Monatomic Gold a Regenerator and Super Food Of The Ancients

Monatomic Gold or other elements (including Platinum, Iridium, Rhodium, and Ruthenium), when made into a powder form, often looks like baking flour. Most of the time it has a white powder appearance, but can have a pale lavender, light green, reddish orange or another tint of color due to variations in the production process.

For thousands of years, Monatomic Gold has been manufactured by those with sharp insights and alchemical training. These alchemists were the first Chemical Engineers and Designers. Since they were primarily employed by the Pharaohs, Emperors and Kings, if they didn't produce tangible results, their life was forfeited. With their survival at stake, they made sure they were successful. So special techniques were developed to produce a substance that embodied the Vital Essence of the Sun itself. 

This was the fabled White Powder of Gold which was alchemically related to the Philosopher's Stone. White Powder of Gold was a Monatomic form of gold that had no metallic content. Gold in the Monatomic form as a powder had some very unusual properties. Ancient alchemists told the Pharaohs that their White Powder of Gold would Rejuvenate ones' body, Restore their Vitality, make them Young again and Prolong their Lives. They were sworn to secrecy (because it worked) and the public was not considered worthy enough to be told about this. Anyone caught revealing these secrets were executed.

Ormus, White Powder Gold, WPG
But where did they come up with the ideas in the first place to make the white powder of gold? Is there any historical proof or notations of this having occurred? Good questions! The answers may stimulate your curiosity to want to know more and even try some yourself. ​
As far as historical proof of anyone ever finding or making a powdered form of gold, there are several old records and manuscripts that discuss this subject in detail. Archeologists have uncovered numerous ancient tombs of Kings and Pharaohs where containers filled with the White Powder of Gold were found. These containers of powder were as valued as the gold and gemstones they were stored next to.  

The equipment to make Monatomic Gold in a colloidal solution didn't even exist 40 years ago. Or Did it? Nature has its way sometimes of providing the equipment.

According to Laurence Gardner Author of " The Lost Secrets of The Sacred Ark" there is a cave entrance at Mount Horeb where an "Egyptian Ark" was discovered, and in the room, there was white powder everywhere. It was concluded that the ark is so powerful that it generates an extremely high voltage that can turn pure gold into white powder.

If that is the case, aside from our Pure Monatomic Colloidal Gold, that may be the best type of White Powder Gold to obtain. However, most producers use Corrosive chemicals such as Caustic Soda, Hydrochloric acids, or gold chlorides and may, in fact, be producing Hydroxide Particles that have nanoparticle of gold attached to the hydroxides, along with chemicals come unwanted side effects.

Our company is a world leader in refining the processes and techniques to make the finest quality Monatomic Gold in a colloidal solution to be found anywhere. By using proprietary technology, we've suspended Monatomic Gold Atoms attached to water molecule Clusters in a distilled water solution which is 100% Chemical Free, Made without any chemicals from start to finish, in fact, we can turn our high PPM solutions into White Powder Gold as well!

Egyptian Ark
White Gold Crystal to be pulverized and turned into White Powder Gold
These beautiful White Gold Crystals were made from 18,000 PPM Monatomic Colloidal Gold via another 100% Chemical Free Proprietary Process!  

They dissolve quickly in water, but when placed in a furnace they convert to a brown residue that will not dissolve in nitric acid. This product is too expensive to sell since it took about 3 Gallons of 18,000 PPM Colloidal Gold and over a span of 6 months to make.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Gold Nanoparticle
This photo was made possible by using some breakthrough imaging techniques. 

The Gold nanoparticle seen here is 1.1 nm in size. The white arrow is pointing at one of these nano-particles showing spherical nodules on the surface. 

These are actual Atoms of Gold. 

You can see from this image how nanoparticle Colloidal Gold has a particle size much larger (and less effective) than the atomic-sized particles used in our Monatomic Colloidal Gold that are the smallest available.   

Taken in August of 2014, the Gold nanoparticle shown above is one of the smallest ever imaged at 1.1 nm in diameter. This is the border region of nanoparticles. Any particle under 1 nm in size is an atomic size particle (which is what we use in our products). Organized in a crystalline manner at the center of this Gold nanoparticle is 68 Gold Atoms. These results were verified by using Small-Angle X-Ray Scattering performed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Additional verification was done at Hokkaido University, Japan using Mass Spectrometer techniques. 
Gold Cluster
In the far distant past, gold was thought to closely connect to the Sun's energy. 

So where gold was found in abundance, the Sun's energies were believed to be stored in the gold. This led to searching for gold in all of its various forms. 

A few deep mines had crystalline forms of gold (like the one shown here), that were quite rare. 

Even rarer still was the occurrence of a soft powder that formed inside some veins of crystalline gold. 

This was Monatomic Gold that was naturally produced.

It gave alchemists their first ideas and insights on powdered gold. 

After much study and experimentation, they learned how to reproduce this powder.

What a pleasant looking color!

This ruby, 
pinkish red hue may look appealing YET IT CONTAINS HARMFUL CHEMICALS

Don't let yourself 
be misled so easily.  

