Why High PPM Colloidal Silver Outperforms All Others

Atomic Particles Can Penetrate Pathogens at the Cellular Level

Silver Atoms are the smallest particle size achievable when it comes down to Colloidal Silver products.

Individual atomic particles can be tens to hundreds of thousands of times smaller than massive nanoparticles (that can range from 6nm to 300 nm).

There are well over 1.5 sextillion molecules in a water drop and more than five sextillion atoms per droplet.  When the silver (or whatever metal is employed) atomic particles are attached to the water molecules, they form Silver Saturated Water Molecules Clusters.

Each Water Molecule may contain millions of silver (or whatever element is employed) atoms. 

Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of Water Molecule Clusters, you can without a doubt come up with an excess of trillions of atomic particles in distilled water. 

One Silver Saturated Water Molecule Cluster may be read as ONE PPM on the TDS Meter and it may have more than one water molecule cluster the entire group.

This would be comparable to a 6nm particle, with the exception that it contains tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Atomic Particles of Silver (or whatever element is employed). 

This means that:

 Each PPM of Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver may have Hundreds of Thousands of 
Silver Atoms and may have a CLUSTER BOMB EFFECT on viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

Think of the Water Molecule Clusters as the carrier vehicles of individual Silver Atoms.

The body assimilates water the easiest when taken on on an empty stomach. 

Upon assimilation, in the bloodstream, there will be a "Time Release" effect because the digestive enzymes will start to work on the water molecules to get the beneficial nutrients and cause the individual atoms to separate from the water molecules. 

They then and become free agents attacking viruses and bacteria at the core of their structures with a Cluster Bomb type of effect.

Cluster Bomb

High PPM Colloidal Silver May Cause Viruses to Commit Suicide

*Colloidal Silver has been reported as not being toxic to living animals that include mammals, reptiles,  and plants and others that are not of a one-celled structure. 

The one-celled organisms use a different method of oxygen utilization, which is the reason for its vulnerability to silver. As colloidal silver acts only as a form of a catalyst for the occurrence of a reaction of one-celled organisms, that use the oxygen to break down their food intake via a combustion type of process. 

The atomic particle colloidal silver does not enter into any chemical reaction with the body tissues. Just the presence of colloidal silver near any virus, fungus or bacterium (the one-celled disease-causing pathogens) will immediately cripple their oxygen-metabolizing enzyme or the chemical lung, which in turn suffocates it and usually dies within a few minutes.

Another effect that the Atomic Particle Colloidal Silver may have on these pathogens is: When viruses feel attacked by a menacing element, and they cannot overcome it, they release toxins, and that is called the "Herxheimer Effect". They do this to attack the silver or antibiotics. However, when they feel that they are losing the battle, they may commit suicide to prevent the menacing element from affecting the other family of pathogens.

The dead organism is then subsequently torn apart by white blood cells and cleared out of the body by the immune and lymphatic system.

Atomic particle colloidal silver is prepared with a state of the art technology (a propriety method) to be able to produce the silver solution in its purest form. Our high-quality atomic particle colloidal silver products only use 99.999% silver in a distilled water solution, that it, no chemicals no other catalysts. 

All of the other human-made antibiotics manage to kill only five or six types of germs. Increasingly, more and more bacteria are becoming resistant to these antibiotics. This kind of resistant bacterium is commonly referred to as super-bugs. 

However, Super-bugs have been unable to develop resistance to colloidal silver which is known to kill not only the bacteria but also all other forms of viruses, fungus, and even parasites, something that no other man-made antibiotic has been able to do as of date. 

Another disadvantage of all other antibiotics is that they also destroy a variety of the body’s essential enzymes, and have been reported by George Merkl (A Nuclear Biologist Ph.D.) that antibiotics alter the DNA so that it causes the T Cells not to function properly as well as the replication of cells in a "like for like" fashion which would normally extend life spans. Colloidal silver does not do this, neither does it disable or harm in any way the many different human body proteins because these enzymes are significantly different to the enzymes of single-celled lifeforms. 

Colloidal silver, in fact, helps promote healing with less of the resultant scar tissue. None of the other antibiotics can claim to do that.

