The Basic Differences of Atomic Particle High PPM vs Low PPM Products

To understand High PPM Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver, you will have to set aside any and mostly all preconceived ideas as to how Atomic Particle Colloidal Products should conform. Since they do not conform and will never conform to the same standards that apply to nanoparticle colloidal silver , therefore we encourage you to keep an open mind, check out the facts and perhaps you may join thousands of people that have become long-term repeat customers. 

High PPM of Atomic Particle Colloids are the most natural (if not organic), the safest, and most effective products for immune and metabolic support.

Here are the basic facts that may assist you in making a well-informed decision, should you want to go "deeper" into your research we have plenty of information to support our case for our high PPM atomic particle products on other pages.
Unparalleled  Success! Nearly impossible cases of horrific afflictions that have been ironed out! Which explains why Doctors that have tried our products turn out to be loyal customers!  You cant argue successful results.

Particle Size is a Major Factor to be considered:

1.  Rice University came out with a study in 2012, that confirmed what we have been saying since 2006 that:

  • Nanoparticles are too large

  • That Low PPM Electrolysis method does not produce Consistent Particle Sizes and also produces "Silver IONS" (and possibly smaller particles such as silver atoms).

  • That it was the smaller particles such as Silver Ions (and possibly atoms) that are responsible for Low PPM Silver's success.

  • There is not enough PPM of Ions or Nanoparticles to have a long-lasting effect in warding off diseases.

The Low PPM Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver producers (including the colloidal silver kit sellers) have since then amended their websites and are now promoting that they too have a certain "percentage of Ionic Silver" in their solutions, and NOW make it a "requirement" that for colloidal silver to be effective, it must have a certain portion of Ionic Silver.

Anyone that has used colloidal silver since the
1970's will confirm that these same companies continually bashed and dismissed Ionic Silver as a worthless since the early 1970s. Since we alerted everyone in the Industry in 2012 about the Rice University Report, the Low PPM Producers have changed their "Song and Dance" about Ionic Silver, since they cannot argue against a well known University. 

Colloidal Silver Solution proof of inconsistent particles
Over the last 13 years, we have observed other Colloidal Silver "Experts" published statements as to how they own Millions of Dollars in Laboratory Equipment and used them to produce images of nanoparticles that range from very small to very large. 

The images of the nanoparticles themselves are not proof of particle the size that they claim to have, especially since "they" produced the images and had conducted "their" in-house tests that could be biased.

The tests should be conducted by independent nationally recognized testing companies that will perform the tests in an unbiased way since they will not tarnish their reputation for anyone.

Here is More Proof that Low PPM - Nanoparticles are Massive: 

You do not need Millions of Dollars of Equipment to prove that Nanoparticle and Ionic Silver are a bad option:

A simple 0.2 Micron Filter will separate the chemicals from the silver, In the images below you can see the residue in the filters, that residue is the USELESS Silver Nanoparticles separated from the chemicals!

This is IMPORTANT because the Mayo Clinic has reported that Silver Nanoparticles get stuck in the kidneys and liver and create other long-term problems.

If the nanoparticles can be filtered through a 0.2 Micron Filter, then that proves that the nanoparticles are not only too large to penetrate anything but also demonstrates how they will get stuck in your kidneys or liver! 
Inline filter with 30 PPM Silver Trapped inside.
This 0.2 Micron Filter should be white, but has 30 PPM Silver on it

Here is proof that Nanoparticles are not as small as they claim to have, and proof that Atomic Particles are the smallest size achievable.

5 nm Silver Particles which shows approximately 50,000 Atoms inside of it.

The nanoparticles are Heavy Metals as well.

Considering that they own all that "Million Dollar" equipment:

  • With an ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometer, the Ionic Particles could have been detected simply by separating the nanoparticles from the silver solution, then testing the remaining solution with a Plasma Arc ICP Spectrometer, that would fuse the smaller ions into nanoparticles, but they did not since it would contradict their decades-long bashing campaign against Ionic Silver Producers?