Some Colloidal Gold producers claim a color like or similar to this is due to the gold content. Toxic chemicals used to disintegrate gold into nanoparticles produce large visible particles as well as different hues that range from light pink to deep purple colors as you see in this container.

These chemicals are far cheaper, quicker and easier to use than making Monatomic Colloidal Gold without the use of "catalysts."

Colloidal Gold
Here's an eye-opening example of color changes caused by chemicals
Ormus, White Powder Gold, WPG
Many producers of Ormus aka White Powder Gold or Monatomic Gold extract the white semen looking powder or liquid Ormus from Sea Salt using chemicals such as Lye and other Corrosive Acids, and even Hydrogen Peroxide.

The problem with the process is that such products have a 90% hydroxides as well as Plastic Contaminants that have polluted our oceans over the last 50 years.

A new study shows that 90% of our Sea Salts ARE contaminated with Micro Plastics!

If you want the Most Pure Monatomic Colloidal Gold, we are the only company in the world that makes it without Chemicals, and without Sea Salt, we only use Gold and Pure Distilled Water!

The quality, potency, and purity of Colloidal Gold vary considerably from website to website. Our Colloidal Gold is the purest and most potent to be found anywhere. But don't just take our word for it. Try some yourself and see firsthand what you experience. We'd love to hear from you about the results you noticed from using our Colloidal Gold. 

Callers often ask us what is Monatomic Gold (or as some refer to it, "Ormus") and is it the same as Colloidal Gold? The answer can be...if the Colloidal Gold is Monatomic like ours is. Other companies producing Colloidal Gold are NOT MONATOMIC as their particle sizes are much larger and therefore much less efficient than the Monatomic Colloidal Gold we produce.

A definition of Monatomic Gold offered by Barry Carter and other Ormus material researchers is that Monatomic Gold is 
an Orbitally Rearranged or M-state Element that can be made into a powdered substance or a water-based solution.  

Monatomic Gold has several unique properties and exists in a non-metallic state. It is completely non-toxic and is a zero-valence form of gold. Monatomic Gold exhibits superconductor properties at room temperature ranges. It can be manufactured alchemically and by modern technical wizardry out of
24 carat metallic gold. 

Monatomic Gold has been found to occur naturally in volcanic soils, deposits near veins of gold in certain deep gold mines, seawater and in minute amounts in purple or violet skins of fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables like red grapes, eggplants, purple broccoli, purple potatoes, violet flowers and some types of medicinal herbs also contain this form of gold.

                    Remember, Not all Colloidal Gold solutions are not made equal - Only ours is truly Monatomic in nature. 

You May have to Perfect the IMMUNE SYSTEM first

Since we were born, we were forced by our governing powers to be treated with vaccines and given genetically modified microorganism such as antibiotics to eliminate the chances of acquiring terrible diseases such as Polio and others,

These bioengineered products may have rearranged and maybe even transformed our DNA formation into something that was not meant to be, and caused our immune system to react differently (or not respond at all) to diseases that arrive early and more prevalent in the latter years of our lives.

While the reasoning for these vaccinations is well justified, the side effects of the vaccines may have made us more susceptible to sickness and disease that are generated by viruses, bacteria, and worse yet, viruses and bacteria that have built resistance to antibiotics.

The vaccines and antibiotics other side effects also caused premature aging, as was found out by Nuclear Biologist George Merkle (who was found murdered sometime after he reported his conclusions).

To address these problems, we must first deal with the viruses and bacteria that are trying to destroy us from the inside out, with our High PPM Monatomic Colloidal Silver, Immune Perfecto, and Super Immune Perfecto and Sil-Zine products.

After the Immune Support problems are taken care of it is logical to then start supplementing the body with elements that correct defective DNA such as, Gold, Germanium (Coming soon), Iridium, Platinum, Rhodium, and Ruthenium, since you do not want to reinforce the Microorganisms that are trying to kill you.

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Can Colloidal be Monatomic?

Many producers and promoters of Low PPM Colloids attempt to confuse the average buyer into believing their definition of what colloidal is, what a True Colloidal Silver is etc, etc.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Milk is an emulsified colloid of liquid butterfat globules dispersed within a water-based solution.

"A colloid is a substance microscopically dispersed evenly throughout another substance. A colloidal system consists of two separate phases: a dispersed phase (or internal phase) and a continuous phase (or dispersion medium) in which the colloid is dispersed. A colloidal system may be solid, liquid, or gas.

The dispersed-phase particles have a diameter of between approximately 1 and 1000 nanometers. Such particles are normally invisible in an optical microscope, though their presence can be confirmed with the use of an ultramicroscope or an electron microscope. Homogeneous mixtures with a dispersed phase in this size range may be called colloidal aerosols, colloidal emulsions, colloidal foams, colloidal dispersions, or hydrosols. The dispersed-phase particles or droplets are affected largely by the surface chemistry present in the colloid."

In a nutshell, a colloid can be anything that has something suspended in the solution.

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