Doing your research on the Health Benefits of Gold, you will find hundreds of sellers of Monatomic Gold, Colloidal Gold, and they all explain the beautiful effects this unique
element has on the body.

Even the Bible describes Moses burning down the Golden Calf to
"Ashes" pouring the ashes on water and making the Children of Israel
eat the gold.

In which afterward, they walked in the desert for 40 years, and their
clothes and sandals did not wear out. The Bible does not mention that
they  "aged" 40 years, it is possible they stayed the same age as when
Moses gave them the "Gold Elixer" he made.

That Gold Ash Elixir has been made at a particular temperature, and
an "Egg" Like vessel that contained the Gold, and Mercury, in which
after a few hours, the Gold was transformed into an "Ash" that could then be consumed.

Alchemist making the Elixir of Life
Moses Black Ash
Because of the dangers associated with mercury, we would never recommend such a process, especially since the formula is not exact.

There is no doubt that Moses learned Alchemy when he was the Kings Son before he left Egypt. And he knew the benefits of Gold and the connection it has to the "All Mighty."

You may be able to get the same effects with our 100% natural monatomic colloidal gold. There is nothing on the market that compares to it!

The Amazing Benefits of High PPM Monatomic Colloidal Gold

  • It may aid in reversing the aging process by repairing defective DNA throughout the body. It may assist in extending the lifespan of the DNA molecule thereby conferring a longer lifespan to the entire body.

  • It purportedly assists in regenerating damaged cells and some kinds of energetic dysfunctions.

  • Some claims state that Colloidal Gold promotes a more efficient functioning of the Glandular System. Supposedly, the endocrine, thymus, pineal and pituitary glands are enhanced to function closer to their "peak efficiency capabilities."

  • Photonic transmissions throughout the nerves are supposedly intensified and permanently increased from ingesting Colloidal Gold over a period of time.

  • Reportedly, the restorative powers of the body to maintain good health is considerably enhanced by consuming Colloidal Gold on a frequent basis.

  • Taking Colloidal Gold regularly is claimed by others to intensify emotional cleaning and stabilization of a person
Encountering God
  • ​​ Having a more resilient and stable response to stress-induced influences with improved performance levels has been attributed by others from taking Colloidal Gold.

  • Some folks have even claimed their focus and clarity improved and they were able to find solutions to problems more quickly after taking Colloidal Gold for a while.

  • There are even reports by a few individuals that their IQ's and overall Intelligence levels were increased after continually taking Colloidal Gold for a while.

  • Acute increases in awareness with enhanced mental and spiritual abilities were reported to occur from consuming Colloidal Gold on a frequent basis by several individuals.

  • Possible improvement in Blood circulation 

  • May improve digestion

  • May assist with Injury rapid recovery of injuries
  • May provide better and more desirable stress relief
  • Reported to assist in the healing of burns
  • May enhance nerve signal sensitivity
  • May revitalize and energize sluggish organs
  • Has been reported to be used for the treatment of many forms cxxxxr
  • Reported to assist with the reduction of swelling and pain on the joints 
  • May enhance healthier skin and may assist in the healing of skin ulcers

1,000to 12,000 PPM of 100% Natural Pure Colloidal Gold in Distilled Water.

Monatomic Gold 10,000 PPM
 Pure Means Pure!

Our labels Clearly state:  "NO Chemicals Used or Added!"

Yes........ You Can Freeze them!
Yes......... You Can heat them!
Yes ..........You Can leave them in the Sun!
Yes ...........You Can expose it to UVA / UVB Rays!

  1. Not made with Cyanides
  2. Not made with Nitrates
  3. Not made with Fluorides
  4. Not made with Chlorides (salts)
  5. Not made with Toluene
  6. Not made with Nitric Acid
  7. Not made with Hydrochloric Acid
  8. Not made with Hydrogen Peroxides
  9. Not made with Mercury Compounds
  10. Not made with Bromides or Phosphates
  11. Not made with Chloroform (Embalming Fluid ) some companies with patents use this chemical, see the patents here.
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