  • Is it possible that their newly disclosed ratios of Ionic Silver be fabricated only to appear to conform to the Rice Universities report? Because after all, they could not identify Ions in their silver for over 40+ years.

The Question is:

  • Are you going to put your health in jeopardy with particle sizes that can clog in your kidneys or liver, and cause greater long-term health problems?

  • After all, if a 0.2 Micron Filter can separate the huge particles, that means that they will clog your Kidneys or Liver.

Many "Low-End Low PPM" Nanoparticle Colloidal Silver producers when asked on how to get the Colloidal Silver through the skin, or stomach lining, they will tell you to use DMSO, a chemical that opens the pores of the skin or stomach lining. This practice is dangerous and can create other health problems such as a "Leaky Gut" for the person that uses DMSO.

This above proves and contradicts their claims as to having the smallest particle size! Their products do not work efficiently and cannot penetrate anything without the use of DMSO. 

Atomic Size particles have no such problem!   DMSO is not needed at all since atomic size particles of metallic elements can penetrate through any skin cell or cell and most likely, into the heart of the cell, virus or bacteria. 

Think twice about nanoparticle producers credibility:

  • They purposely misconstrued the facts

  • The nanoparticle producers chose to ignore that the electrolysis process also produces ions, and if the electrolysis process has been proven also produce ions, then it's safe to conclude that there is a solid chance that it also creates a Low PPM of individual silver atoms.

  • With all that "Million Dollar" equipment they claim to possess, they could have conducted tests that could prove they also had Ions; By isolating the Ions from the nanoparticles then use the Plasma Arc ICP Spectrometer to turn the silver ions into nanoparticles as has been done with Atomic Particle Colloids in our Certificate of Analysis from the worlds largest testing company.

  • They promoted their products as having the smallest particle size disregarding the fact that Atomic Particles products exist and are better.

  • They willfully ignored basic science by not using a simple 0.2 (double the size of an atom) Micron Filter to ensure their particles were small as claimed. Failing to warn consumers that their particle sizes could get lodged in the kidneys or liver.

Upon making your decision, the above should raise many valid concerns of toxicity that can be caused by their products.

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Chemicals In Production Methods:

2. The former director for the Center for Colloidal Science at the University of Delaware who's name is Ronald J. Gibbs worked there from 1981 through 2000. After years of intensive research published a book titled, “Silver Colloids – Do They Work?”.

We found that on page 25, under the heading “Yellow color of products,” Professor Gibbs explained the following:

“a yellow color indicates that the material has particles larger than are desirable. If a yellow color is present in the product it is probably indicating that some other unwanted substance is present causing the color, or that the particles are too large, either way, indicating that the colloidal silver product is not acceptable nor is of the highest quality. The highest quality

colloidal silver products tested were all colorless.”

Ionic chemical solution
In addition to that, Kenneth S. Friedman, Ph. D., in his book “The New Silver Solution” states:

“Old silver products, often brown or yellow, contained far more silver but were less effective. By contrast, the most effective of the new silver solutions are clear and colorless and have no odor and little taste, and only a faint metallic aftertaste.”

Producers of Chemical Colloids set their standards on how or what Colloidal Silver is and how they should look. Usually, their published standards are made to support their products.

Nanoparticle sellers of colloidal silver will assure you that the silver solution must be, opaque, light gray to Dark Brown, the reason they do this is simple: ​

That is what they sell, so they have fit the "sales features" around their products.

The FDA has reported that most use chemicals in their 1999 report they even name the chemicals they found, since that time, producers have come up with other chemicals such as Embalming Fluids including cyanides, you can read more here .

The colloidal silver comparison is plain and straightforward:

Ours is "Clear as water" a testament of absolute purity and proof that we do not use any chemicals or herbal byproducts.
We are aware of very charming and charismatic Doctors who have vested interest in certain companies that claim to have "Organic Colloidal Silver." They claim to use "Herbal Extracts" as the catalyst for making their low PPM Colloidal Silver Products.  They even have "GMO-Free" and Organic"Certifications, but, do not let that fool you!

