Viruses and Bacteria Can Quickly Overrun the Body

All viruses and bacteria vary in size. The way they replicate varies from person to person and from microbial species to species. The way microorganisms enter the body determines how saturated a human host becomes.

Numerous viruses and bacteria get intermixed with healthy bacteria on a regular basis. When the viruses and harmful bacteria overpower the beneficial bacteria, the body becomes ill.

When a virus or bacteria penetrate the human body and starts replicating itself, your body could be overwhelmed and then saturated with viruses or bacteria as fevers and unusual pain and discomfort set in.

The worse you feel, the more saturated your body is with the deadly tiny creatures.

Suppose that your body is saturated with 200,000,000 viruses that are trying to kill you, do you really think that 10, 20, or even 40 PPM of Colloidal Silver are enough particles to destroy the viruses or bacteria?  

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While typical low PPM colloidal silver may work for a while, it does not always work completely. The massive nanoparticles can not get absorbed into the bloodstream because the nanoparticles are too heavy and remain in the stomach, the human metabolism cannot easily assimilate or use them, and they wind up getting excreted when you use the restroom. 

As your stomach acids start t break down the nanoparticle silver, your body may only obtain only a minute amount out of the Low PPM product you took. Low PPM product has been reported to also contains a very small amount of Ionic Silver, and the Ionic are the particles that do affect the pathogens and not the nanoparticles.  

Can you see why Low PPM is a waste of time and money?

We constantly get phone calls from people who have tried the impotent low PPM concoctions and find themselves running out of options.

Silver Atomic Particles; the Best Answer to Antibiotic Resistant Viruses

For decades people have relied on notable home remedies, sometimes they are effective, more than often they are not. Pharmaceutical companies have run out of options, they have exhausted the use of all natural herbal compounds in the pursuit of the production of stronger antibiotics.

Look No Further! The Solutions are Here:
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Scientists have known for hundreds of years that many metals exhibit Antiviral and Antibacterial properties, in fact, they found that if they were reduced to the smallest size achievable, they could be lethal to viruses and bacteria.

They are currently looking into elements like Cobalt, Copper, Magnesium, Silver, and Zinc.

We offer Colloidal Copper, Silver, Zinc as good immune system boosters, that may help stabilize your immune system and with the smallest particle size ever achieved in the history of supplements

Atomic Particle Immune System Booster Supplements:

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