Nanoparticles to the left, Silver Saturated Water Molecule Clusters (SSWMC) to the right, each SSWMC may contain hundreds of thousands of atoms that may penetrate right into the virus.
Nanoparticles compared with virus
High PPM Colloidal Silver
*To the best of our knowledge, No Drug Interaction with any Other Medicines or Herbs have been reported: The atomic particle silver colloidal products have never been documented to have had a silver or drug interaction of any kind. The allopathic prescription drugs are not any more likely to react with the silver present in the body as compared to the powerful herbs from which they were developed and that have been used for thousands of years along with the silver.

*When taken on on an empty stomach, Atomic Silver's chemical nature is that once inside the body it travels to the small intestine where it is assimilated into the bloodstream within 5 minutes. Since it does not stay in the stomach, it avoids the stomach acids, which further reduces the chemical generation that the Hydrochloric Acids in the stomach can cause.

Colloidal silver just does not react with any substance in the body except the germs or oxygen-metabolizing enzymes.

Kills Resistant Pathogenic Strains:

The disease organisms tend to become resistant to regular antibiotics and hence resulting in dangerous super-infections. The conventional antibiotics are industrially developed from the toxins that are manufactured by other bacteria for their self-defense a good example being penicillin.

The response of disease organisms present in the body to the cultivated toxin of the conventional antibiotic is usually at a similar rate as they do to the original organism. This is a long enough time such that a mutation can, and often usually occurs, which in turn makes the organism immune to that particular antibiotic.

Atomic particle colloidal silver may work in a much faster manner - possibly in six minutes or less, once it comes in contact with the pathogen, it leaves these disease-causing pathogens with no time to mutate into super-resistant strains. Such a mutation would require a much longer period than the time silver requires to kill the pathogen.

In fact, as of now, there are no pathogens or their strains which have ever been known to be able to mutate and also develop resistance to silver in the several thousands of years of the use of this amazing substance. To cut a long story short, no known one-celled organism or a fungus is ever likely to develop immunity to atomic particle colloidal silver.

Nanoparticle sized bacteria obviously has a much softer shell than a basketball does. So when silver nanoparticles impact against these bacteria, they may cause minor lacerations, bruising and micro-electrical shocks. The shocks occur because silver is the most electrically conductive element. 

Think of a fully charged 12-volt battery connected with a pair of battery cables. If you ground the cables together touching one clamp to another, it releases a spark discharge. A similar situation occurs when a colloidal silver particle with a positive charge comes in contact with viruses, bacteria or other pathogens having a negative charge. Magnetic particle attraction ensues drawing these oppositely charged particles together. Upon contact with a harmful microorganism, they discharge one or more electrons causing an electrical shock of sorts.  

Now the interesting part: Nanoparticles of colloidal silver seldom remain as separate individual particles in a solution of water. Since they’re unable to attach to the molecules of water, they immediately begin attaching themselves to each other in rapid, sequential steps. First, most of the unstable monatomic ions attract other individual ions and quickly transform into polyatomic ions that are composed of multiple monatomic Ions. 

Magnetic particle attraction increases once the polyatomic ions have formed. Masses of polyatomic ions keep attracting quantities of nanoparticles which quickly transform into huge molecular sized ionic clusters.

Nanoparticles of silver that were 8 to 200 billionths of a meter in size grew a thousand fold and became micro-particle groups that are between 8 and 200 millionths of a meter in size, which is a thousand times larger.  

The finer the particle size, the better for maximized target Infiltration and pathogen killing power.

3000 to 18000 of Colloidal Silver PPM with atomic particles behave like a Clusters Bomb Machine Gun effect. 
These atomic silver bullets penetrate viruses which may not have time to excrete toxins for their own defense. 
Virtually no chemical consumption - This means these products are the most Organic in the Industry.

You have only one excellent option and maybe a  couple of others since pharmaceutical companies are no longer making antibiotics.

The Excellent Option:  Using Our Pure Non-Chemically Made Atomic Particle trace colloidal products.

The Substandard Option: Using nanoparticle solutions that are known to have chemicals and adverse side effects.

  1. Nanoparticles often have a particle ratio of 10 to 20 PPM. This may be equal to only 20 viruses killed out of 200,000,000 (if you can get the nanoparticles out of the bottom of the stomach because they are too heavy) that's in your body. And these are usually viruses that were the weakest of their breed. 
  2. Consuming low PPM solutions give minimal results and an ultra-low kill rate.
  3. Toxic Chemical Consumption, Toxic Chemical Creation in the stomach or both.

To take advantage of a faster kill rate we suggest using Silver Atomic Size particles, which are the safest and smallest particle size ever made. 

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