Organic Herbal Extracts contain many other MINERALS and SALTS that can also form  CHEMICALS while in the electrolysis process.  In addition to that, those chemicals along with the enormous  Nanoparticles will create other chemical compounds while in the digestion process.

Those products are no different than any other Low PPM chemically made nanoparticle or Ionic silver product,  they will have the same dangers, the same side effects, and the same useless Low PPM.

It is a very Clever Gimmick; to appear to have "organic" colloidal silver. Our products have DISTILLED water, and whatever Element we choose to use such as silver or Gold. No massive particles, and no chemicals!   
3600 PPM
Other types of High PPM Colloidal Silver made with "Silver Proteins" and or "Proteins", which are nothing more than phosphates or bromides that give them an Iodine Color'

Why Chemicals in Colloids Should be a Major Concern

Make No Mistake Colloidal Silver is GREAT for 
fighting viruses and bacteria.

It just has to be the RIGHT KIND of Colloidal Silver, Not Nanoparticle and Not Ionic Silver.
Chemicals are known to produce color changes as well as chemical compounds that help the nanoparticles stay suspended in the solution, and in the electrolysis process as well as when mixed in with the acids in the stomach, create even more toxic chemicals in the stomach.

  • The Mayo Clinic has warned that chemicals in nanoparticle colloidal silver can trigger Methemoglobinemia (an irreversible blue-gray skin condition) and it only affects people that are genetically inclined. 

Many chemicals are also used in medications, the side effects of those chemicals are explained on the labels, and many of those compounds are used by NANOPARTICLE colloidal silver producers and have been reported to cause:

  • Unanticipated Gray Hair

  • Loss of Hair

  • Clogged Kidneys

  • Clogged Liver

  • Methemoglobinemia

Chemicals Cause Thining Hair
Chemicals Cause Hair Loss
Chemicals Cause Premature Gray Hair
Ours are 100% Natural, No chemicals or herbal natural catalysts are ever used!

Our products are Clear as water! Which means the absolute smallest particle size that is perfect for penetration and annihilation of nasty, creepy free radicals!

We Clearly state:  NO Chemicals Used or Added!

Not made with Cyanides
Not made with Nitrates
Not made with Fluorides
Not made with Chlorides (salts)
Not made with Toluene
Not made with Nitric Acid
Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
Not made with Mercury Compounds
Not made with Bromides or Phosphates (Aka: Proteins or Silver Proteins)
Not made with *Chloroform (Embalming Fluid ) some companies with patents use this chemical.

Only Pure Silver Minerals and Distilled Water.

* Has been patented by Asian companies that make colloidal silver for resellers!
Which raises an important question: Where is your brand getting their "cheap colloidal silver"?

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The Higher the PPM the Higher the Kill Ratio

3.  We have said this since 2006 when it comes down to effectiveness the higher the PPM, the more powerful the kill ratio of pathogens.

Low PPM producers attempt to confuse the readers with misleading information such as "Particle Surface Area" which means there is more metal to contact the pathogen.

People must understand that "massive particles" do not penetrate into the pathogens. While the absolute smallest particle size will, and kill from the inside out.

Just think about it:

All nanoparticles do is cause the Herxhiemer effect which caused the virus or bacteria to release more toxins to defend its self, and replicate faster since they feel they are in danger, and make the person "feel worse before they feel better."

Viruses and bacteria quickly saturate the body with millions of PPM of viruses, do you honestly think 20 PPM will be enough? Of course not! That low PPM will only tickle or irritate them.

With atomic size particles that side effect rarely happens. Bugs do not have time to replicate or release toxins.
Testing the PPM
We can and do make 1,000 to 18,000 PPM that you can test in your home with a High PPM TDS Meter.

At 12,000 (Water Molecule Clusters) PPM X 10,000 atoms (per molecule cluster) = approximately 120,000,000 atoms or so!

High PPM Ionic and Nanoparticle Colloids vs High PPM Atomic Particle Colloids:

There are other companies that advertise to have 500, 2,000. 5,000 and even 10,000 PPM but their products are tested with a TDS Meter only test to about 250, to 500 PPM at most.

