (μg) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass.  The microgram is equal to one-millionth of a gram.
Nanogram:   A Nanogram (ng) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass.   The nanogram is equal to one-billionth of a gram. 
Nanometer:  A Nanometer (nm) is a derived metric measurement unit of mass. The nanometer is equal to one-billionth of a meter.

*Recommended Dosages for Nanoparticle Ionic Silver solutions*:

In published materials on recommended dosages of nanoparticles, it's been stated that:

  • A teaspoon of 15 PPM provides approximately 75 mcg of silver and is considered a “nutritional” amount if taken on a daily basis.

  • At 300 mcg a day (amounts above four teaspoons), are reported to be “therapeutic” according to some nanoparticle colloidal silver producers.

  • Some therapists recommend taking double or triple this amount for 30 to 45 days. Then it is suggested to drop to the maintenance dose.
  • If used as an antibiotic substitute, adults and children over 12 years are told to ingest one, two, or three teaspoons of nanoparticle Colloidal Silver three times a day and for younger children half of this amount.

Suggested Use of High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver and and Antioxidants


Contrary to competitors claims, our products are much safer than their dangerous nanoparticle products and here is why:

*Every 1000 PPM of our atomic particles will convert to 25 micrograms (mcg), which is extremely safe; According to the EPA(CASRN 7440-22-4), Oral Silver Reference Dose(RfD) applied to 4,000 PPM (100 mcg) one may ingest over approximately 78,500 servings safely over 70 years.

Considering the information above, you can clearly come to the conclusion that the less PPM of our products the more doses you can take in your lifetime and dismiss competitors "scare tactics" that our products are toxic as intentional "misinformation" to sustain market share.

Some may ask "If your products convert to nanoparticles, then why not stick to nanoparticle products"

Again Nanoparticles are huge solid metallic particles, according to the Rice University, their studies show that the electrolysis process that they use to make nanoparticle products, does not make consistent particle sizes, they range from Ionic Particles up to well over 300 nm.  Such particle sizes are considered to be Heavy Metals, and ARE the reasons for chemical and metallic Toxicity that has been associated with nanoparticle products. Currently, there are NO such studies that prove that Atomic Particles (Real Trace Minerals) of silver is toxic.

Furthermore, the Rice Universities studies show that it is the much smaller particles that cause the positive efficacy in Low PPM Products, but there are just not enough PPM of Ionic Particle in the Nanoparticle Solution to deal with the tougher viruses and bacteria as well as sustain any long-lasting positive results. We suspect that since the Electrolysis process that produces nanoparticles and ions, may also be releasing the smaller individual atoms as well, and maybe the real reason for the Low PPM Silvers success, however, Atomic particles require highly specialized equipment to detect.

*1. The only instrument that we know that can convert "Silver Atoms in Distilled Water" into nanoparticles is the ICP (Plasma Arc) Spectrometer, your stomach acids cannot do this, in fact, acids have no effect on minerals, and atomic particle of noble metals are MINERALS.

2. Our Particles sizes are consistent and stable, they will not turn into larger particles as do Ions.

3. Our particles are way so small, and as explained, may penetrate much easily and rapidly into pathogens.

4. Our Particle Sizes are way too small to ever be toxic, even at 12,000 PPM, since 12,000 PPM converts to a very safe 300 mcg

5. With such small particle sizes, they may never get permanently stuck in your cells' membranes as do nanoparticles, because every cell in our bodies eventually dies off, while new ones replace the old, and the old cells get flushed out when you use the restroom.

6. NO Chemicals, Proteins, Silver Proteins, Organic Herbal Extracts or any type of catalysts ever used!

MANY competitors say that "it's impossible to make atomic size particles, YES For Them It Is! Because they are not true inventors, but users of a highly plagiarized process that has been around since the early 1900s that any child can make out of their own garage.

They have repeatedly called us to find out how we do it, and expect us to tell them, however, you try asking Kentucky Fried Chicken for their recipe, or try calling Coca-Cola to find out how they make their soda, they will tell you it is Proprietary Recipies and kept under lock and key.

Our Process is proprietary and we will not disclose it.

Whenever you are dealing with extraordinary critical circumstances sometimes you may have to take drastic measures to overcome the insurmountable odds.

We know that viruses and bacteria can cause severe diseases that can change a person's life in the blink of an eye.

There is a lot of good sounding but confusing information on the internet that can deter your recovery time.

For example, There are "Antibiotics" and "Probiotics" and we know that antibiotics are meant to destroy harmful bacteria, right? Then what do you think "Probiotics" does? Exactly! It may feed the bacteria, good and bad.

Many people make the mistake of using supplements that are supposed to boost the immune system to try to fight off germs and diseases caused by them and at the same time unknowingly "feed the enemy" with probiotics or other metabolism building supplements such as Gold, Iridium, Platinum and more.

First "send in the Marines", after the war is over then you can start rebuilding the destruction (Metabolism) that was affected by the enemy with metabolic support supplements. 

To have the best recovery time, always use SILVER first.

With the above calculations, it would take millions of atoms times the micron amount to get the minimum RDA requirement. That means you would need in excess of billions upon billions of atoms to get a 300 microgram RDA requirement. And the bottom line is that atomic particle colloidal silver solutions are beyond a doubt the safest and most effective to assimilate.

Our solutions can also be utilized in nebulizers and inhalers without any concerns.  Individuals have used our colloidal silver solutions in netti pots to break up clogged nasal passages. If necessary, our colloidal silver can be heated without nullifying its effects.

The colloidal silver we produce can be effectively utilized in humidifiers to assist in killing airborne pathogens.

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