Potential Health Benefits of Titanium Trace Mineral Supplement

  • Preliminary research with Titanium indicates that it has a degree of anti-viral, bacterial and fungal properties which needs to be more thoroughly investigated.
  • Titanium has been shown to be non-reactive to the body and is employed in surgical devices and implants.
  • Reported to be an effective and powerful antioxidant
  • Has been used as Titanium Dioxide which is used as a Sunscreen
  • May strengthen the liver and kidney and increases the "internal fire" for healthy sexual function
  • May help the walls of the intestinal tract and increases stomach acids and enzymes for more efficient digestion and may also calm the heart
  • May Increases muscle and tissue strength and stamina. Has been used by weightlifters.
  • Reported to increases efficiency and distribution of oxygen and circulation
  • Believed to attract oxygen into an inflamed area and relieves pain
  • Titanium cooking ware has been shown to be one of the better cooking mediums available.
  • The only element that human cells and ligaments can attach to
  • May act like "Glue" that helps cells stay intact
  • May assist in slowing down the progression of Alzheimer's
  • Could help delay down the progress of Dementia
  • May also assist to decrease the development of Osteoarthritis
High PPM Colloidal Mineral Titanium Supplement
We do not sell Nanoparticle TITANIUM DIOXIDE. This type of Titanium Dioxide Powder has been tested on rats, in which they inhaled the powder, and apparently, they got red lungs. However, the rats were given doses on a consistent daily basis for a very long time. Something similar to a person being in a car with all the windows closed and breathing in toxic exhaust fumes. This test was flawed and not reliable. Click here to read more.

There is no evidence that Titanium causes cancer in humans. Otherwise, it would not be utilized in hundreds of products, including toothpaste, cosmetics, and many other applications.

On the other hand, we provide High PPM of atomic particle size Titanium minerals in distilled water and not nanoparticle powder as were the particle sizes tested on the three rats.
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