When asked they try to persuade you to believe that TDS Meters are not accurate and that their "In House" tests are, they try to explain through some kind of mathematical formula on how they came up with those FALSE readings.

The fact is that TDS meters are used by many laboratories and product manufacturers all over the world, they detect "Total Dissolved Solids" as well as "Conductivity" and they do vary slightly in their readings because all TDS meters are Calibrated slightly different, and there may be a variance of 10% or so, up or down, but not enough to completely dismiss them as being completely inaccurate.

Those that Claim that TDS meters are not accurate will also try to instill the idea that TDS meters only measure conductivity, again, another FALSE statement, most TDS meters measure both.

Do you see the deception?

These Colloidal Silver companies that sell this High PPM Ionic concoctions that look like Iodine will tell you that a more accurate test is needed, such as an ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometer, to determine and confirm the high PPM content.

The problem with that is that they refuse to send their products to an independent well known Analytical Laboratory (that would not misreport the facts because they have to maintain their reputation), that would use the ICP method of testing because it would confirm, chemical content and Low PPM way below the stated amount.  On top of that, even the ICP test is not 100% accurate since some of the solutions evaporates under the Plasma Arc Flame and the results may not be 100%.

In our opinion, an "In-House Test" can be misreported in favor of the manufacturer and should be considered inaccurate by the consumers.

ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometers are very expensive, to send each batch of colloidal silver to an independent Laboratory would cost hundreds of dollars to do. Which is why they would have use a TDS Meter (and not tell you that they do).

To keep a "Certified Laboratory Technician" on a payroll to conduct an analysis on every batch of silver that they make would raise the prices of their High PPM chemically made useless products astronomically high.

It is highly unlikely that they  would perform an ICP test on every batch.

You'd have to take their word for it!

They do not want to submit their chemically made refuse to well known independent laboratories for three reasons:

  1. It may expose their massive particles
  2. It will expose the chemicals that they use
  3. It will expose that they do not have the PPM that is stated on their labels. We have done in-house tests on other's high PPM products that are 2000 PPM up to 10,000 PPM and found that when we tested their products with a TDS Meter, the PPM was around 250 and 500 PPM! Nowhere near the specified PPM that they say they have.

​​We have VERIFIABLE PPM Values that you can confirm at home! 

We sent our products to the worlds largest testing facility, and they indeed did confirm our High PPM with a TDS Meter as well as do the ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometer Test to see what our atomic particles will convert to in nanoparticles.

Silver and Noble Metal Atomic Particles Are No Longer Metallic

4.  There is no question that Colloidal Silver Chemicals are the reason for the side effects that have been published.

Nanoparticles ARE metallic and are quite heavy.  When they have been ingested, the stomach acids and try to break down the silver nanoparticles, this can create additional silver chemicals in the stomach.

Then you add to the equation the chemicals that they used to make the colloidal silver, and when they are coupled with the newly created chemicals caused by the stomach acid, your body could suffer the terrible reported side effects.

Atomic Size Particles of Silver, Gold or any other metal are NO longer metallic, but are trace minerals. 

In-house tests that have been done, by adding HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) to our high PPM products have shown no visible color changes; the solution stays clear as water because acids do not react with minerals. Therefore, Atomic Size Particles are not only the most powerful in the world, but they are the SAFEST to consume, even at the High PPM Concentrations because the stomach acids do not interact with the silver minerals.

The ONLY Test that can be performed to identify the metals in our solutions is an ICP Plasma Arc Spectrometer test, which will destroy the colloid to fuse the atomic particles into nanoparticles (as well as detect other contaminants). They can then be identified and converted to a measurable nanoparticle PPM.

With over 12 years in business, not one single side effect has ever been reported. 
Not one single negative study or claim have been done by any medical or pharmacological institution against atomic particle colloidal silver. 

The only side effect is the people feel great! 

Scientist analyzing with microscope
That cannot be said of Low PPM Nano-particle Manufacturers, there are just too many negative reports on their products.

100% Natural High PPM Products Can Be Diluted 

5.  Not everyone needs High PPM, especially if you need it just for maintenance purposes, or you have a child, small pets or animals.

With our products (because they are 100% Natural, and have no other chemicals) they can be diluted to almost any PPM that you desire.

With our impeccable products, you have the ability to create hundreds maybe even thousands of ounces of lesser PPM at a fraction of the cost of an expensive silver or gold generator, which only produces 7-10 PPM in a few hours.

We do not recommend anything under 1,000 PPM, although we have customers that happily make 50 PPM and love it, we feel you get better results at 1000 PPM and up than anything under that due to the fact that for every 1000 PPM of atomic particles, they convert to approximately 25 mcg per 1,000 PPM, for example, 4000 PPM will convert to about 100 mcg.

Keeping a 12,000 PPM Bottle in your Medicine Cabinet is a wise choice in case of an Emergency or Catastrophe.

You can get a good idea of how much you can make with the *calculator on the right side. For more information and other calculations visit this link:

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Atomic Particle Products Do Not Have Limitations that Low PPM Products Have

6.   Others Limitations

Yes.....You Can Freeze them!  With other Low PPM products, you cannot.
Yes..... You Can heat them!   With other Low PPM products, you cannot.
Yes.......You can blend them with other juices, or drinks! You cannot do that with chemically made low PPM slime.
Yes .......You Can leave them in the Sun! We have gone past 6 Months with NO problem,  not so with Low PPM goo.
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays, and they will not spoil as do others products.

7.  Colloidal Silver Price Comparison:

Low PPM and Silver Kit Sellers falsely state that our products are expensive. 

They usually point to our higher PPM products and ignore our Lower PPM products that meet and exceed in performance as well as value. 

When you consider that our Water Molecule Clusters are saturated with tens to hundreds of thousands of Silver Atoms, and each Water Molecule Cluster is Counted as ONE PPM, and depending on the PPM you choose, you have a near perfect product, that is 100% Chemical And Catalyst free, has the worlds smallest particle size and of course, the Highest PPM on the planet, you can expect to very positive results!

Spending money on inferior products is more costly because they are proven to fail, not by us, but by the Rice University.​

The sellers of Low PPM make it a practice to deceive to protect market share, another example of that is the World Health Organization (WHO) which has reported that ordinary Tap Water only has 5 to 7 PPM of Colloidal Silver in it already and testifies that Low PPM is not enough to do any good.
Download WHO File

Not Limited to Just Gold and Silver Colloids:

8.   Nanoparticle Producers of Low PPM Colloid solutions do not have the equipment, experience or scientific understanding of how to make atomic-sized particles. They are not actual inventors.

They try to "appear" as if they are, however, all they know how to do is to use a 70-year old Electrolysis Process that any 13 Year old can do in their garage.

This puts them on the defensive, and they feel uneasy as they can't explain the reason why they cannot produce Atomic Particle Colloidal Products and why their products cannot match our particle size, much less our effectiveness .  

They attempt to discredit or undervalue all rival products by conducting their “In-House” laboratory tests. They claim to have millions of dollars in laboratory equipment, but that does not mean that they are correct or nondiscriminatory in their conclusions.

All you have to do is scroll up to number two above, and you can see that they did not, and most likely still do not know what they have in their solutions, after seeing how disreputable they are, we doubt they know what real ratios of Ionic Silver is in their suspensions. As far as we are concerned, the numbers are made up to "appear" to have a good product.

We are not limited to just SILVER or GOLD just look at our products page, and you will see many other elements and even elements that are blended with other High PPM Atomic Particle Colloids that do not conflict or cause spoilage when combined. 

We can make Colloidal Supplements out of almost any metals such as Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, (that by themselves may have health benefits of their own) we also make Copper, Boron, Titanium, Zinc, Germanium, and others.  

All with atomic size particles, highest PPM and of course 100% Natural Process that bypasses side effects that are associated with nanoparticle and Ionic colloidal products.

Another Deceptive Sales Feature Tactic: Glass or Plastic Bottles

9.     Many other companies have made it a SALES FEATURE and stress how important it is to use Glass Bottles, often pointing out the harmful chemical agent's plastic containers and twisting the truth to maintain market share.
Some of the disinformation provided is:
1. Freezing or reusing PET bottles releases unsafe levels of carcinogens such as “dioxins” or the plastics additive DEHA (diethylhydroxylamine) into whatever liquids they may contain. 
2. However, such claims are inaccurate on two counts: DEHA is not used in the manufacture of PET bottles (nor is it created through the breakdown of such bottles), and DEHA is not classified as a human carcinogen:
Snopes ( Found that:
"...DEHA is neither regulated nor classified as a human carcinogen by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration, the National Toxicology Program or the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the leading authorities on carcinogenic substances.

 In 1991, on the basis of very limited data, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified DEHA as a “possible human carcinogen.” However, in 1995, EPA again evaluated the science and concluded that ” … overall, the evidence is too limited to establish that DEHA is likely to cause cancer.”
Further, DEHA is not inherent in PET as a raw material, byproduct or decomposition product.
Moreover, DEHA has been cleared by FDA for food-contact applications and would not pose a health risk even if it were present.
Finally, in June 2003, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research conducted a scientific study of migration in new and reused plastic water bottles from three countries. The Swiss study did not find DEHA at concentrations significantly above the background levels detected in distilled water, indicating DEHA was unlikely to have migrated from the bottles. The study concluded that the levels of DEHA were distinctly below the World Health Organization guidelines for safe drinking water.
The American Cancer Society also debunked such claims, stating:
In fact, DEHA is not inherent in the plastic used to make these bottles, and even if it was the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says DEHA “cannot reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer, teratogenic effects, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, gene mutations, liver, kidney, reproductive, or developmental toxicity or other serious or irreversible chronic health effects.” Meanwhile, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), says diethylhexyl adipate “is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans.”
As for the notion that freezing water in plastic bottles releases dioxin, the American Chemical Council asserted:
There simply is no scientific basis to support the claim that PET bottles will release dioxin when frozen. Dioxins are a family of chemical compounds that are produced by combustion at extremely high temperatures. They can only be formed at temperatures well above 700 degrees Fahrenheit; they cannot be formed at room temperature or in freezing temperatures. Moreover, there is no reasonable scientific basis for expecting dioxins to be present in plastic food or beverage containers in the first place.
Johns Hopkins researcher Dr. Rolf Halden also said of such claims that:
Q: What do you make of this recent email warning that claims dioxins can be released by freezing water in plastic bottles?
A: This is an urban legend. There are no dioxins in plastics. In addition, freezing actually works against the release of chemicals. Chemicals do not diffuse as readily in cold temperatures, which would limit chemical release if there were dioxins in plastic, and we don’t think there are..."
Not All Plastics Are Safe:
Plastic bottles that are not PET or PETE numbered 3, 6 and 7 are the worst kind to eat anything from; they contain Bisphenol A (BPA), which is suspected of causing neurological and behavioral difficulties in fetuses and children. BPA simulates the hormone estrogen, which may have detrimental effects, including cancer of the brain, breast, and prostate, on the female reproductive system and the immune system in adults.
So, why the disinformation campaign by other colloidal silver sellers?

Most nanoparticle colloidal silver sellers USE chemicals to make their products, they HAVE to use glass bottles, otherwise, the chemicals in their solutions will combine with the chemicals from the plastics and make worse chemical compounds that for sure are not good for your health. 

Plus, they do not want you to see the ugly chemical compounds in their colloids. Consumers should stay away from such harmful products.
There are a few companies that use plastic containers, or dark amber colored bottles that you cannot see through that may also contain BPA. 
We always use Safe Food Grade PET or PETE polyester bottles which is commonly used for carbonated beverage, water bottles, and many food products. PET provides very good alcohol and essential oil barrier properties, generally good chemical resistance. 
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